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I just had the procedures done yesterday. The...

I just had the procedures done yesterday. The morning started out w/ the nurse putting in my IV line. Then I was escorted to the operating room. I drifted out so I didn't feel any pain when he numbed & cut me. I can hear and sense every tugging but I didn't feel any pain. It took probably an hr w/ another hr in recovery. The implant they used is Hanson's style 5 ( SCH5-4) which is a large central implant w/o wings. In the beginning, I was leaning toward Implantech Flowers Mand. Groove because I read it is the only one that gives the most height. The Flowers has 1.7cm vertically in the middle while Hanson's has 1.3-1.5cm. But since they only use Hanson's at Wave, I was a bit concerned it won't give me the length I wanted. Dr. said he can achieve this by placing it externally. Plus, it's better to do the ones without wings because there's too much problems w/ nerve damage & pain esp on Asian faces where the nerve distance is shorter. Even if the central anatomic implant didn't take care of the jowls area, it's not worth the risks plus you can address the jowls with a different procedure. I came home with no pain. I took the pain meds just in case. It was hard to open my mouth to eat since I'm very swollen. I can feel both my lips so I think I'm safe from nerve damage. Right now, I can't see how everything look like since I'm all wrapped up. I will keep you posted. The cost is very reasonable for both procedures. $2000 for implant, $995 smartlipo, and $200 for blood work and meds/.

At day 4 I have some red & yellow bruisings on my...

At day 4 I have some red & yellow bruisings on my neck and jawline. My face is very swollen. My chin & neck feels tight and numb. I can speak & eat normally now. So far I'm very please with the results. My front view didn't changed much. The side profile shows a substantial change. I no longer have the obtuse neck angle. I don't see any skins hanging so extremely relieved because I was hesitant to have the Smartlipo fearing it will leave me with loose skins. I think Dr.Lee did a fabulous job. It is totally worth $995:)

6 days post op

6 days post op

7 days post op- Today I had the stitches &...

7 days post op- Today I had the stitches & band-aid removed. Suddenly I noticed I have a hard ball like mass behind the chin. It felt really hard to touch. The area around the area is not infected and I don't have any pain so it can't be an infection. I don't know if it's from the swelling or the implant itself. I'm kinda of worry right now. I have an appt to see him in 3 weeks but I don't know if I can wait that long. The suspense of not knowing what it is killing me..If anyone knows, please let me know. Thanks

12 days post op- My face has softened & not as...

12 days post op- My face has softened & not as stiff as the first week. My smile is not as wide as orig. but its getting there. Im happy my face is not distorted looking as before. I looked like i had underbite the first week. My only concern is the implant is s bit crooked .. more to the left. Overall I think i look better than before?

Happy I got the chin implant. I have a slightly longer chin without breaking any jawbone.

I realized after looking through my orig. photos, I have an asymmetrical chin . It slightly slanted down to the left. That's why my doctor placed the implant off center to compensate for the asymmetry. Now that most of the swelling has gone down, it doesn't look that I'm going to leave it alone and just be satisfied I have a longer chin. I can live with the slight asymmetry than going under the knife again and risk other complications

Looking more symmetrical now

18 days post op- My face is less distorted looking as most of the swelling went down. The implant doesnt look like it is crooked as I orig thought.

Chin look longer:)

Round hard ball after chin implant

I just saw my dr. yesterday for a 1 month post op. My main concern now is the hard thick round ball behind the chin. It makes the "step off" a bit more pronounced since I have the chin implant without the wings. The doctor they are scar tissues from the combination of chin implant and smart-lipo. It would take 6-12 months for all that to go away. Wow..I didn't know it take that long to fully recovered. It least now I know it's not the chin implant I'm feeling & it will go away one day.

Before& After

1month post-op

3 months post op central chin implant/ No more hard ball

Finally all the swelling went down. The hard ball like mass behind my chin went away. Initially I thought it was the outline of the chin implant but it was actually all swelling & scar tissues. I'm happy with the results because now my chin looks a bit longer & I have more of a balanced face.

4 months after chin implant& neck/jaw lipo

chin implant & smart lipo

before & after

before & after (front view)

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Excellent highly skilled Doctor. He's honest & wouldn't sacrifice patient's pain & problems for money. I respected him for this. This is my second procedures with him. I couldn't be any happier.

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