I'm a 52 Year Old Getting a TT with Lipo on Flanks - Waterloo, ON

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I'm so glad I found this website, it has given me...

I'm so glad I found this website, it has given me so much needed information and has helped me truly understand how recovery should go.

I'm 52 years old. I'm 5'4" and weigh 155lbs. Have 5 kids, ages range from 32, 28, 27 and twins that are 24. Fantastic support from my family who understand my frustration with this tummy of mine that needs to go. I have wanted to get a TT for the last 5 years but the cost was always in the way. This year my hubby sold his motorcycle and gave me the funds so I could book the surgery.

I eat well, work out 5-6 times a week, tummy doesn't want to leave me lol. All the weight I gained from pregnancies was lost. The twins did a number on my stomach, even though I only gained 28 lbs when carrying them.

I like my surgeon and clinic where I will be having TT. Clinic is only 35 minutes away from home. It will be easy getting to and from follow up appointments.

28 days until I hit the flat side

Cannot believe surgery is in 28 days. Nervous and excited at the same time. I know the first week will be the hardest. I know the drains are going to be frustrating, hope they are not in for long.

Ps office contacted me yesterday and told me that she is only giving me a prescription for T3's. I will be coming home with a pain pump

Made the final payment today, 16 more days till surgery

Feel like crap today, have had a cold for the last week. The week before recovering from a trip from Punta Cana, we all got sick from the trip. So I have been housebound for the last 2 weeks. Hoped to get a lot of gym time in, didn't happen. Hope that all sickness is out of me and I can concentrate on this upcoming surgery. Made the final payment today and now the countdown begins. 16 more day until I hit the flat side

2 weeks today:)

Feeling great about my decision, just counting down the days. My husband asked me last night if I still wanted to do this and I said yes. He said, I will stand behind you 100% and I hope you gain 100% of self confidence back because you deserve it.

Surgery day:)

On my way, see you later today on the flat side. I cannot believe this day has finally arrived

I made it. I'm on the flat side

I'm home. Feel good so far, will post later

Drains question

I emptied my drains. Left side was at 10 and the other one was at 25. I have had little drainage since then. I have tried to strip the drain in case of a clog but I still seem to not have a lot of fluid draining. Any advice????

Day 1 PO

Talked with surgeon last night. She said she went aggressive on lipo, might hurt tomorrow but she was very happy with the outcome. Once the swelling goes down, I should be very happy. Was comfortable last night, not much pain. Slept on and off most of the night. I am able to move around slowly, not in a lot of pain, getting up and off the couch not as bad as I feared. I think that the pain pump I came home with and will have for 48 hours has saved me. So far so good, have first post op tomorrow.

2 day PO

Good visit, pain pump gone and also one drain was taken out. Thank goodness, I hate these drains. Because of the holiday, last drain should come out on Monday:) got one pic, not the greatest because my husband can't take a good pic. Will take more in the next couple of days

4 day PO

Sorry pics will come later. Feel pretty good, went off pain meds last night, only using Aleve when I need it for pain. Best sleep last night finally. Had a BM this morning, thank goodness and I finally had enough nerve to have a shower. Didn't have a chair to sit on so I asked my husband to bring in the cooler into the shower and I sat down on that. I had a very long shower and feel amazing. Putting the binder back on was dreadful

5 days PO

Slept great last night. Took some pics Allen today. Did not take off my binder because hubby is not here to help put it back on. Look like a linebacker but slowly the swelling and bruising is going down

6 day PO - office visit

Thank goodness, 2nd drain came out today. I feel so much better. I hope this lets me heal faster.

So far everything looks good and just need patience for healing to continue and improve

2 week PO

All went well, was told that I'm healing well and to just wait for the healing process to continue and the swelling to go down. I was given scar treatment cream and procedure. Next apt. Is in 3 months.

I can sleep in our bed, also can sleep on my side if I want. Started walking an hour a day since the weekend.

Happy healing everyone

3 week PO

Feel pretty good, healing is coming along. Still swollen and hips look huge still but are slowly coming down.

I still wear my CG all the time, even when sleeping. I just feel more comfortable with it on.

Still walking 1 hour a day, which tires me out for the rest of the day.

I have started scar treatment procedure and seems to be going well so far. Happy healing everyone

4 week PO

I cannot believe it has been 4 weeks since surgery. It has been one of the best decisions I have made. Love my new tummy. Feel the self confidence coming back.

This past week was a struggle and felt down. I had to find something to wear for a party and I'm going to Vegas with hubby. I started trying on clothes. Pants would go on but either I couldn't do them up or if I did felt very tight and couldn't wait to get them off. Was having a meltdown and then my twin daughters came over and took over the situation. They brought over some of their tops that fit and they bought me a pair of black pants that had no zipper and they were so comfortable, just had to pull them up. My daughters also told me, mom you have not bought yourself new clothes in a long time and you always wear yoga pants,, so if you wear real pants they will feel a lot tighter. So when all of this swelling goes down, girls shopping trip for sure.

Scar is healing well, lipo areas have been bothering me for the first time this weekend, they feel sore and sensitive. Tummy feels numb and hard at times. Just trying to be patient and trying to remember that it is only has been 4 weeks and need to relax and heal. Happy healing everyone

2 months PO

It has been a crazy recovery from my last update at 4 weeks. I have gone on 2 vacations, so I have not been in my normal routine. Both vacations were great and I did get to see my grandson for 5 amazing days.

At 6 weeks I started back at the gym. I swim 50 lengths and go to gentle yoga classes at least 5-6 days a week. Just started to train myself back onto the treadmill and running.

I do not wear a compression garment any longer. I stopped at 6 weeks because I felt it was doing nothing. It was tight around my rib cage but didn't feel snug around my tummy. I now wear high waisted firm control undies from Walmart.

I feel great, energy is back. I'm flat in the morning but in the evening will swell more on my flanks than tummy. My flanks have been itchy for the last few days and more sensitive. I'm hoping this means they are healing and the swelling will go down more. Scar is looking good, nice thin line. I will only be using bio oil from now on I think.

Tummy is either rock hard, soft feeling but still numb from the belly button down. I don't see my PS until my 3 month check up.

Happy healing everyone.

3 months PO

I cannot believe that is has been 3 months PO since my hubby drove me in a snow storm for my TT. It has been a slow recovery at times. I know at times I was like....I spent 10 grand on this. I feel great. I'm back to working out 6 days a week. I can run 5 k, swim, yoga, hard intense work outs, nothing stops me. I will always swell afterwards, not much and is getting better but still I need to rest afterwards. My little helper is my high waisted firm control panties from Walmart. I wear them working out and everyday. They are my little security blanket right now. My flanks are slowly going down as well. I know when I will see a change in appearance when I feel them get hot, itchy and uncomfortable feeling. The only part that still is very sensitive is just above my belly button and lower stomach. It is very tight, tender, and swollen. When I touch or push my tummy in, it just feels weird. My clothes either are too big or just fit so much better. I still won't wear my jeans, they look great on but bother me at the waist and can't wait to get them off, this could be because I have not worm them in years as my back up was always yoga pants. I will wait longer to see how my tummy feels before buying any new pants. I see my surgeon next Tueday for 3 month follow up, I would like to know what she thinks and I forgot....I have lost 10lbs since surgery.

4 month PO visit to surgeon

I had to cancel my 3 month po visit, so had it today at the 4th month. Surgeon was very pleased with progress so far, scar looked good and is coming along. I feel great, healing is going really well. The only thing that has bothered me, especially the last 1.5 weeks was my tummy around my belly button and lower stomach. Today was the first day of relief. Spoke to the surgeon today about this and she said to me. Do you think it is because you have been working out like crazy. she made me look in the mirror and showed me how I was healing and was pleased with the definition that is trying to come back. For some reason, in my lower tummy it is taking its sweet time healing. Also where most of my work was done in tightening of muscles. Lost 11 lbs so far. 350 cc on my right flank was taken out. Left side was 375 cc. She usually only takes out about 200 so I wand thankful for that.

5 month po

It has been 5 months already, wow it seems longer at times lol. The first 4 months my lower tummy was rock hard and I felt like I ate a huge dinner and felt bloated. Never had any relief from this feeling. At the magic 4th month mark this feeling just stopped. During the next 4 weeks my emotions have gone up and down, don't know why really. Just not as upbeat as I have been in awhile. I find my lower tummy sticks out a little, you will see in side pics. I think it is because lower tummy is healing last and is still numb and feels wired when you touch it. Still not 100% healed. Flanks have really started to heal as well, I find when I feel them hot, sensitive, itchy. I will notice the shape changing with a couple of days. One side seems to be slower to heal than the other. I hope they still go down more.. Scar is looking good, healing well. I'm only using bio oil. That is about it, not in the greatest mood so not the greatest pics today. Happy healing and will post next month an update

6 month po

Well I cannot believe it has bee six months. My only regret is that I didn't do this surgery sooner. I know my 5 month post update, I was not in the best mood, lol. At my 5 1/2 month mark, I started to feel like crap. My lower tummy was rock solid and very tender to touch. My flanks just felt weird as well. Also swell hell came back. I was going to call my ps but decided to start wearing my high waisted control panties again. Wow what a difference. I have been wearing the panties 24-7 and it has helped me so much. My lower tummy is still frozen, hard and tender to touch at times. My flanks are tender, sore at times. My ps said that after my surgery I swelled up and it is just taking its sweet time to go down. The feeling in my tummy and flanks are the healing that is still going on and it will take another 6 months for my body to see the final results. I'm away on vacation in BC and I needed to buy some clothes. I have been so nervous to go into a store and try anything on. One of my daughters came with me for support. I tried on a dress and when I came out of the change room my daughter jumped up and said OMG mom you look amazing, first purchase of the day. I went back into the change room and had a meltdown. For the first time in such a long time I didn't have to go up a size so the clothes would fit over tummy????. I'm down 2 pant sizes and 1 size in tops. I have lost 4 inches around waist and 6 inches around hips???? Happy healing everyone and I will post again in a month

7 mo po

Well it has been 7 months, time flies. In the last 4 weeks had a really bad time with swell hell, still seem to go up and down with it but mostly on my flanks, one side is slightly bigger????. So the only thing that seems to help my swelling and flanks is wearing high waisted compression Undies 24-7. I don't mid wearing them, they are very comfortable but I need to buy a size smaller. Next month post I will give an update if this has helped me. I eat clean and work out steady 6 days a week. All in all I feel good, feel more confident wearing any type of clothing. Still get a giggle when I look down and don't see the huge tummy. Tummy is still tender and tight below belly button but it seems to be getting better. Happy healing everyone

8 mo PO

Still cannot believe it has been 8 months since surgery. Health wise, I feel good. Still working out hard. Appetite has not been the greatest in the last month, I don't feel like eating much but I do eat healthy. I have had swell hell for the last 2 weeks, very uncomfortable feeling. Tummy below belly button has been very numb and sensitive within the last month. More so than previous months. I guess healing is still going on. I'm still wearing high waisted compression undies, my only relief is when I'm wearing them. I think it also has helped my flanks, which are slowly going down. Scar is healing well, belly button scar is still red and will take longer to fade.

9 month po

Well it has been 9 months so far, it goes by fast now. Looking forward to the 1 year mark.

Tummy is still sensitive and numb all the time below belly button. I still swell and bloat very easy. I watch what I eat due to IBS. I still wear compression undies 24/7. They do help with the swelling, I also find they help with flank swelling. I left my best pair at home and have been up at the cottage for the last month :( I look forward to getting back home this week to start wearing them again. They are high waisted legging from Old Navy.

Scar is doing well, slowly fading. I usually take longer to heal. Pics are not greatest, will post more pics when I get home.

Work outs are back to normal and am on day 24 of a 28 day ab challenge.

Happy healing everyone.

10 month PO

Well it has been 10 months, which at times shocks me. It has been and up and down journey at times for sure. I would like to see my flanks go down a little more. I wish I was mor pro-active and asked for more lipo on the back of flanks. Oh well, will keep on going and see what happens at my one year apt. Scar is fine, no problems, will take me longer for the scar to lighten up, it always does.

For the most part, feel great, works outs are back to normal. Eating clean and enjoying this wonderful weather we have been having here.

For the last 9/12 months, I still had that bloated, swelling feeling and it just didn't seem to go away. I was sick of this feeling so I made some changes that has helped me tremendously. I started to drink Tiny Tea, it helps with bloating. I usually have 3-4 cups a day. The biggest help has been wearing a waist trainer for aprx. 8 hours a day. I wear it when working out as well. It feels like wearing the compression garment once again, but the bloating and swelling has gone away. I like the feeling of the compression and already have ordered the next size down. Lost a inch off my waist as well.

Happy healing everyone. To all of our Canadian sIsta's, have a wonderful thanksgiving weekend

11 months PO

I'm late posting my 11 month post op. Crazy busy with my kids. I have not been to the gym since mid October. Twin daughters put up their condo for sale and momma was in charge of that. Thank goodness it sold within a week. Our son bought his first home and I have been painting every room since he took possession. Almost done thank goodness. My father in law is very ill and in the hospital, doesn't look good for him. On a happier note, I feel great, love my results. Still a little numb around belly button area. Feels weird still when wearing or putting on jeans. Scar is looking good still dark in some areas but I take longer to heal

1 year update

Well I'm late but I have reached the 1 year mark. A lot has gone on in the last year but so happy with results and wish I did this sooner. I still struggle with going out and having confidence in picking out a new outfit but I'm getting better. My tummy swells more than ever after eating but goes down fast. Tummy is still sensitive and numb in spots. Wish all is good with everyone???????
Waterloo Plastic Surgeon

At consultation with Dr. Stephanie Ma, she was professional, warm and friendly. Answered all of my questions and concerns about procedure. Jenna who's is the patient co-ordinator has been fantastic in helping me get prepared for this surgery

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