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I've always been flat chested. Then after...

I've always been flat chested. Then after breastfeeding three babies for the first year of their lives, what little I had got worse. I absolutely loved nursing my babies and the convenience of always having their meal ready and the bonding times with them. But after they weaned I missed having boobs! My youngest is 9 years old and I don't plan on having anymore babies.
This is something I've thought about doing since my second child was weaned 16 years ago. My boyfriend is supportive of my decision. Some of you reading this will understand that's important. I would still be doing this even if he wasn't on board but I'm glad he is.
As you can see in my pictures (yikes! Can't believe I'm putting these online and yikes! Can you see why with two previous marriages and my current relationship I rarely take my shirt off during sex and only if the lights are off. As for showering with my boyfriend.... It's not as good as it could be if I wasn't always cringing at the thought of him seeing these shriveled things on my chest.
Had my consultation on May 4th. It went pretty well. Haven't talked about size yet. Only decision so far is: mentor, silicone, round, smooth. Under the muscle (obviously because of my lack of breast tissue and boney looking chest). Had a rude reality check before leaving his office. At that point I was a smoker. About a pack a day... Ugh. Anyway he plainly stated that he refuses to complete surgery unless the patient is nicotine free for minimum 6 weeks. So the night of May 4th, before bed, I smoked my last cigarette. Freaked out in the morning, snapped at anyone and anything in my line of sight, ended up crying for awhile. Then went and bought a vapor mod system with three bottles of 0 mg juice. Still dealt with nic withdrawals but it's gotten easier. Thank goodness for the placebo effect of blowing out vapor. I haven't smoked a cigarette since that night and I plan on remaining smoke free for the rest of my life. Who knew a boob job would be my deciding factor and motivator to finally quit?!
OK, wrapping this up... I'm able to only take 8 days off work. I hope that's enough. I'm a CNA. Yeah, I know, this could be a problem with lifting restriction. I work with great coworkers so it should be OK till restrictions are lifted. So my pre-op is scheduled for June 8th. That's when size will be discussed, measurements taken, lab work done, check written, etc. I'm sharing pics of my current reality and some wish boobs too.

Wish boobs

Posting some wish boob pics here. I plan on showing these to Dr during pre-op June 8th

Getting items ready and trying to not count the days

Yeah. Trying to not count the days. Would be like trying to not breathe. 6 days till pre-op and 20 days till surgery.
I have ice packs ready. I found Thera Pearl breast packs in the baby section at Walmart. I bought two sets. I also got two of the rectangle shaped sports packs of that same brand. I'll post site pics of these products.
I bought zip front sports bras and a few hook n eye front closure sports bras as well. I have to admit I've already tried a few on over my most heavily padded bra. I like how it looks!
I also picked up some Bromelain and Arnica. I've read about these supplements on here. Not 100% sure I'm going to be using them and if I do I need to read up on them some more first. If any of you ladies want to give me some input that would be great!

Pre-op yesterday

Pre-op went well yesterday. I tried on implants under sports bra and decided somewhere between 250cc-300cc. Depends on muscle pocket calibration. First he put in a 190cc. I said, "Oh hell no! I was way bigger than that when I nursed my babies!"
Final words from Dr before I left the exam room. "Ok, see you in a couple weeks. I'll have a few sizes in there and will put in the largest that will fit."
Also got lab work done and picked up my meds. Oxycontin, Hydrocodone, Clindamycin (antibiotic), and Enoxaparin (blood thinner injections to prevent blood clots). I have to say I have not read about any other ladies getting prescribed these injections. Which by the the way my boyfriend will be doing. I have no problem injection others but cannot give myself a shot. I pray I never get diabetes. Anyway, so far, I'm all set!!!

All over but the waa waa... Actually it has been fine.

So even though I've been under a few times before I forgot (no pun intended) that you really don't remember things during that hour or so after waking up. Even if you are talking to those around you. So thankfully my bf was paying attention and relayed instructions back to me. Apparently he brought me two potted rose plants (he knows I prefer perennials over cut flowers bouquet) to the recovery room. Noticed them outside in my garden later in the evening and oooo'd and aahhhh'd over them. He gave me a funny look and said you don't remember them from recovery? I shook my head and thought oh boy what else did I miss.
Anyway, I was nauseous while they got me dressed to go home but not during the hour long drive. Got in the door and straight to the couch. Slept a couple more hours. Then went to the bathroom and fought the urge to vomit by pressing my forehead against the cool glass of the shower door and a lot of deep breaths. My throat felt like sandpaper from the breathing tube and ice cream helped with that.
OK, now the important parts... Dr put in 275cc. Stated that the calibration device showed that 300cc would have been too big for my chest wall. I'm happy with the size so far. Except of course I have square pecs/boobs with all the fullness on top. Had to stay mummy wrapped for two days then was able to take off wrap, shower, and put on underwire and top band today. Yes. I know it's strange about the underwire but Dr request that I wear that as I heal. He described the underwire and band combo as the perfect implant pocket pouch.
Not much pain at all. Just tightness, pressure, and itching from wraps and bra. Very frustrated over limitations. Oh how I hate to be asking for help with things since this is an elective surgery. But my kids and bf have been very helpful and we've laughed quite a few times over things. Well they laughed more than me, I have to do smaller laughs than I normally would otherwise I would be in pain.
For those ahead of me when does the pressure let up? When does it get easier to scratch an itch on your back or above shoulder height? Thankfully I can wipe myself front and back and pull up my pants over my bubble butt. Obviously I probably look pretty comical doing those things but hey I get it done lol

More pics after first shower

Moody today

So I didn't take any pain killers last night besides Tylenol. While my bloat has gone away (YAY) I'm even more swollen and tight on the upper part of chest today. So much so that i don't even fill in the bottom of the bra cup that i had no problem filling in the past couple days. Plus I'm crabby/pissed. I just want to feel normal again. I know it hasn't even been a week yet but, dang! I'm on the verge of tears all the time too. I don't have any pain just very swollen therefore uncomfortable. Maybe I've been over doing it? So I'm going to just chill on the couch today and watch a bunch of meaningless junk shows and take naps.

See what I mean?

Here's a couple pics to show what I mean when I say they're quite swollen up high today :(

Post op appointment today

Appointment went well today. Dr said I'm healing great and everything is on track. Showed us some massages to start doing and stated that I could reach and do things within reason (no lifting much yet) and just listen to my body and adjust activity accordingly. I will see him again in a week. He's not concerned about the asymmetry and assured me that things will change and not to worry. I know I will have some asymmetry because my right nipple was lower than my left pre-op. But I think once the implant settles in lower and I get more fullness at the bottom it will balance things out better. Over all I'm happy with the results so far 7 days post. :) I will add pics later.

Ok. It's been too long between updates. Sorry.

I am one month today! I LOVE my boobs! I haven't been able to say that since since I was nursing my babies. Anyway, healing has been going well. My left has been the slow healer (still getting zingers, still have a small 2" patch of numbness on the bottom near incision) my right was the slow one to drop but was the first to feel normal in regard to no pain and part of me like it has always been there. I absolutely love shopping for bras, swim suits, and tops now. VS is loving me at the moment lol
Each week they're getting softer and plump on the bottom. Dr said, "the slope is natural and beautiful." I agree 100%+

Here's another pic

Just found another pic from a week ago. Check out this cleavage *eyebrow wiggle
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