Finishing my Body Remodel - Wauwatosa, WI

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I started with a breast augmentation over winter...

I started with a breast augmentation over winter break (to even out my size A and DD disproportioned breasts). Then had lips done on my upper abs and flanks over Easter break. Got hitched :) and then got a tummy tuck, and lipo done to my inner and outer thighs.

So far I am 6 days post-op. It's not "fun," but I KNOW the end result is well worth all of the pain and hardships for now.

BTW on my honeymoon I wore a Bikini and no cover-up! It was the first time, since my early teens, that I hadn't felt a need to hide myself in a swimsuit coverup. Felt soooo good.

Dr. Kramer saw me the day after the surgery (a Saturday), which is impressive to me that she cares that much for my recovery that she was willing to come on a weekend!

I see her tomorrow too. For my 1-week post-op! My drain tubs will likely come out (they were much easier to deal with this time since I knew what to expect from my previous surgeries.

The only thing that bothers me right now is that when I pee/poop things do NOT go well with my garment. Lucky me, I get to take it off ronorrow, wash it, quickly wash myself and get back into it.

Hoping I can switch garments or cut a big whole on the existing one tomorrow

1 week post op

Sorry for no pics. If I shared any it'd just be of me in my garment.

Well, went to Dr. Kramers today. I wasn't able to get my drains out yet (probably even though I'm doing as little as possible it's still a little too much). So I will get the drains out Monday (if I behave) and Wednesday no matter what!

As far as the garment and going to the bathroom I read suggestions online. The one that worked best for me (going #1) was to sit backwards on the toilet. If I had a funnel I would have tried that, but so far this works fine. Only challenge is that it doesn't work so well in pants, so I'm going to wear dresses and longer shirts on my garment for now.

For #2, before today's visit with the Doctor, it was a nightmare! A big mess and it would get stuck between me and the garment. Because things are healing well, Dr. Kramer took the foam pads off of my interior thighs and was able to pull my garment up higher in the back, so now when I go, it all goes in the toilet!!!! It feels GREAT to feel like a human again.

Things are healing well. My color is good, my swelling is minimal. Pain isn't so much an issue right now. And I know I'm gonna love the results!!!!

Working at relaxing

It's 13 days PO. I got my drains out yesterday and got rightfully "scolded" by the doc to relax. My drain numbers had come down but then would teeter up and down because I wasn't relaxing like a good patient. Dr. Kramer told me that the drains needed to come out to prevent risk of infection. But the trouble is, if I didn't stop and relax (like I've needed to this far), the extra fluids could accumulate in my body and I'd have to go back into surgery.

That was a good wake up call for me. I do NOT want to go back for surgery, especially if it's to fix stuff because I wasn't resting like I should have!

Dr. Kramer told me to act as if my surgery was 2 days ago, a good "visual" for me. No more running errands or grocery shopping, more water to drink, protein drinks every 3 hours, and ask and LET people help me.

Also, she says she she gives me the ok to take a shower I need to beware of thinking that I'm "back to normal". I can't take that as a sign that I need to be running around and doing a bunch of stuff. It's hard to compare, even though it was back in December, but I'm thinking a TT requires more recovery time or movement restrictions than a BA. 2 weeks after my BA I was back to work. I have done some computer work since my TT, but I definitely couldn't be up and moving around at my job like I'd need too. Soooo glad I scheduled this over the summer where I had a bigger vacation gap!

Praying that me letting others take care of me will do the trick. I do not want to go back under the knife and pro-long my recovery or create other complications. I pray that I will remember to rest even when I feel as if I can go full tilt.

Sorry for the lack of pics. Next time they take my garment off at the docs, which is tomorrow, I'll take some pics w my phone, before the bundle me back up again.

16 days post-op

Feeling great! So much though that I have to remember to take it easy. Things are healing nicely.

3 weeks 2 days

Looking amazing!!!! Wow, I can't believe how I look. Thanks Dr. Kramer!!!!!!!! I feel great, no pain. I've been a good patient, relaxing and not "doing doing doing." This isn't an easy task for me, but I'm relaxing as she told me and the results are showing!!!

I see Dr. Kramer on Wednesday again and she's going to give me some ab exercises to do. She said once I start them things will progess much faster!! Can't wait to be sleeping in my bed again.

And back to work on the 30th!

3 weeks 5 days post op

It looks like the thighs will just take time with the swelling, but I do notice they look different.

My stomach is looking awesome! The little indent on the left side of my stomach was due me not binding things right. Everything is healing marvelously.

What Dr. Kramer said? Everything is healing nicely. She taught me my first kind of ab exercises to do and said I can try sleeping in bed in a couple of days, but to check the swelling in the a.m. And if things look good to continue sleeping in bed, if not...back to the recliner.

Stairs can come after continuing ab exercises and after sleeping in bed has gone well for a few days.

Still no sex for a while. I didn't bother asking how long because I know she'll tell me when it's time. Looking forward to being intimate with my man again :)

4 weeks!!! And looking amazing!

About a week or so ago, I started wearing underwear over my binding garments. I was comfortable going commando in pj pants, but jean shorts? Not so much

Well, I got my period yesterday and had the genius idea to wear a pad in my undies (cause I prefer this to a tampon). NOT a good idea!! The pad absorbed the blood but since it spreads out on the pad it spread to parts that touched my garment, so my garment was red around the crotch area. Yuck! So, after a shower and cleaning it, I am wearing a tampon and have a light pad in my undies just in case.

Not sure if I ever posted what worked for me for going to the bathroom without soiling my garment. I don't have to make these accommodations anymore, only initially. (Because there was padding on my inner and outer thighs from the lipo that pulled the garment down). The day after my surgery Dr. Kramer took off the foam padding on my inner thighs and the following visit took the padding off my outer thighs. So, initially, I peed while sitting backwards on the toilet! I did NOT want to use the funnel from my kitchen and did not want to go shopping for a funnel in the first week and a half following my surgery.

Anyway, here's the pics of my bodacious body from today, 4 weeks post-op. I look AMAZING!!!!!!!!

4 1/2 weeks post-op

Went in to see Dr. Kramer today.

Good news, I don't have to wear the garment anymore (things have healed nicely and the temperature's recently changed so there is less risk of swelling).

I can have sex with my hubby again!!!! (Just as long as it's not with me laying down and him on top...putting pressure on my tummy). I need to wear my ab binder during , but that's ok, a sexy negligee will take care of that! Plus we get to have fun with different positions!!!

She taught me the next ab exercise I can do...laying down on my back, knees bent, lift my head a little (keeping the space of a softball between my chin and chest). She said to do this once an hour, to take off my ab binder before and put it back on after (all by myself-love the independence). She said the first time I may only do one "crunch" and gradually it will get easier.

Anyway, I've included the latest photos. Something I forgot to do since last time was to scrub the parts that the band aids came off with a hand towel when bathing. She said if any of the stitches come out, that I can pull the taut and cut them close to the skin. If not the skin will leave holes in my skin.
Dr Lorelle Kramer

Awesome! She knows what she's doing and knows how to take cate or me

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