Liposuction-tummy and Flanks-I Can't Wait! - Wauwatosa, WI

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Over winter break, I got a breast augmentation...

Over winter break, I got a breast augmentation surgery by Dr. Kramer in Wauwatosa. She and I thought that I would have to have a breast lift, but she did so well with the breast augmentation that I didn't have too! Hey, anyone that can save me $5k is awesome!!!!!!

So, since I was already planning financially to pay for another surgery, I decided to use that money to get liposuction.

I've never really had a waist. My sides go straight down, not in. And my stomach goes out starting under my breasts. In addition, after having had 2 kids (one natural birth and one C-section), I have a pouch of skin and fat around my belly button area.

I am a healthy person, I exercise regularly and eat well. I run 5ks and love obstacles! I've ran the Tough Mudder, Battle Frog, Spartan, Dirty Girl, and on. Trainers have told me that I could exercise my tummy down, but I could never get it to what I liked.

Since my breast augmentation surgery went better than I could have ever anticipated, I brought up the idea of doing liposuction on my stomach. Dr. Kramer said that there are some fat areas on my body that wouldn't go away no matter how much diet and exercise I did.

I have had a hard time considering doing liposuction, because I feel as a culture we think it's "cheating," but I considered a woman with wide saddle-bags that were from her DNA and not from her lack of healthy eating/exercising. I thought, if a friend had saddle bags and wanted to fix it through lipo, would I think that she was cheating? No, way!!!!

The weirdest thing I learned from Dr. Kramer is that lipo is not about weight loss, but about shaping. She explained that in the areas she would address, the fat would be removed and would thus NEVER return unless I gained tons of weight/ got pregnant (no risk there).

The night after having surgery

I'm feeling ok. The recovery is significantly easier than the breast augmentation.

I know that some people that share on realself do multiple surgeries at the same time. Dr. Kramer advised me to split them up and I am happy for it. I think one area to recover at a time is more manageable.

4 days post op

So I was feeling a little itchy from the sponge-like compression between the girdle and myself that I unstuck them and tightened the girdle back up.

I got to see the incisions and where the stitches remain. It's true, like she said, I have hardly any bruising in the areas she

I'm uploading pics from today, but don't worry I did not get lipo done on my lower abs, I will take care of the fat there when I do the tummy tuck.

When feeling my upper abs and flanks, when unsticking the sponge pads I could feel there was no fat there!!!!

Feeling happy and excited for the toned down me that I never could achieve through exercise.

I see Dr. Kramer this Wednesday and she's going to fully take the girdle off for us to check things off before putting it back on. Trust her implicitly. She's the bomb!

Btw, I read on someone else's blog that lymphatic massages helped w swelling. I spoke to my friend who is a great masseuse and said it would do nothing to improve swelling and would be a waste of my time and money. Gotta love people who'd rather tell you the truth, than make a buck. By the way, if you live in the Milwaukee area, her name is Shahnaz and she is in Brookfield.

One week post op!

I couldn't believe it. When Dr. Kramer unwrapped me, the first thought I had was: that's insane! I would have never imagined my body could actually look like this. From the belly button up my body looks like ache that of a 20-year-old model. And I'm 37!

When you look at the photos, please do not be discouraged by the lower abdomen. She did not touch it at all, she will take care of that when she does the tell me talk. She said there was no sense in wasting my money paying to label my lower abdomen's, because the tell me tuck would take all of that fat out anyway. Dr. Kramer is the best!

Day eight-postop

No pics today, I feel like a picture every day doesn't really make much sense.

I'm checking in to get an update about how I feel. So today was the eighth day since the surgery, in my fourth day back at work. I am feeling more mobile today, not in much pain at all. A little frustrated by the amount of time it takes to unwrap and rewrap up all of my layers of girdle and back support when showering, but hey if that's the worst of this that's super!

Pain wise and recovery wise this is night and day compared to my breast augmentation surgery. And I am so loving it!

10 days post op

Feeling good

11 days post op

I'm loving my body!!!!!

12 days post op lipo

Ok, the pics are in my binding, but the difference between my upper (where lipo was done) and lower (where I'm going to later get a tummy tuck) is less significant.

Swelling is going down. Using arnica, taking lots of baths

12 days post op photos

Sorry, they didn't load b4

Post-op 2 weeks & 1 day

Feeling great! Looking gorgeous!

25 days post-op

Everything's going awesomely. Dr. Kramer saw me 2 weeks after and everything looked good and I have an appointment in 5 days with her just to check up on the progress.

4 weeks post-op

Looking sexy.never thought I'd have a body like a Barbie doll!

Met with Dr. Kramer today. All is well, we talked about setting up my tummy tuck surgery.

I had the opportunity to ask some questions. One of which was: if she removed the fat from my upper abs, flanks, and back, and will also take the fat from my lower abs and my inner and outer thighs, if I gain 5lbs in the future, where would it go? My feet?

She explained that we have so many fat cells in different parts of our body. She said because I have more fat cells in my inner thighs than my arms, right now when I gain weight it goes to my feet after all surgeries,

She said that I have more fat cells in my thighs than my arms and right now when I gain weight it disperses 1st to my thighs.

She said if we lipo my legs, than any weight gained would be evenly dispersed

5 weeks post-op

Being 5 weeks out I'm back at the gym and I'm able to "be active" with my fiancé (btw my new body has turned the heat up a lot in the bedroom for both of us...feeling sooo sexy).

I did a BMI test the other day and my BMI was 28.5%, prior to surgery it was 34%!! So not only am I looking good, but I am healthier as well!

As you can see from my picks my upper abs (the area that was lipoed) and my lower abs (which I plan on getting a TT in July) looks more normal. Initially after surgery my upper abs looked awesome and my lower protruded. Now it looks more natural. I would be ok with this body for a while. Fortunately, my fiancée is supportive of me taking the next step sooner, so I'm gonna get it done. Can't wait!

Dr. Kramer suggested that when I get my TT that I also lipo my inner and outer thighs. She said that she wouldn't have initially suggested it, but my upper ab lipo went so well that it would look strange (my words not hers) if I had this bombshell body from the belly button up and then thighs that touch.

I agree with her, I think it would look odd. Plus, even at my lowest weight my thighs touched.

This is not something that I can resolve through diet and exercise.

I'm contemplating the outer thighs. I'd be happy to get them done, and the cost is not significantly more, however I'm trying to keep costs down especially with this now being my 3rd surgery in a year's time.
Dr. Lorelle Kramer

Dr. Kramer is extremely professional. She takes wonderful care of me. There are NO hidden costs and I trust her implicitly. She is knowledgable about her craft. One of my favorite things about Dr. Kramer and her staff is that when I am with them they give me their full attention and they are available for questions. Her assistants speak to me as if I am their friend, whom they've known for years. They make me feel safe, comforted, and supported. Dr. Kramer makes sure that I have all the information I need to make decisions about my body and health. She takes the time to ensure that I heal properly and beautifully!

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