I Am 55 Years Old, 5'5", 155#, Had 5 Children, and Nursed for over 5 Years. Waukesha, WI

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I have had my initial consultation with my plastic...

I have had my initial consultation with my plastic surgeon, and will be having an anchor mastopexy with implants. Before I had children I was barely a 36B. Pregnant I went to a 38C, and then 38D while I was nursing. After my pregnancies I retained a fairly good looking 38C, until I went through a series of illnesses and 13 surgeries in 4 years. I lost almost 30#, and could have starred in a zombie movie! My health is now much improved and I have regained the weight, but surely not in my breasts! My breasts are now just fibrodic ducts and skin. I am looking forward to firm nicely sized breasts, high C or not too large D. I am certainly not worried about scars. I have many of them. My only concern is wound healing, as I have had problems before where I had to have incisions excised and restitched to get them to heal. I am very excited to regain a more youthful look, even if I am a grandmother!

Getting Close

My preop is on Monday. I sent an email with questions, and the scheduler called to let me know they had received it. They also moved my surgery up from 10am to 8am. Not being much of a morning person I guess I'll be sleeping in via anesthesia! Lol. Had my cleaning service here today, and trying to make sure that everything is totally in order before the 16th. I tend to be a little too perfectionistic, and I know I will overdo if things are left undone. Just a little over two weeks to go, and I am really excited! Really tired from getting things done, but I will have a few weeks to rest up after my surgery. For now My 18mo granddaughter is about to arrive from Oklahoma, so "Grammy" is the name!!!

6 Days to Go!

My preop went great. Got a lot of questions answered, signed consent forms, and paid for my procedures. Had to go to my primary care doctor for history and physical and EKG. I am all cleared for surgery. Got a fresh perm, too. I have a busy week ahead of me, so hopefully I will not get too impatient! I have been making sure to eat well and get rest so that my body will be able to heal optimally. Just got rid of the Christmas tree today, so most everything is done. I have a few meetings and a half day conference this week, but also plan on a massage and a manicure. My last preop with my surgeon is Thursday, and my surgery is Friday. I am sure I will be ready for some R&R, and of course lots of TLC from my husband. I have not told many people about my surgery. I tend to be a somewhat private person. I will miss a few meetings and such, but I plan to really take it easy for the first two weeks. Being older and having other medical issues, there is no reason to take a chance! I will probably update again after I see my surgeon on Thursday. Hope everyone is doing well! Have a good week.

4 Days and Counting!

Got all of my prescriptions filled, got arnica and bromelain, and got some magnesium citrate for the night before. Trying to eat light and healthy. I am excited for Friday, but also for it to be over. I have had many surgeries, and I just want to be on the mend.

2 Days and Counting

Got my perm, massage, and manicure. I should be set with that stuff now for at least a month. I am off my NSAID arthritis medication, so the massage was really a Godsend! I also discovered that I had no buttondown shirts. All my wardrobe is pullovers, which will not work postoperatively. I ordered a few, and most should be coming tomorrow. My preop with my doctor is tomorrow, and I have a little last shopping to do. Since I don't know my exact size I will get some bras and keep the tags on so I can exchange as I need them. I want to try to get larger of ones that I already have panties to match. I will go with D cups. I have $50 Kohl's cash that is almost expiring, and a 30% off coupon.

There is just so much to think about - groceries for a couple of weeks, laundry, packing. I am exhausted. Just glad that I will be gorgeous and exhausted 2 days from now. I will get a month or two to rest up and heal, then hopefully I can figure out what to do with my life now that I am disabled. I may spend a couple of months caring for my 18 mont old granddaughter while my son does an internship.

Please pray for all to go well, for me to heal without problems or allergic reaction that will compromise my incisions. Pray for energy and stamina. Also pray for wisdom for the direction for this next stage of my life. Thanks for all of your support! Xoxoxo. ????

I guess I need to get my reviews in the right spot.

My wifi was out since surgery, so I was trying to use my iPhone to do email. It is a lot harder than on my iPad! Wifi is fixed now, so hopefully I can get my review done a little more easily.

I had my surgery on Friday, 1/16. The surgery went very well. I had a BL, a BA with 300cc smooth silicone implants, liposuction around my waist and hips with some reinjected to smooth out my figure and get some nice curves. I have huge purple and red bruises on my torso, hips, and derrière. I also have about 20# of swelling! With the liposuction I will need to wear my flexees until the swelling goes down. I started pneumonia symptoms over the weekend with a productive cough, wheezing, but no fever and slept most of the weekend.

Yesterday 1/19 I went for my first followup and had all the bandages and my drains removed. My surgeon used removable stitches and almost no tape, but I still have a little bit of necrotic tissue under my right breast. I was hoping for an easier recovery, but I will get through this anyway. My surgeon jokingly apologized for "beating me up". He put me on a stronger oral antibiotic, and I have Silvadene cream to put twice a day on the open tissues and incision lines. The best part was I got released to shower. Ahhhhh....heavenly!

Now is time to take it very easy and let my body heal. I will need to be very careful not to overdo, lift over 5#, reach above, or move my shoulders more than necessary. I need to eat lots of protein, vitamins, and keep well hydrated. I have been sleeping in my recliner with my cat. I wake up often during the night, so I am a little over-tired. I will update after my next postop.

1 Week Postop

After treating my necrotic skin all week twice a day there is no longer any open flesh. It is scabbed over but the scabs are very thick, so it will probably take a while for it to heal properly. I have my next postop on Monday. I will see if he wants to debride some of the dead skin or just let my body handle it.

All in all my breasts are looking pretty great! My swelling and bruising from the lipo have come down. I have lost 20# of the 25# that I gained in water weight from the surgery. My pneumonia symptoms are getting much better, almost gone! I have had some problems with headaches from just sleeping on my back. I have a double fusion in my neck and occipital neuralgia from an injury a little over four years ago by an anesthesiologist during intubation for surgery. The real challenge is making sure I do not get too much tylenol, as my regular medication for my headaches has it as well as my pain medication. I don't understand why they put acetaminophen in so many medications. It is more dangerous than the medications themselves! Still pretty tired, but getting a little better each day.

I have updated photos and a photo with the girls all dressed up. It is hard to get a good picture of the underside because of the lighting. They are getting a little softer even after only a week. My husband and I may go out to dinner tomorrow evening. It will be the girls first outing! I think they will look great in a sweater dress.

Girls' Night Out!

Saturday evening my husband and I went down to Chicago to Lawry's for prime rib. It is a 1 1/2 to 2 hour drive depending upon traffic. I got a little stiff sitting in the car for that long, but we had an excellent dinner and a good time. I really felt great with the beautiful new girls in a pretty sparkly sweater. That sweater never looked so good on me!

Saturday night I finally switched out of the recliner and slept in my bed! You don't realize how great that bed is until you miss it for a while. It felt so good to be in my own bed again! I slept a lot better. I have restless leg syndrome, so I ended up not always waking up on my back. It did not seem to be a problem. Moving my shoulders is getting a little easier. I just have to make sure not to overdo.

Today I had my followup. My surgeon is pleased with my progress, and also how the liposuction and fat transfer is doing. He wants to leave the necrotic scab on as it will protect from infection and should come off on its own when the skin underneath is healed. He wants to see me every week until it is better.

My husband went on a business trip for the first time in over a month. Usually he travels 2-3 weeks a month for 3-4 days. I am a little nervous about being alone during the day, since he has a home office and normally checks on me frequently. My youngest son is a senior in HS, so he is around mid-afternoon to evenings.

I drove for the first time since surgery tonight. I went to church for my support group. It helps to get out by myself and feel a little more normal. Getting better every day!

15 Days Postop

In addition to BL/BA I also had some lipo to get a little more shape to my to my boyish figure. I have heavy torso muscles from years of bodybuilding. Overall I feel my results are pretty great. Things have been going along fairly well, although I am extremely exhausted. A shower feels like a grand adventure! I have a history of allergic reactions to adhesives, soaps, surgical glue, many medications. I hoped for the best, but prepared for the worst. We avoided all of allergies, did not even use sterstrips, but still had problems with necrotic tissue. Last week it had narrowed significantly and healed over, but had a heavy thick dark scab over it. Today the scab tissue split away from the healthy tissue, and some breast tissue is pushing out. I called my PS and we will deal with it Monday. Need to keep it clean, continue using Silvadene, and pressure bandage. I just hope we can get this healed completely befofe my Cancun trip May 2nd!!! I would also really like to be able to be more active, as I am beginning to feel like a puff ball. I will update after my appointment on Monday. Here is a piture of my liposuction results, (finally done with the hideous black bruises). Also pictures of the progression. My left breast is doing spectacular! The scars are barely visible. The right, not so much! We are expecting a snowstorm tomorrow, so hibernation until Monday sounds great to me!!!

17 Days Post

Saw my PS today. He removed more of the thick black scabbing. Switched me from Silvadene to Intrasite Gel. I will see him again on Thursday to monitor my progress. I am not sure if hewill want to reclose the stitchline or not. I would suspect he would like the skin a little stronger before he would consinder that option. He may let it heal and then do a revision. I guess time will tell!

Now I am out shopping for a couple more front closure bras. Tried Kohl's with no luck (although I did find a great sweater and a cute "little black dress" on clearance, plus I had another $15 of Kohl's cash - I really am a sucker for a bargain!), so I will try Walmart. If they don't have what I want there is always the internet. Amazon Prime is one of my other favorite places! I'll try to update again on Thursday. It is great to be out and about. When I have healing issues like this it really knocks me out, so I haven't been out much in the past week.

Hope everyone is healing great!!

drkcmomof5, I pray the funeral went as well as possible and you are getting ready for the big day!


I have been hesitant to post because my tissue under my right breast is protruding so much. I did not want to scare anyone! Thursday part of the anchor stitch line broke, so I ended up having some removable stitches put in to keep the tissue in. It looked and felt like it was going to explode. I am reposting the last picture of my necrotic skin, and then a few pictues taken today. My left breast looks spectacular and almost completely healed. My goal is to get the right to look as good. It is going to take some patience. You can see the stitches put in to keep things together and hopefullt healing.

48 Days and Still Hanging In!

Had another PS appointment today. Some of the skin is ready, but I still have an area of skin that has not settled out, so we can't do a skin graft yet. It is a little discouraging, but not really anything I can do about it. My PS has no idea why my body is reacting like this. I have had wound healing issues in the past, but nothing like this! Good news is no sign of infection. Next Monday we go back again to check progress. Once the last circle of skin flattens out we will be able to do repairs. I have to keep reminding myself that patience is a virtue, just wish I didn't need so much. The skin around is still being pushed further out, so the sooner wecan fix this the better.

Still Healing

Saw my PS again today. The wound is improving, but is not quite ready for a graft. He is on vacation next week, so hopefully in two weeks my wound will be ready. It is flattening out and has a lot more blood flow, but still has a small area that needs to get better.

Just a fun update!

Today is my 56th Birthday. I generally sleep a lot later than my husband, but he managed to go out without waking me and I found this on my bathroom vanity table when I got up! Then my cleaning service came to do my floors, and the owner (who is a good friend) brought me this card! This is so funny because I have two bichon frises, a cat, and a cockatoo. This is my life in a nutshell!

Six Weeks and Fresh Stitches!

When I went to clean my wound last night I found three of my stitches were hanging. Not enough healthy tissue to hold them. Went today and saw my PS, and he restitched the whole area. I now have a pretty well closed wound. Before there were areas on the side that had tunnelling deep into the tissue. Now all that is open is where I need the skin graft. Not feeling too comfortable physically right now, but feeling much better about the wound and much less potential for infection! Friday is my PS surgery day, so he does not normally see patients, but he slipped me in between surgeries, and fixed things up really well! Glad to have such a great doctor.


Two Months

Saw my PS today, and healing is going well. The left is now completely healed and the scars are already starting to fade! We started working on getting insurance authorization for the skin graft today. It will be so wonderful not to have my insides on the outside! Please pray that insurance comes through quickly. I have a busy summer ahead of me!

Skin Graft Scheduled

My skin graft finally got sceduled for next Friday, March 27th. That is a load off of my mind. Pray for safety and success. Thanks!

Bras, Bras, Bras!!!

Got a little self indulgent and ordered a bunch of new bras. I had bought a few on sale before my surgery that were 38D and left the tags on. I now have clearance to wear a regular wireless bra. The 38d's are just perfect! I love a drawer full of sexy lingerie. I wonder if anyone needs a bunch of really nice 38B bras that I can no longer use?

Less than three days

I am more than a little nervous, but got a call from the anesthesiologist today that helped some. About five years ago My neck was severely injured by an anesthesiologist, and because of that I am on permanent SS disability. I have two anesthesiologists I work with regularly and trust, but neither was available. I talked with the "new guy" (to me, anyway) and talked about what had happenned five years ago, and what he would do to make sure I was OK. He is a partner of my trusted anesthesiologists, so he has records of exactly how things were done before. We talked about techniques, medications, etc. I am still nervous, but not in a total panic like I was before. It will be a long couple of days!


All Incan say is owwwwwwww! The skin graft is really painful. Intook some pain meds and they are helpomg some, bumnot enough. Starting to get sleepy.that is good. Followup on Monday. Going to try and sleep now.

The Skin Graft

As big as the area that was open I ended up with a fairly small skin graft. My PS was able to bring a lot of the skin together, and so far everything is doing well. The skin graft itself has a bolster on it with an occlusive dressing, which is to push it down to the blood supply underneath. That is supposed to come off next Monday. The donor skin came from my TT scar line. It actually sraightened the line a little from surgery I had after my TT. The scars from my colon surgery are still really bright. They were just excised and restitched in December! So this summer it will be one piece swimsuits yet to protect those from sun exposure. Anyway I have a long story, waaay too many surgeries. Both areas are still tender and sometimes have a strong burning sensation. Of course I am really exhausted and still taking some pain medication. I am praying that the skin graft will be successful. Since he was able to make it so much smaller than I expected I am sure that increases the likelihood of success. With the new swelling my breasts are a little uneven now, but that should not last long. Hopefully I am finally at the end of all this!!

3 Weeks since Skin Graft

I have not been on much the past week because my husband gave me a really nasty virus- chest congestion, vicious cough, major sore throat, and now head congestion and sneezing. Went to the doctor and she thinks I have bronchitis. She put me on "Z-Pack". They usually work pretty fast!

My skin graft was successful, but I have some areas on the top, and one corner that are a little rough. My PS decided to leave my stitches in another week because of my slow healing. I do not know whether I will be able to swim in Cancun. It is less than three weeks off.


Even though it feels like forever there is definate progress. I just wish it was faster!

All the stitches are out!

Saw my PS today and had my stitches removed. He said that I can swim in Cancun as long as I cover my skin graft with tegaderm. I am getting excited for my trip. Each day I see small improvements with the graft. Skin is slowly filling in around the top of the graft. It is so great to be rid of the stitches. Patience will eventually pay off! If you look carefully you can see that the reddish area at the top is getting smaller. There is new skin filling from the outside edges, too.

Lasr appointment before traveling!

Ready for Cancun and lots of sun! Today I had to get three new stitches in the donor site on my hip. Had another reaction to dissolvable stitches. The nurse pulled out a piece over an inch long last week, but unfortunately as much tension as there is in that area the scar started opening up a little more. Fixed now!!! Only took three stitches, and since it is numb I did not even need lodocaine. I can remove the stitches myself in about three weeks. The one thing I did find is that standing straight or reaching with my right arm hurts, because it pulls so much. That is probably why it was openning up again! The graft on my breast is progressing slowly but surely. It will feel so great to get away from home for a bit. I have felt rather housebound.

Last weekend some gals from church came and helped me with spring cleanup in my yard. So glad to have that done before I am gone for three months! Just thankful to be blessed with such wonderful sisters in Christ!!!

Getting Much Better

I saw my PS yesterday, and things are going well. My graft site is getting very close to being healed, and the donation site is completely healed, although the skin is still a bit fragile. It has taken a while, but I have come a long way. I am going back to Oklahoma for July and a little of August to take care of my granddaughter some more. Just cannot get enough of that little cutie! She will be two on July 6th. I will see my PS again in the middle of August. Hopefully I will be completely healed, and we will decide if anything else needs to be done. Glad to be feeling better!

Healing More Quickly

The wound has improved immensely in the past two weeks. Hopefully it will soon be gone!

Six Months

The wound by the skin graft on my right breast is almost gone. It is now just on the surface, and very small. My next PS appointment is August 17th. Hopefully he will have some good ideas for reducing the scarring on the right breast from the skin graft. The scars on my left breast have faded significantly. From a frontal view the scars are hard to see, but there is a flat spot where the skin graft is. I would like to see more fullness there. We will see what can be done next month.


Finally released by my PS!

Things are pretty much healed up, altough some of the new skin is still very fragile. Excited to get on with my life! Working on my arthritis, and need some pain management, but I am really doing well. I no longer need to see my PS. He's really a great guy though, and I think I will mis him!!!

Uncooperative Picture!

The first picture is in the above post, but being a little flaky. I added some previous pictures for comparison.

Finally decided it is worth it!

With finally being healed up I think I made the right decision. My clothes look so much better on me. My breasts look at least five years younger, if not ten years. I feel so much more confident in my clothing. A few tops ended up being too small, but the mpajority of my clothing fits better than ever! I probably will not post as often, but probably at nine months, and then at least annually. Time to move on. I pray that my story can help other women persevere through rough times. Here are more pictures, including a few new tops. God bless you all, and happy healing!

Not sure if it was worth it or not!

After two years I had to have some painful scar tissue removed. My husband is afraid to touch me, and our love life has gone down the tubes! I am not sure it is because of the surgery, or because I have so many other health issues. I am permanently disabled because of a neck injury perpetrated by an anesthesiologist who essentially broke my neck. I feel totally useless and have self esteem and depression issues, along with almost constant pain.

Sorry I have not kept in touch for so long!

I just looked at the dates on my post and realized I hadn't posted for a year and a half! I had wanted to post at least annually. I have had a lot of ups and downs since August 2015!

We had another granddaughter in February 2016. Being "Grammy" is the best thing in the world.

I ended up having to get shoulder surgery, because I tore my right bicep tendon off of my shoulder. It was probably one of the easiest surgeries I have had, except for the fact that it was my dominant arm/hand. It is challenging to learn how to eat and do simple things with the other hand. Fortunately it was a laparoscopic surgery,, and was only one handed for a couple of weeks.

We went on a two week trip this summer to Alaska in July. With my disabilities it was tiring, but it was awesome. So much beauty and pristine wilderness! I would definitely recommend it!

I have had problems with falls this past year, but fortunately my hard head didn't suffer any permanent damage. It turned out to be vertigo caused by my middle ear. Extremely easy fix. Unfortunately I have had a lot of pain issues, and had to have a lumbar (lower back) surgery, and am working on being able to walk better.

We went to Disney with the granddaughters, and celebrated the little one's first birthday. Time sure does go fast. It seems to go faster every year!

My current challenge is headaches, and the fact that my husband's company changed to an insurance comoany that many of my most important doctors are not in. Trying to find new doctors, and the wait to get in as a new patient is definitely difficult. Pray for patience and pain relief!

Our big news is that we are in the process of getting land and planning to build a retirement home in Florida. Lots of work, and probably about a year till we move out of the arthritus killing cold weather.

I pray that you are all doing well, and hapoy with you surgeries! Have a happy and healthy 2017!

After Picture

Dr. Thomas Korkos

I really adore my plastic surgeon. He also fixed my last set of incisions from laparoscopic surgery that that would not heal. He is enthusiastic, personable, and is rated as the best in my area. In addition to my BL/BA He is also going to do some small alterations to my abdominoplasty (done by his partner in 2011, with a revision to excise and integrate a non-healing lower abdominal scar from bladder surgery, and to better integrate a couple of my scars and pad a couple of depressed areas of skin. Even though I have had some complications he has carefully cared for me all the way through. I have a history of healing issues, and the complications seem to be related to my immune system. When I have had issues he has made time for me on the day I called. His nurse Melissa is excellent, along with Cory and Ali. (Melissa also does an excellent facial!) They have all treated me with great respect and compassion. I could not ask for a better team! On Friday, March 27th he did a skin graft, which was covered by insurance. Other than intrasite gel, I have had absolutely no additional costs! It has been a long road, but things are pretty much healed up, and the scars are already beginning to fade. I no longer need to see him, and I think I will really miss him, his enthusiasm, and caring. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Even if you have to travel, his care and artistry are worth the effort. He is outstanding, and will stick with you throughout. Thanks Tommy! Love you lots!

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