24 Yr Old 5' Ft 99 Lbs just got 325cc hp implants!

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Hello all, this is my first review. I am 21 days...

Hello all, this is my first review. I am 21 days pre-op and am excited/very nervous for the boobie day! I am of very small build with having breastfed two children I have now absolutely no tatas to speak of lol. I began with a full A cup which I was fine with but now after the kiddos they are completely gone :(. So to feel comfortable while being intimate with my husband again (he says he loves them as they are but now I dread beingtopless around him ) and to fit better in clothing; I am looking for a modest improvement hoping for 300 to 325cc silicone under the muscle inframammory incision. With moderate plus profile. I had my sizing last week and my doc talked me into 325cc high profile, even tho I told him several times I dont care for the look of high profile on women with my body type. I blame myself for not being more vocal about my desires and the look im going for. So I am going on monday for another sizing and to discuss further what's best for me! Aww im so nervous about this whole thing....I just really want a natural look and really want to have breasts that fit my body type. Even tho I am very small and dont weigh much, my arms are quite muscular with an athletic build and i have a booty so my butt has always been the star of my body and I kinda wanna keep it that way lol. Any advice for things I should buy to help with recovery? Also any special bras or etc I should have (right now I just have one sports bra and a nursing bra lol) the rest of my bras are 32-A push ups (even tho I have nothing to push up!)

still so unsure!

20 days til surgery and im not positive on the size im getting! My ps recommends 325cc high profile because of my tiny chest size but all the research I've done leaves me really not liking the look of high profile on my body type. I want them to look as natural as possible but still have cleavage. I would love to experience having big boobies but with my body type im scared they'll look so "done" im afraid high profile will ride high and too far apart. Im afraid what I want (moderate plus) will give me too much side boob or uniboob. I disagree with my surgeons recommendation.....that terrifies me! Im having my second sizing soon and I really think in my gut that 300 cc mod+ is right for me......ill post a pic of me with the sizer and one without soon.

some before pics

19 days away and the anticipation is killing me!

After scowering this site over and over I am more comfortable with the idea of 325cc high profile for my body type....im just scared its too big.....or what if I go with 300 cc and have boob envy.....such a stressful decision......I've never had big boobs. Even when breastfeeding they were maybe a small B at biggest....I just can't picture me with boobs!

pics from my second sizing apt.

pre- kiddos pic

my measurements right now

So under my boobs around my chest is 27 inches
On my boobs around my chest is 29 inches :(
My waist is 24 inches
and my hips are 34 1/2 inches

are vs sports bras good for recovery?

I jumped the gun and bought a vs sports bra in size 32C. Im just too excited lol. I tried it on and stuffed socks that I had folded to be a bit smaller then the implants to mimic the way they might be under the muscle, and the bra fit! My question is, are they suitable for recovery? Its a front zipping one but it has under wire.

just got home from surgery!

Im still groggy from anestia bout to take a nap after I eat some soup and take my meds. Minimal pain just discomfort like a tiny person is sitting on my chest. I see boobs projecting from my chest for the first time ever! Ill give a better update later of all the details.

alright more of the details from today

Got to the surgical center and right away I started filling out some paper work then sat in the waiting room for maybe 5minutes and my name was called so the nurse exports me to the surgical waiting area and weighs me then I give a urine sample then I lay on my bed in an area of curtains separating several other beds. I strip to my undies and get in my gown and then the nurses check my blood pressure and give me two pills I forgot the names but one was to relax and one was for nausea. They go to give me an I.v but it took 3 times because I have teeny veins and dehydrated :/ wonderful nurses tho very friendly. I hot really woosy from the poking and searching for veins and that was the worst part the rest was smooth sailing. My anestisologist came in and told me when I brought in he well put a breathing tube down my thought but I will already be asleep for that part and still asleep when its removed just a bit of a sore throat for ten minutes after I woke. But before that happened my doc came in and meticulously marked my boobs like a map lol very thorough and then the team came to me and put something in my ivy to relax me and ththatis the last I remember. Next thing I know I woke up with some light pressure on my chest no pain and they gave me a sprite and I asked for my husband and within 10 minutes we were headed to the car. Ive been home resting and have been able to use my arms slightly luckily my husband is here to help me and watch our kids. I think the hardest thing for me so far is hearing my kids in the other room and I cant be with them! My youngest is 14 months so if she sees me she wants mamma to hold her. Ive been getting up to walk every now n then to make sure to minimize the chance of blood clots but mostly im relaxing on my bed still kinda groggy amd watching movies. I suspect tomorrow will be the hard day...we will see.

day one post op

I woke up with very irritating morning boob and a lot of discomfort so I took my pain killer and ate a waffle then took my antibiotic and muscle replacer and I feel lots better. Not much else to report other then im slowing being more able to use my arms with less discomfort.

turbo boobies

They are so high up and angry looking lol I cant wait til they drop and fluff! So far I can wear a 32D sports bra but I have to stay in my surgical one til my post op appointment on monday.

day two post op

Woke up with very minor irritation of my incision s. Dont feel the need to take muscle replacer anymore and today might be the last day I use pain meds! My right incision has bled a lil more but no pooling so my doc says thats fine as long as I dont feel anything coming out of the bandages im good. I do not recommend la isla sports bras for recovery. Right now im letting the girls breath while my surgical bra is being washed.

day 4

Today I felt like myself again! Got out of the house for a bit paced myself though. Slowly but surely regaining full use of myarms. Stilll can't and shouldn't lift much which means I still can't play and love on my baby!!! My youngest is 14 months and shes mammas baby girl andit is killing me that I can't hold her! This is the hardest part of healing for me, not being able to be the active mom I am. Boobies are still super high and starting to look lopsided but I know they'll even out and drop soon. Oh and ive been off muscle relaxer and pain meds for two days now! Oh also the implants are a tad softer already I can squish em a lil.

day 5

I feel great! Tightness is almost completely gone. Im starting to try to push them together.....not much movement yet but there's a little which makes me happy. They're still high and im not fond of the side view but im super happy with the size. Now that the swelling is gone I think they're about a big B small Victoria's secret C. My old measurement around my chest on my boobs was 29 inches and now its 33. I did my own hair today! And by did I mean put in a ponytail. I took a bath by myself yesterday (only in shallow water) didn't get my bandages wet. I went to the store today (I didnt drive) I swept, vacuumed and did some laundry. My only problem right now is im still on antibiotics and they make me dizzy and give me headaches. I take it with food. Does anyone else have that issue?

happy one week booberversary to me!

So the one week mark is finally here! I still dont feel like myself when I first wake up but it only takes about ten minutes to feel "normal". I dont have morning boob anymore but they are still high... :( I can squish them a lil and try n see how they feel but I can't move them much. They sit kinda far apart right now cuz they're still tight and haven't dropped like at all, so ive been constantly trying to squish them and push them together (as long as comfort allows, if it hurts I dont do it) my left one still seems a lil swollen and slightly higher/ bigger then the right. Yesterday I got my special Wacoal sports bra the my doc wants me to wear from now on. I got it at Dillard and they sized me at 32 D! Still sounds crazy to me because they look like a big B small C to me but its the projection from my chest that makes em a D. The lady who sized em said since they aren't settled yet I should get sized again and she predicts they'll still be a big C small D.....again.....we shall see. Any who, I love my Wacoal bra! It annoys my incisions a little but I can pull the bottom to stay away from them. As far as having to sleep in a bra its not bad in this one.

just discovered a bruise.....

Day 12 post op and I discovered a yellow bruise near my left incision. ...so naturally im freaked out lol.

my girls are two weeks old now!

My boobs are two weeks old! After the first week time is flying by. I have very sensitive nipples at the moment. They'vebeen ssensitive for a while now. Im regaining full feeling in my breasts which makes me very happy. Its not complete feeling yet but I can tell im regaining it which is my main point! Theyhhaven't dropped at all and still have little to no motion :( I dont like looking at them because they are still super fake looking and not very soft yet. I am not showing my husband them until they are pretty lol.

wearing a strap now

Saw my doc today and I got what I anticipated I would. The strap! I now have to wear this strap as much as possible for two weeks to get my girls to drop a little. He said if they drop even the slightest I should take the strap off because he just wants them to lower a little. I said id be happy if they dropped an inch and he said no just a hair or two.....if these puppies stay super high I do not want them...that is how I feel. Im not too worried yet since im only at almost 3 weeks post op,ill worry 3 months from now if there's no movement. For now they are A LOT smaller then I thought they would be but im happy with overall size. If I could have gone bigger I would have but for my size and anatomy I could not. Also I love to do push ups and pull ups and my doc said in 3 months I can ease back into that. My projection from my chest says im a D but my actual boobs look like a small C big B. I have not gone bra shopping yet. Im not going to do that til they drop.....they look like im wearing a push up anyways lol. I can't wait til I like to look at them. Right now I stay clothed and just check on em once a day to make sure there's no new bruising and that my incisions are doing good. I get to start putting Madera scar cream on them on thursday. Although ive had two c-sections and I didn't use any creams on those scars and they healed nicely so im actually worried m aderma might hinder my natural healing but ill see how it goes. Ive had the strap on for 30 minutes now and I see why it annoys so many women lol but such is life, I want my girls to drop! My doc informed me that im still a little swollen which I thought I wasn't so im now worried about that....im going to start sleeping elevated again to help with that.....bummer

boobies are one month old!

My tatas are one month old today! Thanks to wearing the strap for almost two weeks now, my stubborn left one has dropped a little. Still has a ways to go tho. My right is still slightly lower then the left. They are squishyer now! Still not as squishy as they will be but they're getting there! Im starting to like looking at them now lol. The strap has helped mine along so much as far as comfort and the way they look now. Finally making progress!

I made my boobies touch!

I have read about so many women on here that are able to make them touch like a few days after getting them. I was getting very discouraged thinking perhaps mine were to small to ever do that.... but after wearing the strap from two weeks mine have softened alot and dropped slightly and now the bottoms where my incisions are, arnt as painfully hard and tight and I pushed them together!!!!! Yay im so excited! Just have a little more dropping to go and some more flagging and I will be ecstatic with them! I see my doc tomorrow so he can see the progress the strap has made....I kinda wanna keep wearing it lol I fear they wont drop on their own. I'll update tomorrow after I see the doc. Today is a good boobie day :)

doc apt after wearing the strap

I forgot to update on wednesday after I saw my doc so he could see the progress the strap made. He said not to wear the strap anymore and that they only have a little more to drop and they'll do that on their own! Im so happy with the results of wearing the strap! They were so tight and high and im so comfortable in my own skin now. I rocked a bathing suit for the first time with my new boobies yesterday! Got a little too much sun but it felt great to lay out :) I see my doc again in two months. I think I should mention (for the benifits of anyone who has the same issue) I have only been sleeping on my sides for a week now. I had the ok to for a while now but the sides of my boobs were sore and tight until the strap that is. I can't stop raving about how much that darn strap helped me! So glad its off tho lol very itchy irritating thing. I also noticed what felt like a bubble in my right breast towards my sternum but it went away. I asked drs on here about it and they all pretty much said I was probably feeling the implant itself and to talk to my dr to make sure. I wasnt worried about it tho, just curious.
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