ChinLipo, Look the Same As Before and 3600.00 Poorer - Wayne, NJ

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I went to Dr. Wise in Wayne, Nj. I went to him...

I went to Dr. Wise in Wayne, Nj. I went to him because he said all the things the other Drs. have said only he was a couple hundred dollars less. I felt good with my decision and I explained to him and his assistant that I was receiving a lump sum off money, not a lot, enough for a car and not a new car a used but in good condition car and this chin lipo and explained I dont have this type of money and I wanted to do something for myself that I never got to do. He said I was an excellent candidate for chin lipo. I asked him if laser lipo would be better because even though I didn't have a turkey neck I did have a lump of fat and he stated that he felt my skin had great elasticity and it would bounce back and to give it the full 6 months and regular chin lipo would be the best. Now I did hear that laser lipo would make the excess skin shrink more than regular and he stated, no, that thats not true and I wouldn't have that problem. Now Im 49 years old and my skin is in great condition, not a lot of wrinkles (lots of moisturizer) and like I said I did not have a turkey neck at all. 6 months later, I am not satisfied at all. My profile still looks as though I have a double chin. Now, Im not going to say that u dont see a difference at all, but not a $3,600.00 difference and now I have a turkey neck and it looks like my jawline has a line going up the side, like a wrinkle I never had and further more, that thing they put into suck out the fat, it looks like you can see on my jawline thats where he put it and it still looks swollen. I am not satisfied at all. I did make an appt to see him, but they canceled to move it up and I rescheduled the appt. and then I canceled because I felt like what would he do for me?? Nothing. He isn't going to give me a skin tightening procedure on the house cause I'm not satisfied. He could of said all u need to do is lose weight and let me do a lower face lift instead, because to me then all of my lower face skin would of been pulled back. Well I did lose weight, 40 pounds to be exact and now my sagging skin under my chin looks terrible. No matter what, he should of known that at 49 years old even though my skin wasn't crepey or turkey neckish, that it may not bounce back cause of my age. What do I do?? anyone have any advice for me.

Chin lipo--no big deal...ultherapy from him (free) still not that happy

I am updating my review only because after my chin lipo from Dr. Wise in Wayne, NJ, not only did you not really see a difference and the only difference anyone saw was now my skin was hanging, so instead of having a double chin, the fat was gone but I still had hanging skin, so when I went back and told him "I told you I don't have much money , and I don't need to do something that's going to cost me $3500 and I'm going to barely see a difference" at the consultation Dr. Wise stated "I was a good candidate and that I would not have any hanging skin and that my skin would bounce back" so I went ahead with the procedure and I waited for the 6 months to pass because I was told it will heal and tighten around 6 months later....double chin was no longer there but like I have stated, I had hanging skin which Dr. Wise said it wasn't going to happen.....that was a very big concern of mine and I said that to when I went back and complained, I was always taught that if you complain to someone and they fight you its because they feel they are right and their not going to do no more...Dr. Wise wound up giving me an Ultherapy session for free, so therefore that let me know that he knew I was right, (he wouldn't of given me one without a fight if he didn't believe I was right) so at the ultherapy session the girl who does that treatment is not very light at heart, not to friendly and she's very robotic was supposed to be a 45 minute to one hour session and as I have seen others they say 60 to 90 minute sessions, she didn't give me that long of a session it was about a 20 minute session...can I say I see a difference....marginal..... that is the difference I with that session at 3000 the 3500 I spent equals $7000 and I could've done so much more if I had known that the doctor didn't really take into consideration that I was 48 when I walked in and just because my skin looked good at the time doesn't mean once stretched it would bounce back, I'm not 20, and I really really have to say I'm still not satisfied or happy and I really don't know what to do because this was a little lump sum of money that came my way and I told him that this is not like I can keep coming back I have to do this one time and I has to be good, just because I don't have money doesn't mean I don't know people that have money because at one time I did have money, and those people are still in my life that do still have money....they haven't left my life because money is not what they care about it's who I am as a person , and I have to say that shows who they are as people as well, and that they're not Dr. Wise will get no referrals from me .....I'm really really really not happy.... I mean collectively with $7000, I could of done by him giving me that free ultherapy session shows me he knew I was right and he saw that the job that was done wasn't what it was supposed to b... so if anybody can give me any advice of what to do because Dr. Wise to me is not so wise... It was January 29 of 2015 when I got this done, so I was 49...I walked in at 48, I waited for my money to come, I went back in January of last year and got it done and now it's 2016..they told me from the last ultherapy session to wait six months and this June made six months to see it take effect and I have to say if Dr. Wise would've said you would benefit more from this or that I would've saved up more money or I would've used more money to get a procedure done right the first time.. Now I'm on 50 and I'm still looking for a session of ultherapy or something like it but not so expensive that I can get again....I believe depending on the sagging of the skin one session is not going to be enough... I wud Get one more... Then i will be happy and then I'll do something the same to my face not just my neck

Fimnally found the pics that show DR. Wise did nothing but took my money

I finally found a before pic. I was sitting in his office actually and I found an after pic.. He did nothing but take my money and Im pissed

After Dr. Wise

Mind you he said I would have a better jaw line and my skin would bounce back. I think NOT.. I am so pissed off. Do you think he would make good on this. No he dont care. So as long as I can get the word out and stop his flow,,,I will...He should of known better. He should of known that a 48yo (well young) woman who may have has good looking skin, would not have the elasticity to bounce back. I would of appreciated it more if he would of said "lipo will do nothing you need a neck lift or a lower face lift" but then again..Im happy that he only got to mess this up. Imagine him doing more evasive surgery. !!!!! Now I have a waddle he said I would not have. He is a disgrace. He never followed up with me, never asked me if I was happy, even after the free ultherapy he willing gave me. It did nothing, his esthetician had no personality whats so ever, she was probably mad that she had to give me the free procedure...and why would you so readily give something free, if you dont think you did something wrong or that was not up to standards. I still try and hide my profile in pictures and I still wear clothes, especially in winter to hide my chin. I am still so upset with this. So the very top pic was taken in Dr wises office on Nov 2015. I went back when I received my money on Jan 22 2016 for the procedure and here we are in the last pics, and it is march 5th 2017.. He sucks..he should make good, but he dont care he goes home to his house on the hill with an indoor pool probably, drives a top of the line car and cant make good on his shit. He just takes womens money. Sorry the pics are sideways but I just cant seem to load the pics in here properly.
Dr. Wise

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