31 Yo, 5"8', 130 Lbs, 34A and Excited to Upgrade! Wausau, WI

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Hi ladies! I am so thankful to have stumbled...

Hi ladies! I am so thankful to have stumbled across this forum as it has been incredibly helpful thus far. My pre-op appointment is on May 28, 2016. Following the consultation, my surgeon suggested no more than 275 cc moderate profile, teardrop shaped, saline implants, underneath the pec muscle. My breasts are just so, so small and though I love them, I know they could be so much more. ;)

I am expecting a modest, but noticeable improvement in size and would of course like my body to be in proportion. I am looking forward to not having to wear bras with a ton of padding and being self-conscious all the time. I feel feminine in every other way and am excited to bring my breasts up to speed. I'll post pics when I get the courage to later. :)

Before pics

What I'm working with!

Pre-Op Tomorrow

Yes! I am so excited for my pre-op appointment tomorrow afternoon! I have several questions for the PS, including what the plan is for the poor circulation below my knees. I have CMT, a peripheral neuropathy that affects my calves/feet and without compression stockings on, my legs/ankles/feet will swell.

I can't functionally walk without braces, so that concerns me as well as far as recovery goes since I cannot see being able to pull compression stockings on or reaching down to snap & velcro braces following surgery. Either I'll need to have someone do this for me, or not shower until I can do it myself. Ah...a little concerned.

In the last few days, I'm becoming really aware of how my arms and hands compensate for my lack of assistance below the knee. I rely on them to get up and out of the tub and toilet especially. I'll just wish for the best and am thankful to have helo for the first two days and the third night!

How to handle aftermath?

I've decided on 250 ccs in the left and 275 in the right! They are Mentor saline implants. The pre-op went well and I could not be more excited! I have some time off work (6 days) which is causing a bit of stress as I have a lot of work to complete before then.

I'm also wondering how others will treat me following my BA, especially my coworkers and clients. It's going to be a noticeable change and I know people will look, so do I just say, "Yes, my chest is bigger now" and move on? I work with children and juveniles as well and can see this being awkward. Any advice on how to handle the elephant in the room with colleagues and people you work with (clients)?

Rash and hope it's not a problem

Hello everyone! So a couple of days ago. I started to get this rash. I get them sometimes and especially in that spot. I wear the Bombshell bra from Victoria's Secret and although the bra is amazing, the wires sometimes rub on my skin and cause irritation.

I foolishly fell asleep with my bra on last night and woke up to the rash being worse and feeling uncomfortable. I put neosporin on it and am wearing a sports bra.

I'm a little concerned that the surgeon is going to look at the rash and postpone the surgery, which would break my heart. I'm probably catastrophizing the situation as there are still a few days before surgery. I can opt to wear a sports bra tomorrow, but will not have that option during work on Monday and Tuesday, or with my family Tuesday night. Maybe I could put a bandaid over it while I have the big bra on...

Anyway, fingers crossed that this thing goes away soon and does not affect my surgery date. :D


Well, no BA. An emergency came up literally two days before I was supposed to go in and now I am unsure when the surgery will be rescheduled. I'm hoping for yet this summer.

Be back in a couple months. :)

I'm back!

After some unexpected delays which started 2 days before my surgery in June, I'm back on the books for Monday, August 22! I have a question in about if I can return to work on the Friday for a few hours. I have the following Monday off as well, but there are some things I need to do on that Friday.

Happy to be back on track!

31 yo, 5"8', 130 lbs, 34 A Saline Soon!

Surgery is rescheduled for August 22, 2016!

Day 1..I have breasts!!!

I returned home about 1.5 hours ago and am in some GREAT meds since right now, the pain is minimal.

I have sent seen them yet, but food like bassed on size of gauze, it's exactly what I'm looking for!

More pics later. :)

Blurred vision

It's officially Day 1 post op!! The pIn has been tolerable due to the pain meds I've been taking.

I am experiencing blurred vision thst seems to affect things thst are close up, like a book for a phone. I read that this is likely caused by the anti nausea patch behind my ear and thst my video will return to normal after the patch comes off. I now look forward to that day! (,Thursday unless my surgeon tells me I csn take it off earlier.

Last day of wearing the wrap!

Hello! Today is Day 2 post op (with day 0 being the day of surgery). With each day, the pain gets better and I'm finding it easier to get around. I struggled st first with minor movements such as flushing the toilet, pumping soap into my hands, and getting up from the seated position on the first try. However, the pain meds are incredibly helpful and necessary! Myom stayed with me tbe first night snd my friend stayed with me tbe second night.

When it's recommended to have someone stay with you the first night, please take this seriously! If you can, see if someone can stay with you for two nights. The restrictions that your body has you under affects every movement you make, so I would highly recommend someone stay with you two nights If possible.

I am taking two pain meds and had an anti-nausea patch behind my ear. This patch worked for nausea (although I did have one episode of vomiting where I threw up 4-5 times in a row.) The patch caused me to have blurred vision when looking at things up close and dry mouth.

I did just take tbr patch off about 45 minutes ago and am surprised at how quickly my vision is returning to normal.

Going to rest a bit now And enjoy this time off! :)

Taking the bandage off!

Today is Day 2 Post-Op and I saw myself in the mirror without my bandage on. I must say that I could not be more happy! The implants of course are high, but I know thry will settle.

The biggest challenge right now is managing the pain and nausea as t the same time. I took the patch off which has caused an increasingly upset stomach and episodes of vomiting. I didn't like the side effects of the patch, though, so had to choose the lesser of two evils and went with the vomiting.

I walked around in a somewhat compressed sports bra for a couple of hours, but my breasts felt sore and like they were just hanging there, so my friend wrapped me up again.

Thus far, I have had the luxury of having someone stay with me for 3 nights in a row and I would highly recommend this. You will be surprised at how many movements hurt snd after paying so much for this procedure, you're going to want to do it right. :)

Day 3 Post Op -

Hello all! Here's an update on my recovery and a before and after pic. The pain this morning was pretty intense and I woke up with what felt like an elephant on my chest. The physical strain of moving from a laying down position to a seated position is very painful. Once I was upright, however, the pressure was lifted. It was a full 10 hours before I took the last pain pill, though, so thst makes sense that I was in so much pain this morning.

I took a pain pill and and ate a light meal. I then say still in the recliner for abkut an hour and am hopeful that he combination of these things helps keep the nausea to a minimum.

The most comfortable position is to have my arms right next to my body, but I'm trying to move as much as I can without being in too much pain. I can lift my arms above my head and am going to shower today. Can't wait!

Day 4 PO, one breast is firmer

Hello ladies! Today is Day 4 Post Op and last night was the first night I spent alone. I made a point to wake up in the middle of the night to take a pain pill since I knew I wouldn't have any help getting out of bed this morning. I slept in tbe recliner so it was easier to get up also.

I started to really notice yesterday (Day 3) that my right breast is tighter and more firm than the left. This is the breast that had more ccs pumped in because it was smaller pre-op. It also seems to sit a bit higher yet, bit after reading others' reviews, it could just be more swelling. My Post-Op appointment is Monday and I'll be sure to ask about that.

It's getting a bit easier to go a little longer without taking the pain pills, which is good. I didn't throw up at all yesterday which is the first day of that, so it was exciting. Today is the first day ive had a bowel movement since the day before surgery, and that is super exciting since I've been pretty bloated.

I have been wearing the wrap for a few hours during the day and all through the night. I keep it loose, but just thst added pressure does help with the discomfort.

I'm about to take a shower and walk around the block. Have a great Friday!

Day 5 Post Op, Itchy Nipples!

Hello beautiful ladies! With every day, there is less pain, which I am very grateful for. Today I'm really feeling the itching though and my nipples are chafing. The left incision site is itchy as well. The right breast is still very hard in comparison to the left.

I'm excited to get to Victoria's Secret on Monday and find some sports bras that are better quality. The ones I have now all band right underneath the breast, which is of course right where the incision site is.

I did take a nice walk today and kept the Ace Bandage on during my walk, which prevented the pain I had yesterday after a walk with just my sports bra on.

I might put some coconut oil on my nipples tomorrow and just sit with them out for a while to soak it all in.

Quick pics!

Post Op appointment is today! I do think the right breast is starting to calm down a bit more. :)


I just wrote this fabulous update and it deleted.. I'll add the pics, but will have to add the update when I have time again.

The basic theme was I would do this over again in a heartbeat. :)

3 weeks post op and feeling great!

Hello ladies! To make this one quick, all is very well! I'm having zero pain and the twinges have completely stopped. I am still being cautious about certain movements, though. I have started to mow the lawn and am hoping that does not cause problems... I'll be sure to ask at my 3 week appt later this week.

The girls (ah! I have never said that before!) Are really starting to feel more real in that they are more malleable and not as hard. The right breast had further to go and I'm very proud of her. I think k the massages help. I'm so happy. :)

Incredible Results

Hello ladies! I had my second post op a few weeks ago and my PS said I was doing great. I had some questions for him and here were his answers:
1. No, I do not need to wear a bra at night. I should, however, always wear a bra during the day.
2. No operating the lawn mower until 5 weeks post.
3. Six-month post op not needed unless I have questions or would like to see him.
4. Continue massages twice a day and remember I don't have to be delicate with them. Moving the implant around in the pocket keeps the breasts looking soft.

I also asked about exercising and he said to wait 8 - 10 weeks. Previously, he said to wait 6 - 8 weeks (at the consult). In hindsight, I should have been more clear in my definition of "working out" as that can mean a variety of many different things. I did ask specifically about squats (no weights) and he said that is fine, but to be cautious of how I feel because our bodies are connected from top to bottom and although at first glance, squats look like an isolated flute activity, all your muscles play a role in one way or another to make one squat happen.

I'm going to keep up my daily walks (regular pace) and recently started floor exercises (glute bridge) and squats (12 reps, 1 set) to finish out my 5th week post-op.

I am happy to have already received responses to my question about working out posted recently and will heed their advice as well as call my PS at 6 weeks. I did some light working out the other night which consisted of glute bridges (12), squats (12), sit ups using a small ball (24), and some light arm stretches. I'll do that twice more this week and continue to vary that, but hold off on stabilizing exercises as they might even mkre more intense than dumbell moves. It makes sense!

Take care all!


Hello! So for about a week, I've felt slightly pressure on my left breast when I move the implant up. I'm afraid it was because I had to lift this really heavy bag of rice last Saturday.

If I harmed myself with this stupid bag of rice, I'm going to be so pissed. I toldy boss that I did not want to work this event and was made to work anyway. I guess what's done is done, but seriously hoping I didn't cause damage.

I am going to call my PS tomorrow and ask.

Fingers crossed!

5 month update, imports info to know when deciding

Hi ladies! I want to let you all know that 5 months in, things are definitely different, but in a very good way. :) I'll attach pictures with some comments too. My implants and fully dropped and fluffed and sit really nicely on my chest. In certain angles, you can sort of see where the implants sit underneath the muscle. I've always had a lean chest with some asymmetry in the muscle and bone structure. My left side always seemed to portrude a bit more and the left side was the larger breast.

I think it's important to note that I'm finding as the months go on and they really become part of my body that the same "imperfections" or asymmetries that were there before may not necessarily go away (depending on what it is) and in fact, may become more noticeable with larger breasts.

I'm incredibly happy with my results still, but also didn't go into it expecting they would be perfect. My bone still shows a bit more on the left side and makes cleavage look a little odd in some angles, but I'm the only one who would know as I know what it looked like before. I tried to find a good comparison picture, so added a pic from before.

Overall I could not be happier. Pleased with the size and would not have gone bigger if I could do it over again. I'm feeling more confident than ever and would totally recommend breast implants so long as you have realistic expectations. I tell my girls I love them every day. Lol :) much love to you all!
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