28 Year Old. 5' 11" 155 Lbs. No babies. 492cc silicone unders. Goal is full natural breasts to fit body type

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Had my first consult today. The staff and Dr. Ness...

Had my first consult today. The staff and Dr. Ness are amazing. Organized. Clean office. Easy to talk to and easy to take your shirt off for... Ha. So excited. I'm 5'11, 155 lbs and over the last year and a half I've been thinking about getting a breast consult. I am not petite and my melons just look sad and too small for my frame and body type. Finally pulled the trigger and so excited. Started with sizers in the high 300s. Ended up loving the 492cc vs 533cc since those started looking a little too fakey for me. I also am pretty active with yoga and spinning and don't want to worry about that being affected too much by having larger melons. Including some pictures so my tall friends can have more examples. 492cc sounds like a lot but looks natural with a larger body frame usually.

2 Weeks!!

Today I chatted with my surgeons clinic regarding preop info and payment. So real. So excited. So payed for. :)

I've been looking at so many reviews on here the last few weeks and am so ready to get boobiefied. I've been thinking I could possibly go bigger when I find myself on this site for hours but am comfortable with my 492cc decision. Natural and not having people think fake boobs when they see me is important. I've been out of town for work and now vacation for over a week and am trying to stay somewhat healthy and not blow up like a blow fish. Thought I'd share some more befores so my fellow tall ladies can have more comparisons! So excited for the afters!!

Tomorrow's the day!!

Tomorrow at noon I'll be getting to the surgery center with surgery scheduled for 1:00. So excited!! Thankful I have an amazing girlfriend who will be my ride since my guy lives out of state and can't get to St. Paul until the weekend.
Went shopping today to make sure I had some things to make life easier the next week (straws, scar cream, easy food to prep, miralax...). Also decided to take out my nipple ring. Fun To have in college and twenties but on to bigger (literally) and better things. Posting some more befores to compare to the next coming days/weeks/months! Also, don't mind my blotchy skin. Trying to maintain a tan/moist skin in MN in the winter after a vacation isn't the easiest.

It happened!!!

Helloooooo ladies. I can't say enough about how efficient Dr. Ness and his whole team was today. I checked in at 12 and everything was on time and everyone at the surgery center were great. Headed home at about 2:30. Nurse said it went perfectly and I was a great patient so hoping that leads to great results!! After waking up I was a little shaky but I think it was from being cold and not eating anything all day. Crackers and ginger ale in my room before I got dressed helped.
Overall though I'm feeling pretty good. It feels like I did a bunch of push-ups and am sore from that along with pressure on my chest. I'm also realizing how you use muscles you don't even think about regularly and how this has made them sore. I did get 492cc so am expecting the pressure to be there for awhile. My follow up appointment is tomorrow at 2. Looking forward to an update. Need to ask about how much to move arms to help the healing process without over doing it. I'm already excited for the drop and fluff though but know I must be patient. Hoping it goes smoothly since I am going on vacation in 3 weeks! :) Also included some afters. I can't believe there are tatas under the bra!

1 Day Post Op

It's officially been 24 hours since my BA. Yesterday included a lot of laying around, icing my chest with frozen peas and lots of liquids. I slept fine on my back all night with a little elevation from pillows. Two Percocets every 5 hours was helpful with comfort. Today I took one at 7am as I had to drive to my appointment. Surprisingly felt pretty good without taking meds this morning. Pressure increased but that's it! Overall only "pain" is more pressure and feeling sore on the outside of my breasts. Per the photos I posted there is a little bit of bruising near the incision area but not too worried about that.
Doc said everything looks great and this size will look great on me. I do not need to wear a bandeau strap which is awesome. Just need to wear a supportive sports bra 24 hours for a few weeks. Follow up is March 8th so a little earlier then normal but only to make sure everything looks good prior to my vacation to the Bahamas (this was planned prior to my BA surgery). Hoping for decent droppage by then. Also noticed my nipples look a little uneven so curious how those will turn out with the drop and fluff. Regardless I'm happy so far!

3 Days Post Op

Day 3 and they're still very high and tight...and I keep telling myself that's normal because I know it is but I wish I could see for a second what they'll look like in 3 months!!

Yesterday was brutal. Last minute my guy bought me a ticket to fly down to see him vs him driving up. First flight was fine. Second flight was cancelled leading me to rent a car and drive 3 hours to his place. I hadn't had any Percocet in hours so was fine to drive but I was exhausted as it was an early flight. By the time I got to his house I was so tired. Popped some meds, iced and took a nap. My back was pretty sore but I think that was due to a lot of standing and sitting all day. Glad that's over. Weather in the Midwest is horrible sometimes.

Today I've been icing and relaxing and I'm feeling much better. Everything is still so high. I feel as though nothing has dropped at all and I keep telling myself this is ok but I'm hoping things start to drop soonish. I've been looking at others reviews to make sure mine aren't the only ones this high day 3. I know they aren't and I'm just being annoying... I did go buy another support front zip bra so I can wear that a little and so I can wash my post op bra and have something else to wear. The bra makes them look huge. So crazy!

Looking forward to relaxing the rest of the weekend and to see what the next few days bring! Here are some more pics.

1 Week Postop

Today is one week post op from my 492cc mod profile breast aug. Again, I'm 5'11" and 155 lb. Also, I am officially horrible at taking it easy and resting! Ha. Overall the pain was very tolerable for me post op. The first two days I was taking Percocet every 4-5 hours to make sure I didn't have to deal with pain. On Friday I didn't take as much as I would have liked to but that was due to me having to drive.
As far as tightness I still feel tight especially on my left side. I have not had any kids and have never had large breasts so I think that may have a lot to do with my muscles and skin being so tight...they aren't used to being this large!
Today is the first day my breast skin has felt super tender. Nipples as well. I'm guessing the nerves are repairing so happy about that even though it can be a bit uncomfortable. Taking a look at my pics I think my right has dropped a bit more the my left which makes sense because my left has felt tighter then my right the whole time. I'm fine with that as long as they both end up at the same location. :)
I can't get over how hard they feel. I have a wedding I'm attending on Friday and feel like I need to practice the side hug so I don't freak people out with my semi-hard boobs.
I'm super happy with my incisions. I have a feeling they'll be barely visible. Some of the black stuff on them is fabric from another bra I purchased so I could have one when I wash my post op bra.
As far as bodily functions...use some sort of laxative and drink lots of water. It helps. If not right away at least when you decrease your narcs.
Excited to see what the next week brings me (hoping for more droppage) and have to keep reminding myself to take it easy. And is it weird I'm super excited for the day I can giggle them?! Hehe

11 Days Post Op

Hey ladies! I don't think there are any super big changes since my last update. The last few days the tightness and pressure has really diminished which is great. The only uncomfortable thing is skin sensitivity especially around my nipples. I went shopping for a few things today since I'm going on a vacation in a week and a half and I think my skin got sore from trying different things on without my post-op bra.
I can tell the girls and slowly dropping with the right one good a little quicker then the left still. Will post more pictures at 2 weeks post op!

19 Days Post-op

Hello Ladies! I'm 19 days post op from the 492cc unders. Slowly but surely things continue to drop and get softer which is exciting. I need to have my guy take pictures for me because I feel like holding the camera in one hand makes everything a little uneven. Incisions are doing well. My only pain is skin/nipple sensitivity and it comes and goes. Anyone else experience this? I wouldn't say it's a burning feeling but more of an irritation. Not constant. The last couple days it has gotten better. I have woken up a few times sleeping on my side so getting back to normal ways of living. :)
I have a follow up with my doc tomorrow since I'm leaving for a beach trip Thursday. Hope he says all is well!


Had a follow up today. Everything looks good but my PS said I need a little help with dropping...and pulled out the lovely bandeau strap. Today, tomorrow and Thursday afternoon I'll wear it all day. Thursday afternoon I get to the Bahamas through Monday morning so night time will really be the only time I'll wear it. Hope that's ok! A little sad I need this thing but happy it will help with the drop. Pouting a little bit about it. ;)

1 Month Post Op

All is going well. Wearing the strap and post op/supportive bras. I did wear a few bras with no underwire last weekend during the evening. Was nice but felt a little strange not being sucked in a tight bra.
Right is slightly dropped more still. Both are getting more squishy. Jiggled a little bit that makes me excited. :D
Happy healing lovelies!!!

Preop vs 1 Month Post

Wow. So much better and happy with my decision!!

5 Weeks Post-op

5 week pictures posted a little late. They continue to drop and fluff more!! Getting squishy which is fun. :)

6 Weeks Postop...I LOVE MY BOOBS!!!!

6 weeks post op 492cc under silicone Allergan #15 implants and 3 weeks of wearing the band. I literally wear that thing as much as possible. The first 2.5 years 22 hours a day. This last weekend I slacked but because I was in FL for Easter and a high neck line and scarves wouldn't be comfortable. I think I'll lay off of it for awhile since they're settling in nicely.
So happy. They continue to get more and more squishy and giggly. Getting more and more "normal" feelings all over.
I'm debating on just waiting till I'm 3 months post op to really start buying bras. Bralettes and sports bras until then which is pretty easy with MN spring weather.
If you're going back and forth on if you should get a BA...do it if it will make you happy.
Posted some pics wearing bras I did preop pictures with. You don't realize how small you're boobs are until you increase the size. Excited I can play them down or up with this size.

2 Months, 1 Week, 1 Day Postop (64 days)

Things continue to get better and better. Had a follow up apt this week and my doc said I'm looking great. Left is still sitting a little high so still wearing the strap but mostly just evening/night/sitting at home. I haven't bought any new "real" bras just Cotten ones that I can wear with anything. I don't want to drop money on bras until another month or so.
Last week my boyfriend randomly grabbed a boob (he hasn't been to hands...yet) and with wide eyes and excitement in his voice said "oh my god they have gotten so squishy!"

So to my fellow women who are nervous their newly high, square and hard boobs will be like that forever...they won't. Give them time.

99 Days!!

Hello ladies. Thought I'd finally update...sorry for the delay! It's been 99 days!! So happy I decided to get a breast aug. So worth it. Overall very happy with them. My left breast is a slower dropper but is slowly but surely getting there. I'm still wearing the strap during the evenings and overnight in hopes it will catch up with the righty. I think not having kids and never having a large chest ever caused my dropping and fluffing to take more time. They continue to get more squishy and jiggly as well and I'm sure will continue to do so. I have worn a few underwire bras but don't do so unless I have to. I have a 34DD which is snug. My 34 DDD wireless bra fits well. I haven't splurged on bras...yet. Love how I look in clothes. Tank tops look so much better which is perfect for summer. With my size, I feel that I can keep them conservative with a regular bra and top or really make them "stand out" if I wish which is a fun accessory. I'll try to take some bikini pics the upcoming weeks and share them with all you lovelies.
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ness and his staff were great. Super helpful, friendly and everything turned out great. Talented surgeon you can trust!

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