21 Year Old, 5mm Permalip Implants - Wayne, NJ

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I always wanted fuller luscious lips. I've done...

I always wanted fuller luscious lips. I've done research most of 2014 and 2015. The end of 2014 I started doing injections with juvederm. I had injections done about 3 times before I found out about Permalip. I went with Dr. Jeffrey Wise because he had a lot of qualifications and specifies in face! Dr wise suggested 5mm which is what I was hoping to get! He explained to me how he performs the procedure to avoid "duck lip". His energy alone made me excited about this procedure all together!


Despite feeling of tightness, the swelling has gone down dramatically. Was prescribed anti-inflammatory meds which helped a lot!! Slept with head elevated.


Lips still feel tight but they are looking better and better! The swelling has gone down a lot but I know to expect a little more to go down. My cuspids now is more defined now. I don't need lip liner anymore. They are very chapped and peeling still but I can't wait to start the lip excercises. Getting mobility back slowly. Can eat a lot better. No more stitches. I used dial antibacterial soap and applied neosporin often to the stitch area. Dr. Wise was impressed with how quickly I seemed to have recovered but he's to thank for an amazing job!! His whole staff are amazing and always there willing to answer any questions and really care about the patients well being!

More angles

I know the swelling hasn't gone down yet however it has gone down dramatically. Before I couldn't rub my lips together because they were so swollen and now I finally can! I didn't feel any discomfort throughout the process. And I was pretty numbed and sleep for the procedure which was awesome. However, today I feel tighter than usual but I know it's all the heeling process!! I did a lot of research before considering this so I didn't have much doubts and knew dr wise would do what he does best! Enhance people's looks for the better. Going to ice a little today, will take pics tonight


I know it's only been 8 days post procedure. But I can't pucker at all or drink out of a straw properly yet.. I hope this changes once I get full mobility back in my lips. I've been smiling a lot and opening my mouth as wide as I can to loosen my lips and get them from stiff to flexible! Forgot to ask Dr. Wise if I'll ever be able to pucker again. :(

Day 12

It looks totally natural! I'm actually surprised how subtle the implants are at 5mm!! I've started the lip excercises. Can't wait to pucker again. I can smile large with teeth showing no problem. I can talk normally now. I got back more than half the sensation back in my lips. No stiff movements in my lips when I speak. I know it'll be a few more weeks til I am able to pucker again. I hope I'm not damaging the tunnel by trying to pucker. Anyway, I am so happy with the results. Even tho I absolutely adored them with swelling lol. Anyway, dr wise truly is amazing! My lips look FANTASTIC. People haven't realized.. They just compliment my volumous lips :)

Bottom lip

I'm getting kind of scared for my bottom lip! I went to Dr. Wise because I felt as though my implants were getting misplaced but he reassured me everything was fine! And him and Su,l are always so comforting and willing to answer questions & make you feel a great relief. I'm hoping within a 2-3 months I will feel more natural with them. My only problems now and I hope it's due to swelling is that I feel as though one side of my bottom lip goes down a lot more than the other side when I talk (first noticed in videos). Maybe it's because I don't have full mobility back? I still can't pucker fully yet! I can fit my pinky in between both lips when I pucker. I will see if anything changes from now until I see the doctor in a few weeks which will be one week post operation! I am only 18 days in to the healing process I shouldn't be nervous since it's impossible to fully heal in sucha short period.

Is this normal?

I thought this was why the implant was shifting. But I'm really not sure what this is due to maybe the bump is from the juvederm, the right hand side of the pic(left side of my lip though). I am able to move the implant from the right corner of my lip to the left corner of my lip (where the bump is). I'm not sure why? Something I've been worried about. Maybe the juvederm is preventing the implant from staying placed? I feel the bottom implant more on the right side of my lip(left side of this pic) sometimes it feels like it's longer than my lip itself which is why I keep moving the implant to the side where the bump is. Any advice? I tend to worry too much. I start classes soon. I hope it's not much of an issue.

3 weeks

I Always freak out and I have the worse anxiety so it makes things 100x worse because I always over react, but this is how my lips look with my mouth closed! I'm thinking now maybe it's just still swollen and I need to give it a few more weeks for the final product and all the swelling to go down


I was hoping my anxiety was getting the best of me. Dr. Wise and Su really are the most comforting! I just left Dr. Wise's office and I left his office laughing. He's great. He and Su felt the implants and reassured me they were in the exact place and are long enough for my lips. It's just swelling! And it IS too soon to be comfortable with the results. Afterall it does take a couple of months for swelling to go down. We call my little panic trips there "reassurance trips" LOL I truly adore the staff. They are so friendly and made me feel great. I'll give it a few more weeks before I panic again. I would recommend this though for sure. I absolutely love my lips I was hoping nothing had to be done because I'm obsessed!
Wayne Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Wise has a sense of charming humor! He makes you feel comfortable and explains everything. He works along with you. His staff is very interactive and tries to make you feel as cozy as possible. They were all amazing! Nothing but positivity in that office.

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