30 year old mother of 3. Getting my confidence back!

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So I have been waiting to have my breasts done for...

So I have been waiting to have my breasts done for years. But I have finally gotten to where I'm ready this year. My husband is on board and I'm ready to go. After nursing 3 children my breasts are deflated and are uneven. I went from being a c cup while nursing to below an a cup. And it's very depressing. It affects so much of my life. I'm so happy to be doing something about it.

Scheduling surgery tomorrow

I'm so excited about getting my surgery scheduled tomorrow. I can't wait to get the process going. Some wish pics below

So I Scheduled My Surgery

I'm so excited for May 31st. I'm so nervous. I've wanted this for so long. And no it's around a month away. I'm sure I'm just getting myself worked up. lol.

Boob Greed?

I constantly get into fights with my husband because he doesn't want my boobs to be too big. I'm a double a cup now. But I was a full c before I stopped nursing my last child. I don't want big double dds. But I do not want small breasts. It's frustrating talking to him. He literally gets so upset. I want to be a larger c cup. I have given up on trying to talk to him. So frustrating

Really Happy

I am so happy to be doing something for me. I am a mother of 4. A wife. A daycare provider and a first responder. I am so happy to finally be doing something for me. Something I've always wanted. I am always taking care of other people. And I like to do that. But especially lately being taken for granted has been frustrating. I am. Or second guessing my choice for a BA. I am so excited to been happy with how I look again.

Too much research?

Is there a thing such as too much research? I keep looking at these sites. And reading stuff. And I start to get confused about the breast size I want. Or I get nervous. Is this just me?

Less than a Month away

So my surgery is less than a month away. And I'm so happy but so nervous too. I have wanted this for so long. And now that it's getting close I'm beyond happy. Finally I can look the way I feel. And look in the mirror and not look away from my breasts.

Post op appointment

So I had my post op appointment yesterday. It went great. It's a little bit of a drive so that makes the process long. My appointment lasted less than 45 minutes. We went over what I need to do the night before surgery. It helps that my surgery is 7:30am. So the whole not eating or drinking won't be that hard. I'm going to need a lift on one side for sure also so that's going to make it a bit longer. Went over that I could possibly scar more because of that. But it's ok. I'm not going to be in porn videos. Lol. I just want boobs that are close to the same size and shape. We confirmed size I am giving her space to put in what looks best. Between 325cc and 375cc. I sent her pics of how I would like to look. Dr. Parkins is so easy to talk to and explains things so well. She asked if I wanted to try one sizers again. And I said no. I don't want to confuse myself lol. I'm barely an a cup now. I'm not going to obsess about it. I don't want to get in that mind frame of wanting the "perfect" breasts. Because I will never have that. So I'm looking forward to my surgery. Less that 2 weeks away.

I'm 1 week away.

So my surgery is a week away. I'm so nervous and excited! I actually look in the mirror at my breasts today and thought I will soon be able to do this without feeling disgusted. Time has gone by so quickly. I'm excited for swimming season for the first time ever. I'm going to go to the store soon to get items for next week. It just seems unreal.

3 Days away.

So I'm 3 days away from my surgery! I'm so excited! I feel like I am so unprepared but I don't know how to get more prepared. Lol. I think because I won't be able to do things for a week bothers me the most. 4 kids makes things go downhill fast at home. But I will let it go. Everything will make it. Lol. I spoke to someone I knew today that told me she's had a BA. I never knew it. And it made me feel so much better. Hopefully the next few days go by smoothly. Haha


So I was watching a video of a breast augmentations. And a woman was having a revision and a lift. She had some scars. My husband saw it and was disgusted. His ex wife had them from a reduction. He said see if they look like that I'm done. I'm so hurt right now. I'm so uneven I need a lift. I can't get around it. :(

Arnkia Forte

So I asked my surgeon about this supplement along with another. And she suggested this one. So I will start taking tomorrow. Hopefully it will speed along my recovery.

2 days until surgery!

I can't wait to have breasts without a bra! Laying down I literally look like a boy. It got so bad I would wear a bra to bed. And my husband hates that. Lol. 2 days until surgery. I'm ready and so excited! Still nervous but ready!

1 day before surgery

So I'm beyond excited and nervous. Trying to get my house prepared as possible. Getting as much laundry done as I can. 6 people make constant dirty clothes. Dropping the kids off at the in laws later this evening. We need to leave out of the house at 4am. To be there at 6am to get ready for surgery at 7:30am. It's going to be a really long day.

Getting ready for surgery

So I've been up since 2:15am. It's 6:18am now. After a 2 hour drive. So nervous. Lol. Surgery scheduled for 7:30am

Back home

So I'm back home. Just took my pain pill and antibiotics. I'm in a lot of pain. I didn't expect it to be so much. Not more than I can handle. Just very uncomfortable. I need to take deep breaths but it's hard. Lol. So my surgery was at 7:30ish. They wheel me into the operating room and the next thing I know I'm in recovery at 2pm. Lol. I had been there for 30 mins. I'm very glad she didn't need to make at many cuts as she thought. I need a lift also. It's cool that Dr. Parkins husband and was the anesthesiologist. My ER nurse told me she's been doing this for 40 years. They all put me at ease. I was so nervous lol. I'm so glad to be home in my bed. That anesthesia is something else. I was so groggy and wobbly. And I have an anti nausea patch on. I've almost thrown up 3 times. So we left out around 3:45 to get home. My breasts are under bandages so I haven't seen them yet. I go back for my post op appointment on Thursday. My husband has been amazing. He's going to go pick the kids up now. Oh yeah my throat is so sore from the tube and the side of my mouth is irritated. Dry mouth is bad graham crackers have help. Saltines make my mouth even dryer right now. But I'm so glad it's done. And I can't wait to get through the next feel days :)

First day post op

My ice packs from peas work great. Ice really makes a difference. And definitely the pain medication. I'm trying to stay on top of it. I woke up at 5am with some discomfort. So took it then. Still taking the Amkia Forte. Hoping that helps with my recovery. I've heard people say the first two days are the hardest. I'm hoping that's true. Lol

So I don't remember if I said but I got 375cc's. I was surprised that she went that big. She said she was going to do anywhere from 325cc-375cc. She said my breasts were so deflated. And since I had large breasts when I was nursing my children that's probably why. Well going to get up and do some walking. Hope everyone else's surgery goes smooth as mine did.

Pain is getting better

The pain is definitely getting better. I start the ibuprofen today instead of the Percocet. Now I basically need to remember not to use my arms for a lot of stuff. Last night I was getting in bed and hurt myself on my right side. Pulled something it felt like. My surgeon doesn't want me to lift my arms above my head for 2 weeks. It sounds easy until you realize how much stuff you do with that motion. I definitely feel better than I did on Wednesday. Lol

First shower

So I took my first shower today. And at first when I took my bra off it felt so weird. Just the weight of my breasts. But it was ok. The shower felt amazing. My husband has been helping me a lot. After pulling a muscle the other day I've been trying to be very careful. I looked at a before pic of my breasts and it was horrible. I knew they were bad but wow. I told my husband to be honest with me. And he said he loves me either way but they did look bad. Which was kind of a relief because I thought maybe I was overreacting to how they looked. Anyway haven't taken the Percocet in 24 hours just ibuprofen and I've been comfortable. Hope you ladies are healing well also.

A little over a week since surgery

So I'm doing good. Everyday the discomfort is less and less. I keep forgetting I can't lift anything over 5lbs. And that I can't raise my arms above my head. I have a wedding to go to Saturday so I will have to wash my hair. That's going to be interesting. My right breast is tighter than my left. And it's dropping slower. Probably because my left breast was larger before surgery. I keep reminding myself that each breast will heal in its own time. I'm only taking ibuprofen now 800mg about twice a day. My nipple are so sensitive holy buckets. I will be glad when that gets better. Because it gets really uncomfortable. Even when clothing touches them. My breasts look huge. Lol. I never tried on the sizers for 375ccs. So I just hope these girls fit into a c cup bra. Which might not happen. I love them just will be glad when the healing process is done.

Bra shopping

So I couldn't resist. I went to Victoria Secret's semi annual sale yesterday. And I got 4 bras. I'm a 32 D. Even if my breast go down a bit more I believe this is my bra size. These girls were not going to fit in a c cup. It was amazing actually trying on bras and liking how I looked. I told the sales lady I need bras that aren't push up. Which I never thought I would say that. Lol

I'm feeling a lot better. My nipples are still really sensitive. But my breasts are getting softer. Big difference from a week ago.
Milwaukee Plastic Surgeon

I just have had a consultation with her yesterday. I'm so happy I did. She's great. She listens to your questions and concerns. And makes you feel very comfortable. Even though I have to drive over a hour to see her. It's worth it.

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