39, 3 Kids, Breast Lift with Implants - Weatherford, TX

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I've considered getting breast augmentation...

I've considered getting breast augmentation surgery for many years. Now that I'm approaching 40, I decided I've waited long enough. After scouring the internet, I booked a consultation with Dr. Camp. I was very nervous heading into the appointment. There's a lot I could say about the visit, but what surprised me most was the time Dr. Camp spent with me. The consultation lasted for well over an hour. We met, and he explained everything to me in a manner just nontechnical enough so I could understand, but did not undermine his expertise. I was surprised to learn I need a lift also to achieve the result I want, instead of just implants. This made me nervous. Dr. Camp was very patient and detailed in his explanation regarding why a lift is needed, in addition to the implants. Toward the end of our visit, Dr. Camp said to me something like, 'I don't take cutting your skin lightly. If I didn't feel very confident you need the lift to achieve the result you want, I would certainly not advise it.' To me that demonstrated his level of empathy for his patients, and gave me confidence in his advice. The other part of the consultation I really appreciated was the candid conversation I had with his nurse. She's also had a lift with implants, and spoke very openly with me about what to expect, how she felt during the process, and what she would have done differently. I really appreciated her honesty.

I booked the procedure for May 2. I'm nervous but feel like Dr. Camp has my best interests in mind, and I trust him. I'll keep you posted.

Four Days Post

The surgery was four days ago. The first two days were the most difficult by far. Today was not bad, some itching and some pain, but nothing a little Tylenol can't handle.

Pictures so Far


Six days out and actual boobs are starting to emerge. I think I'm going to be VERY happy.

Back to Work

Six days out and I officially went back to work today. I could have gone back after four, although I would've had to move carefully. No exercise until two weeks out. I can already tell that's going to be hard, as good as I'm feeling!

Ten days after

Ten days after and feeling good. Feels pretty much like wearing a really uncomfortable bra and not being able to take it off. Going back to dr tomorrow to get the tape off. Excited about that. Less swelling on the left than right, which is a little nerve wracking. Sometimes I wish I'd gone bigger, but then I turn to the side and realize how much bigger they are than I had before. :)

19 days out

I removed the remaining tape yesterday. Pretty excited about the progress. The right one is still more swollen than the left. Hope that evens out! Feel like a giant blob, not being able to work out. But, these boobs are a big investment so I'm trying hard not to do too much too soon!

25 days out

Another dr appt today. Went well. Dr said I was healing well, no concerns. The dr said I could pretty much do what I want at this point. I love the way I look in my clothes. The way I look naked, eh, I'm hoping with more healing time I'll love that too.


Btw, my implants are 375 cc, moderate profile, silicone, under the muscle.

26 days post

Started running again. Feeling good. No complaints.


That last pic is 33 days out, not 26.

Better pic

33 days out, almost five week. Better pic, more light. I'm happy.

7 weeks tomorrow

It's been seven weeks. Scarring is better. I'm using the Mederma once a day, which causes itching! But I'm using it anyway. I'm happy with them for sure. I think I'll wish I'd gone bigger. I was a 36b before and now an buying 36d, but I may settle down to a large c. The right one is still a little bigger than the left but I doubt anyone but me can tell. I have some numbness in places, and my nipples are incredibly sensitive.

A few days short of two months

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