Liposuction and Fat Transfer to Buttocks & Hips - Waxhaw, NC

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Im 42 and this is the first thing I can say I...

Im 42 and this is the first thing I can say I really ever done for ME. I discovered RealSelf a few months ago and have been addicted ever since! My surgery is literally 2 days away. I'll be having lipo and fat transfer to butt and hips. My procedure will be performed by Dr. John Hamel at Complete Laser Clinic in NC. My husband and I had a consult w/him a few months ago. My husband feels that I don't need it but its something I want for myself. He wasn't comfortable w/the thought at first but after we had our consult he felt a lot better (so did I). Dr. Hamel took time to answer our questions and just seems to be a good guy. So a few of my girls are considering surgery but secretly waiting to see my results first lol! It's cool though, I would do the same thing!! Hopefully all of panties will be nice and too small to wear and all of my pants falling off this tire around my waist! So, I'll being posting my before photos tomorrow and after photos after procedure and on from that point- See you tomorrow!!!

Wrong Doctor was updated to my account-

1st of all I'd like to say that I AM AMAZED at the love and support you ladies have shown...thank you to all of you ladies that responded out of concern for me....Your alarm and terror for my best interest amazes me. Even LadyB2011 with encouragement. But there was an error in adding this doctor to my profile- I have emailed RealSelf to make necessary corrections asap as this is my story and I would like to my TRUE story. My doctor is actually Dr. John Hamel the cosmetic surgeon who has an office in Waxhaw, Asheville, Hickory and Nebo, Nc. I hope RealSelf will take care of this right away..thanks ladies, see you in a little while...10am appt.
Dr. John Hamel

Despite some of the reviews- think he's great!

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