46 and Finally Setting off on the Road to Straight Teeth! - Rochdale, GB

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I am having my moulds done on Wednesday so...

I am having my moulds done on Wednesday so hopefully will be wearing my first set of aligners in a couple of weeks, I HATE my teeth so much, over the years they have fallen inwards and they are very crooked and cramped, I am a confident person but the way they look makes me so self concious and embarrassed, can't wait to get going with my treatment! Hoping to provide and find support along the journey with others going through it!

Impressions done!

I had my impressions done yesterday, it wasn't a pleasant experience (felt like my teeth were coming out when the dentist pulled them out!) but I am so excited for my treatment to be underway! It will take 7-10 days for my clin check to come back and I am super excited to see how my teeth could look!

Clin Check today!!!!

I have just had news my Clin Check is in, going down in an hour to view it - sooooooo excited!!! will post update later!

All systems GO!!!

Well, I had my Clin Check and I am so pleased with my predicted results, I have a long way to go, it will take 2 years for my bottom teeth (gulp!) but only just over six months for the top so I am happy! I have 35 sets of aligners for the top and 58 for the bottom, my teeth are very crowded though and also I have a very deep bite so I am not really surprised, booked in to see the hygienist next Thursday and the Practice Manager said my aligners should be here for that so not long to wait!!! I will have quite a lot of attachments too, kicking in on the third set, but again, I expected that, I will post some pics I took of the clin check later once I have uploaded them from my phone :) Super excited!!!!

Last weekend!

I have been told my aligners will be here this week so I have adequate the most of my 'last weekend of freedom' by eating and drinking tons!! I am weighing myself tomorrow, hoping that aligners will mean I lose weight as ideally I want to drop about 20 pounds - will keep you posted!


Yesterday I saw the hygienist and had my teeth cleaned to within an inch of their lives, they feel lovely (if crooked) now! I was hoping they aligners would have arrived but they were still en route with UPS so I was a bit disappointed but an hour after I left the manager rang to say they have come in so this morning at 11 I am going in to have them fitted, I am SOOOOOO excited I can't wait!!! going to try again to post a pic of my clin check, the images were too large so I needed to shrink them, will post an update when I get back later :)

Clin Check photos!

They are in!

Ok, I have my first set of aligners in! I had a practice taking them in and out and I did it no problem, I only have the one set as she is going to put my attachments on before the next set so I have an appointment in 2 weeks time. So far they feel ok, the only rough bits are behind my front teeth, both top and bottom, they aren't uncomfortable but I feel my tongue may catch on them and get sore so I think when I take them out at dinner time I might file them slightly, I called at the chemists prior to my appt and bought enough dental supplies to last me a good while, breath spray, interdental brushes, dental tape and a battery powered brush, also got some dental wax and some numbing gel just in case I need them! I feel quite self concious about them and my speech sounds funny, have a bit of a lisp!

Day 2 report

I woke up this morning after a really good night's sleep, I did wake a couple of times and kind of re-adjust my jaw and have a drink of water but nothing major, my teeth actually felt quite comfortable when I first woke up, like I had got used to my aligners in the night! I took them out and had breakfast -which I really enjoyed, especially a big cup of tea (been really missing tea!) and then when I put them back in they felt really tight again, still feeling like I am a horse with a bit between its teeth, it feels so strange and I don't like the way my jaw seems to have to move a bit more one way than usual! I am not finding them painful at all really, i have a little sore bit at the front of my mouth and my tongue feels a little bit tender today but I have been talking more than yesterday. I have so far taken 4 paracetamol today so not as bad as I expected, I mainly took them to take the edge off the tight feeling. Overall my first day and a half haven't been too bad but I feel very tired and a bit cranky and like I just want to go to bed (and it's only 8.15) I am struggling with not having hot drinks and this evening I could murder a couple of glasses of wine but here I am sipping my water!!!

Day 3 (morning)

Had a fairly good nights sleep last night, waking a couple of times for water but nothing major, this morning when I have taken my aligners out a couple of my teeth feel really tender and when I chew my jaw aches, having pate and toast for breakfast but thinking maybe a softer option would be better tomorrow! It is such a relief when I take them out at the moment, really trying to focus on my end goal and not think of the hundreds more days I have to go!!!


Fed up today, my lisp seems to have come back with a vengeance and I am so concious of it when I am speaking to anyone, also just don't seem to be getting used to the feel of my aligners, still uncomfortable and to cap it all one of my temporary fillings came out yesterday so I need to have that fixed when I go next week for my attachments, really having serious regrets about starting invisalign and not a happy bunny at all :(

Day 10 of first trays

Ok, I am now on day 10 of my first trays and I have to say I am feeling a lot better about them, my speech has improved although I do have the odd lisping session and they are definitely feeling more comfortable and not as 'alien' in my mouth. Still having problems with a very dry mouth despite constantly sipping water and I find that really annoying, I have had really dry lips the last few days too so have invested in some Blistex cream which is really helping - I tried loads of different lipsalves and even just some coconut oil but to no avail! I have lost 4 pounds this week which I am really happy about, think just from not being able to snack or drink wine on an evening! Other plus point is my teeth are so much whiter, lack of caffeine and the contstant brushing is to credit for that and I love it! I have been out for lunch a couple of times this week and taken my aligners out in the toilets then brushed my teeth afterwards, my friend was with me one of the times and she didn't seem to mind at all although it did feel strange whipping out my toothbrush in public LOL! Getting my attachments on Friday and really not looking forward to that AT ALL - expecting the worst after all the reviews i have read! I have been messaging an old friend on FB who had full braces for 2 years and has the most perfect teeth ever over the weekend and she has spurred me on though - no pain - no gain!!

Attachments tomorrow - dreading it!

11 am tomorrow is my attachments appointment, really not looking forward to it at all!! will post an update tomorrow afterwards!

Attachments are in!!

I had my attachments fitted this morning and it was nowhere near as bad as I feared, the worst part was the guard she put in my mouth to hold my lips away from my teeth! It took about half an hour in total and I have 9 on the top and 6 on the bottom it didn 't hurt at all!! Now for the minus points !!! My invisible braces are now completely visible!!! the ones on my front teeth are huge and there are just so many of them I feel slightly ridiculous! they sit in a 'bubble' in the aligners and they are just very noticeable, no way will I get away with people not seeing them now, in a funny kind of way I am glad though, at least now I look like I am wearing a brace and not just that I have shiny bubbly teeth!!! Got home and took them out to have lunch and chewing is really not a good plan at all - glad I had my steak for dinner yesterday as I doubt I will be having another any time soon! the attachments feel really gritty and one of mine is in such a position that I feel like I just can't chew, had some savoury rice and felt like I just had to swallow it without chewing!! planned Fish pie for dinner today so hopefully that should be ok, think I am going to be living on soup (good job I love it and happily make my own!) The other problem is things getting stuck on them, they are quite rough and are a magnet for everything, not sure I will be happy to eat out anymore (or if I do I will have to take a small mirror and keep checking!) Getting the aligners out was easier than I thought it would be, only took me a couple of seconds longer than normal and putting them in was the same, I have some chewies now and you can really feel them getting into place when you bite down so that is good! I don't have any discomfort now, they felt vice like on my front teeth for the first hour but now just fine! I will post a pic later...

Photo with attachments and some other useful pics!

I am being brave and showing a pic of me with my attachments, I am very unphotogenic so please don't laugh !!! I have also included photos of some lip saving cream, additive free mouthwash and breath spray and a great idea to 'spice up' the soooooo boring water my hubby thought up - herb water!! no sugar or acid just a touch of flavour!!

Day 3 of 2nd set

I am still struggling with chewing, it just feels so weird with the attachments on but I am getting used to it and just managed to eat kippers, scrambled eggs and toast for brekky! I find just chewing slowly and concentrating works! Loving my mint water, will try lavender later, beats plain old boring water hands down! think I will have to invest in an extra infuser bottle so I can have one in the fridge and one I am using. Still finding my mouth is very dry and my hubby says I have developed a habit of licking my front teeth!! (must try and stop doing it!) I asked the dentist about it and she said it was unusual as most people make more saliva and I should just sip water constantly (problem with that is I always need the loo!!)

First meal out with attachments!

Today I had lunch out for the first time since getting my attachments, we went to a Carvery pub and we sat in a corner away from the madding crowd! (to be honest we do that anyway wherever possible as we hate crowded spaces) I had taken a mirror with me just in case but I find that although I feel as though I have food stuck all over my teeth I actually don't! The meal was fine, I was fine, nothing got stuck and I didn't feel at all self concious - success!! I think I would have been a bit worse had we been sitting close to other people but I feel confident now that I can actually do it! Still struggling with dry mouth and lips, think I am going to investigate mouthwashes and see if there is anything that might help...

Tray change day!

Tonight I am going to change to Tray 3, since all the recommendations are to do it at night I am making every other Thursday my change over night, planning to take a couple of paracetamol prior then go straight to bed - wish me luck!

I LOVE dental wax!!!

I changed to tray 3 on Thursday as planned but hit a massive snag = literally!! the front of my lower set doesn't feel to fit as well as it should, one tooth has a shorter cover than before and it was really catching on the inside of my bottom lip - ouch! I put up with it all day as I was out at a country park with my son and some friends but the minute I got home I whipped out the dental wax I had bought prior to starting my treatment and put a bit on - BLISS! problem solved - so relieved!! other than that no problems to report, they felt tight when I first put them in but no pain and not had any pressure either. What I don't like about this set is I seem to have even more bubbles in the bottom than the last set - ugh!!

Fed up :(

I am feeling really fed up, I almost wish I hadn't started this treatment although I do still really want straight teeth! Finding it so difficult in every respect, speaking with my aligners in annoys the living daylights out of me, I HATE that I have a lisp a lot (always had a thing about speech impediments!) and feel so self concious about the way my front teeth look. also still struggling with a dry mouth most of the time and they dig into my gums at the back of my mouth sometimes, also the front is still uncomfortable on this set and I am having to resort to dental wax most days. When I don't have them in (and when brushing my teeth) they make me cringe - like fingers down a blackboard type feeling and eating almost anything is uncomfortable, my teeth just don't go together to chew properly and there are so many things I find it impossible to chew like salad leaves, meat, bread, crisps - the list is endless really, the only things I find I can eat easily are soup and rice! Naffed off to the extreme :(

A tiny glimmer of hope...

Ok so after my rant yesterday I realise I forgot to mention the little happy moment I had a few days back - when using my flosser I realised that I can now floss between my top front and the left one next to it - and I couldn't before!!! so I guess that means either one of them has moved slightly - YAAY!! (might even be worth all this in the end LOL) Right I am going back to feeling sorry for myself now!

Onward and upward!

Not posted in a while just been really busy with life in general! I am on tray 5 now, actually have moved on a week in advance as I managed to somehow split my top tray of set 4 after 6 days of wear, it didn't seem to fit right from the start so I think it was a faulty one, anyway my dentist said to just go on to set 5 so I was really happy! I am still struggling with dry mouth and with lisping and days when I have to talk a lot are difficult and I end up with a sore tongue, I prefer to just be on my own so I don't have to bother speaking!! Feeling fed up still and really wishing I hadn't gone down this route but know I will have to carry on...


I am a week into my 6th set of trays and can definitely see some changes, small though they may be I am really happy to be seeing some progress, I can floss between more teeth than I ever could before and my top right tooth has moved down slightly whilst my bottom left has moved fractionally meaning I can brush part of it I couldn't get to before where it overlapped the one next to it!!! I am stiil finding wearing the aligners hard going, dry mouth not improved nor has my lisp but I am learning to live with both!!!
Off for a check up and to get some new sets on the 20th so will report back then!

Check up today

I went for my first check up today, went really well she said the tray I am wearing are fitting well (tray 6 and due to change tomorrow) and I am on track with my treatment so I am really pleased! Got another appointment in 10 weeks and she has given me 5 more sets. I had a temporary filling put in where I had lost one whilst flossing last week but she said it might not last long so may have to keep having it replaced, I will need a crown or even an implant once my treatment is done as there isnt much left of the actual tooth! I asked about Acceledent and both she and the practice manager said they do not recommend it and wouldn't provide it as they feel it is harmful to the bone and to the roots of your teeth so I am going to have to just grin and bear the time I have been given! I had another view of my clin check and found out I will be able to have my top attachments taken off at week 35 (when my top teeth are done) and just wear a retainer whilst continuing treatment on my bottom set so I am super pleased! also found out I don't have IPR till set 47 and then again at 51 so a while to wait for that joyous treatment LOL. All in all I was happy with the check up - onward and upward!!!

Tray 12 of 58!!

Well, I have been MIA for a while but I am still plodding on with my treatment, currently wearing set 12, really not enjoying it at all, still struggling with my lisp all the time but I have to say the dry mouth has rectified itself and chewing with the attachments hardly bothers me at all, just occasionally if I eat the minute I take my trays out or at the very beginning of a set when my teeth feel sensitive and achy. I haven't noticed much improvement really although I do have some small spaces between a couple of my teeth that weren't there before and I can floss more than I used to so they my teeth are definitely moving! I have just had a check up and all is well, I am on track and I now have trays 12 to 16 with my next appointment being the 14th December (yikes can't believe how fast this year has gone!) I checked tracy 16 against tray 1 (as I am sure everyone does LOL) and i can actually see a vast improvement, especially with the tooth that bothers me the most - the one which was almost blocked out at the top so I am really happy! Still a very long road ahead but at least there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel!
Dr Pamela Coates

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