33, 2 Kids, 34H, Long Time Neck and Shoulder Issues - Waterloo, IA

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I have suffered from neck, shoulder, and back pain...

I have suffered from neck, shoulder, and back pain for as long as I can remember. This is my last option for relief. I am very nervous but excited at the same time. The nurse called me on September 27, my husbands birthday, and told me insurance approved it right away, but for insurance to pay the surgery had to be completed by December 12. The only opening they had left was November 7. My family is very supportive and excited for me as well. My pre op appt is October 27.

Currently 4 days post

So far everything is going smoothly. The pain has been well controlled when needed. My of the pain or irritation I have is the under side of my breast. So far I have gone from a 34h to a 34d but I am still swollen. I still do not regret the decision I have made. I have felt instant back and neck pain relief. I feel like I could run in a marathon and not get hot in the chin. I feel amazing right now. I follow up with my PS on Tuesday. Can't wait to hear what he has to say.
Please ask me any questions you may have. I can tell you about my experience.

Looking good

I still feel really good. But I feel very raw and irritated under the breast. I am trying to find other ways to get comfort but still follow the instructions of my PS. I wondering if I am not keeping the incisions moist enough with the triple antibiotics ointment. Can't wait till I heal enough where this is not so bothersome.

Getting there

The constant irritation under my breast and the pain under my arms is really getting to me. I feel good but I am exhausted. I still can not feel flat in my bed without hurting, so I have gone back to the lonely recliner. I sleep the best there but really want to be back in my bed. I think I am just over tired is why I am so emotional.

I still do not regret my decision and I love the way they look. My stitches started to fall out yesterday. I saw the doctor two days ago. He said the dark spot in the "t" area is skin that has died from the surgery and could take a little longer to heal. I am just to apply triple antibiotics in that spot everyday. I follow up with in a month.

2 weeks down

Everything has been healing well. Most of my stitches have fallen out. That is a blessing in itself as they were very itchy and irritating. Now I just feel slight pressure or swelling yet. Numbness and tingling around the scars. I still have a lot of healing to do at the T sections. Still have scabs in that area. The one exciting news now is that I can sleep at night without having the ware a bra, and most of the pain under my area is gone now. Best of luck to everyone and happy healing.

Not sure if I said before but they removed 583 grams from the right and 660 grams from the left. Just under 3 lbs total and can really tell the difference. It is amazing what 3 lbs can make.

Been awhile

Sorry I have not posted any updates in a while. All is going well. I had a few stitches that did not want to dissolve so I had a few spots open to force them out. The T's under the breast have really improved in the last week. Still have very few pains and discomfort every now and then. Still very happy with my decision. I have not had back pains since. Just starting to workout again as I feel comfortable with running now and not in pain.
Waterloo Plastic Surgeon

He did reconstructive surgery for my mother after her cancer. He has great communication and understanding. Very easy to share your concerns with him.

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