Mommy Makeover Babies 20 and 22. Wayzata, MN

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Made first appointment for early March but offered...

Made first appointment for early March but offered to go on cancellation list, saw doctor 2/12, with surgery set for February 29. Th office was warm and inviting, all of the staff professional and pleasant. Dr Ness was awesome. Tried on various sizes I will need a lift too. At end of appointment tummy tuck was thrown out there. The more I thought about it over the weekend the more it made sense. Those 2 twenty year olds I have, were big babies 8 lbs 15 oz and 9 lb 3 oz. everywhere else I am slim 5 ' 9" 150 lbs, long legs muscular, only my waist is thick. Hopefully this will help.



Here we go. Surgery date 2/29

Tomorrows the day

What I will end up with is 397 and 421. I liked how the 371 and 397 sizes looked, so I anticipated under muscle 10% less and went the slightly larger. I am measured at 36c to start with. I'm planning on being off 3 weeks, I thought why rush it. I know the tummy tuck will be the harder recovery but the finished result will make it worthwhile.

Back home

All went great resting in my recliner

PO day 1 and 2

i anticipated first day post op would be the worst, but it wasnt too bad. i stayed on top of pain management, no sense to be a martyr. went to doctors office all is fine, got the top strap over my bra for ease in placement.
Had my number 2 post op day 2. I took one senokot last night, then a second one this morning, took 2 doses of milk og magnesium 1/2 of the dosage cup 2 hours apart, one dulculox and cup of coffee. got the result i needed for day 2. I keep icing my chest and no pains, issues there. tummy incision not too bad, taking it slow as everything mends together.

PO day 3

Things are progressing nicely, took shower by myself, but I felt up to it. Getting lots of rest, only get up once at night around 4, go pee, take pills right back to sleep. Felt so good i drove up to have breakfast local restaurant. Not to worry it had been awhile since my last dose of painkiller. i think the secret is extra strength tylenol during day with senokot, and painkiller at night for restful sleep. Keeping up with my 3 old dogs is a challenge, im hoping no one else has to clean up a #2 from their 14 year old dog like I had to yesterday.
Continued good wishes and healing thoughts to all my friends out there.
Tomorrow was supposed to do my first consult visit, Im so glad I moved up due to cancellations.

PO day 4 & 5 swell hell

i was getting cocky, things were going well and did too much. yesterday i got back from eating breakfast out, and really started to swell. What the heck, i was told to ease up drink lots of water and rest. slept hardly at all last night, i felt like the girl thatexplodes in Willy Wonka movie. about 12:30 i could take it no more, husband is sleeping peacefully with 2 of the 3 dogs. i found the compression garment. I removed the soft padding section over my tummy. i modified one small square of this material 2x2, with a small hole. I put my drain tube thru this and carefully hoisted the garment up. HEAVEN. i added the binder around too. I sent husband off to buy bromelain and aleve and candied ginger. i sent email to doctors office around 1 am. im thinking im some sort of freak and im the only one this is happening too. I get a nice email back that this swelling is completely normal at day 4. Completely caught me off guard. Im glad I have all sorts of fellow RS reviews to read up on what to do. So Im taking it easy resting up, and dreaming of the finished product.


One week one day from surgery

Things are going great, had my doctor visit this afternoon. The drain was removed, hooray, it was uncomfortable at the hip. Onward and into the compression garment, oh that sexy thing. It really does feel supportive, around the tummy and helps the back. the cg will help keep the swelling down, its most noticeable in the afternoon.I dont really feel pain, nothing at the breasts. I would describe the back pain as more of a tensed, tightened feeling, certainly nothing that I cant endure. I am very happy i took off a full 3 weeks from work, this allows me to get a nap in around lunchtime, sleep is restorative. I am so happy that I took the plunge and did this for myself and that i did both procedures at once. I asked my doctor how much skin was removed at the tummy tuck, I cant really tell, im thinking 3 inches. Nope answer is 11 inches, I have a long torso. All is going great.

11days PO

Still lolling about home not doing much, I have been going out to movies. Feeling good, keeping up with the stool softeners,cant stress enough the #2 regularity, my dr even mentioned it. Took some measurements hips pre 41 today 39' waist pre 37 today 35 underbust pre 33 1/2 today 35 overbust pre 40 today 41. weight presurgery 158 today 162. Not stressing out about the weight know its mostly water. My 90 year old dad said I dont even know what kind of surgery you had. I said thats right you have a big mouth, soon his neighbors, church people all my relatives, etc would know. This is a personal decision we all make for ourselves, I paid for this elective surgery myself, and I would do it again , best thing Ive ever done for myself. Have a great weekend everyone.

low back pain

I forgot to mention the tt completely erased my chronic low back pain. I guess that extra weight and difficulty strengthening my core muscles are all reflecting in that back pain.

tomorrow is 3 weeks

I've had a good week getting lots of rest 12 hours a night, visiting with my motherinlaw. Back to work tomorrow, not to worry its a desk job. Its been so nice to be able to recuperate for this long. Im wearing the compression garment 24 x 7 and I have my followip doctor appointment on Tuesday. Hopefully will start scar treatment then. I think the breast incisions are healing nicely. I certainly cant complain about the Tt incisions either. Im still feeling the swelling more in later afternoon, but thats normal for these procedures. Everyone have a great week.

post op week 3 and 3 days

I saw my surgeon yesterday 3/22. Things are progressing nicely. I had noticed a small bump above my belly button, which was a seroma, drained off a shot glass amount of fluid 30cc. It was no big deal didnt hurt, may have to do again, remember the stomach is numb.I asked what was the amount of separation in abdominal muscle ( the repair), 11 cm. Now I dont feel so guilty for getting this fixed. I can start scar therapy Skin Medica scar recovery gel. I also asked about CG, I can ditch the longline full thigh one, hooray. I can wear a high waisted panty that covers abs. I found at Macys Miraclesuit hi waist thong extra firm style 2778, also have regular panty style.For extra fun I found a Miraclesuit corset thing. Im to wear my top strap for my bra at night. My doctor even saw saw ab muscles yesterday, 6 pack here we come. Im going to paddleboard on the local lake when it warms up. Belly button can start scar therapy too.
Work is fine, I can feel the abdominal swelling, and can only think how bad it would be without any compression gear.
Funny thing my husband said, do you wish you did this 10 years ago? No i dont think I needed it 10 years ago.Anyway thats my update and Im pleased with my progress and my Doctor who is a Michelangelo and part magician.

Living the dream

Left work Thursday, with a high temp, 102 and ear ache. Went to Targets minute clinic Friday, double ear infection and swimmers ear. No I dont swim. Prescribed ear drops and antibiotic. Luckily my coughing isnt much. I love Nyquil.
Putting on Palmers cocoa butter and scar cream. Getting lots of rest.For added fun tried on some of my swimwear, all still fit, hooray.


comment from my husband: tell your real self friends this operation was well worth it. now my husband and I dont have much monetarily, but the satisfaction and improvement of my self image made all of this worthwhile. I never in a million years would have thought of a mommy makeover, my best friend is only 32 she told me about the mmo. This was the equivalent of dropping a bmw engine into my body. hooray, and lets celebrate our new bodies.

back into my size 27 jeans

Hooray, I keep telling myself to wear the compression garment as much as possible. Not having too much swell late in the afternoons. Monday is week 5 post operation. Try to do nice things for yourself, go get a pedicure, hair trim. Have a great weekend ladies.

Bra review

I found on clearance at Walmart Fruit of Loom Santoni 3 pack sports bra. nylon, polyester,spandex. I ended up with large. These bras you can wear 1,2 or 3 depending on support level. I sleep in mine. You can find these on internet at Herroom. Previously I had been wearing c9 sports bra from Target, its really compressive and straps show thru most garments, the Fruit of loom is more normal.


Today I received my Jockey sport exercise bra. This is really comfortable and has a nice plunge in front.
I have been using the Physicians suggested scar treatment in addition to Palmers cocoa butter and Palmers oil scar treatment.Latest photos attached. Wearing a binder as much as possible keeps the swelling at bay. Tonights measurements waist 32, hips 38, underbust 33 overbust 40. Feeling good. I had a nice massage at my chiropractor on Sunday. 22 inch tummytuc scar, i had to measure.

Eleven weeks post op Feeling GREAT!

Tomoorow marks 11 weeks since my magical surgeon Dr. Ness operated. Im sure glad I did this in February as our weather in Mn is starting to turn summery. To recap I had a breast lift on left side with implants left 397 right 421cc. I had 2 large babies 9 lbs and 9 lbs 3 ozs, 23 and 21 years ago, both breast fed 1 year, thus the sagging. Also did a tummy tuck at last minute, THANK GOODNESS, I did that too. My only problem was my stomach it never toned up, deite numerous attempts, my arms legs butt super muscular and skinny. I had large muscular repair and my doctor gave me a tiny waist, no more muffin top. I returned to work after 3 weeks and I still have some swelling in abdominal area but thats to be expected. I went from a square blocky torso pretty much 38 bust and waist and 39 hops. Completely transformed with 33 underbust, 38 overbust, 38d, waist 30 inches hips 38 inches. The Target bikinis medium tops large bottom no longer fit. Needed to buy Tommy Bahama 38c top with small bottom. you can imagine Im quite thrilled.size 6 pants. At work they wonder why I was out but Im not saying, its no ones business but your own. My result for the breasts is subtle, I had been measured 36d but I think I was maybe in reality 38 b. I really have a nice hour glass shape, and I will now be working more diligently on defining the abdominal muscles. I really Thank the Good Lord that Dr. Ness was born and I picked him, he is the nicest man. At my last visit he said my breasts were perfect. My husband said wow thats really saying something when your surgeon says that. So well worth it in everyway, Im glad I did it, making a quick decision. The pain was really not much of a factor for me, and any uncomfortablenessis quickly managed and over. Happy healing to all the rest of you. some comparison photos.

3 months and 1 week

Everything is going great. Flew down to Texas for a week of sun, enjoyed the beach at Galveston. No complaints with anything and thankful for everything!

another update

35 underbust 40 overbust 30 waist 38 hips. still swell but its manageable. everything is going great.I think my end result fro breasts were spot on for my wish pictures. Taking the tt exercises gradually.

August update 5 months post surgery

Feeling great paddleboarding 2-3 times a week on local lake.acouldnt be happier with the results, still some abdominal swelling that increases when i do things like paint rooms.

6 months post op

Saw my surgeon 9/1, everything has turned out beautifully. Wouldnt have changed a thing. Was told to head to the Caribbean with my bikini, and keep up with the paddleboarding. Well winter is coming and I can start my Nordic skiing.Went to Nordstroms At MOA got sized, 36dd, other places sized me 38d to 38dd, its all kind of a squishy number what with sister sizes. Waist is down to 28 inches. Thank heaves for the pictures in the surgeons patient rooms showing prior patients end results, never would have thought of the tummy tuck unless I saw the picture and Dr. Ness said I can make uou look like that too. So despite the months of swelling, I now know the ab muscles were under there. My ob gyn doctor said I look 22. Went to my first high school reunion, #35, they thought i was too young to be in that grade. So both sugeries with my mommy makeover were well worth it and I love my results.

october 19

Well I just got my preop and postop photos from doctor's office. You dont realize how bad you looked until you see the cold hard truth Anyway thank goodness I had this taken care of now and didnt wait any longer. The doctor is a magician. Im walking 2-3 miles a day with new dog.Weight down to 145.

December 3

I took some updated photos this morning. Measurements 40 inch overbust, 32 underbust, 27 inch waist, hips 36 inches. Things are going very well.

January 15 2017

So glad I did this last year, went to Cozumel Mexico this year. I have started at Farrells extreme bodyshaping kickboxing with diet guidance.

1 year update

Last February 28, i had the Mommy makeover, tummy tuck, muscle repair, liposuction, breast lift, breast augmentation. I still think it was the best decision for me, and it takes about a year to fully recover.
I still have numbness in my lower abdomen but Im not bothered by it. I had no loss of sensitivity in my breasts, that surgery was the easiest to recover from.
Ive recently been doing Farrells extreme bodyshaping, up at 4am to kickbox and work with stretchy bands. In 3 weeks Id lost 2lbs, 2% body fat and 6 inches, 3 inches at my waist. I gained inches at my biceps.After 8 weeks I can now do 70pushups in 1 minute and 50 situps in a minute. Today we did 100 pushups, 100 situps, 100 triceps dips, and 100 squats.
I had decided the surgeon can only do so much, its up to you to make the big changes, altering your diet, eating with better nutrition, so that the surgeons results will be the best on your body.
Im now down to a size 4 bottom, size 10 top, 36 inch hips, 28 inch waist, 39 around chest. Im not sure this is best photo right after exercising.

March 12

after 9 weeks of exercise, 5 9 150


black bikini tummy before boot camp early January. second picture pretummy tuck stomach. glad i did this worth it.
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon

Excellent from start of process throughout the surgery followups etc. Nikki, Cristy, Michaela, Dr. Ness, Surgical nurse, etc, all are competent caring concerned committed individuals, who work with you to create a wonderful experience.From emails in the middle of the night from me, timely responses from Michaela. Nikki arranging appointments, etc and Cristy taking care of the presurgical paperwork, labforms, etc. I stumbled upon Dr. Ness by searching the internet, after reading the reviews,looking at pictures and finally arranging my appointment. I knew at the first meeting he was the surgeon for me, very caring, true artist and magician. I never had a 2nd opinion with anyother doctor, I knew Dr. Ness was the BEST SURGEON in Mn. thanks so much for my newly improved body.

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