32yo 5'5 130lbs

Just getting my review started with some before...

Just getting my review started with some before pictures. Will give some more info a little later. Surgery is in less then one month! But I've been considering this for several years and finally decided to do it. Once I realized I was comfortable in my own skin and was doing this for me, not because of what others thought. I want to look more proportioned and full, not like Barbie! Had my second consult and decided with 360cc mod profile and possibly full profile.

Some questions I have..

So for the most part I'm excited and I feel like I live once, I want bigger boobs, let's do this! Then some days I think, is this unecessary? What do most of you think is the average length in years that you can have the implants? I've heard some doctors say they are for lifetime as long as no complications and others say only good for about 10 years?
Other things that have me hung up sometimes is family noticing. I want it to be as natural as possible with a "did she?" appearance hehe but what are some simple comebacks I could use to avoid having to divulge my personal reasons? Thanks ladies!

Feeling good about 360cc

Made my own sizers at home, 360cc, and think this is just what I need. I've showed a couple people and they didn't notice what was different about the pic LOL so I know they'd look natural. Still feels a little huge on me but I'm sure I'd get used to that and I feel it's very proportionate. :)
Told my sister about my plans and she was very supportive. Feeling good about this! It's not feeling like a foreign idea now, but right around the corner!

Considering bigger...

So I made some 400cc sizers and am really liking them. May be hard for you guys to see just by a picture but I feel the 360 's were "enough" where the 400's would be nice! I wish there was more discussion with my surgeon as I've only had the one consult with her, but I've met with the coordinator twice for sizing. She says according to my measurements the surgeon chose the 360's for me. I also told them I wanted to be pretty modest. Now....I'm thinking based on actually seeing pictures of myself and what my hubby says that I could afford to go bigger. I don't want the boob greed after going through the surgery and paying that much. I just really don't want to look like I've balloons on my chest. Lol I know they seem to look that way, very round and perky, for the first several months but then they should settle down I guess. Getting super excited now!!
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