34G. Getting a Breast Reduction Soon!

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Hi everyone! I am getting a breast reduction at...

Hi everyone! I am getting a breast reduction at the end of the month with Dr. Stephanie Ma. I would love to hear from anyone who has had her as their surgeon. I am currently a 34G and hoping to get to a C cup bit im still unsure as to how much would need to be removed. I am trusting my surgeons guidance but i am interestrs to hear from anyone else whoay have started at a 34G and where you ended up. Thanks everyone for sharing you stories. It is great to be part of this community. I have thought of having a reduction since my teens and am finallu doing it now!!! I am getting excited!

4 week post op

I am 4 weeks post op and finally feeling back to somewhat 'notmal'. No discomfort or achiness left. Swelling is going down really well. I'm a d cup and happy with the size although in the neginning i thoight i wanted to be smaller but i still have some swelling that may go down so I may be a c cup but unlikely. My neck and back feel much better, and i love that whem I walk and move i dont feel my breasts move or pull ony bra. My surgeon did a great job with the incisions. They honestly looked amazing from the day of surgery until now. I have had no complications and getting theough the first two weeks was the worst part. Now that i feel like I am getting back to normal life I can say this surgery was worth it, and I am grateful that I qualified for this to be covered. I have thought about having this surgery for years. On one hand I am glad I waited until after having and breat feeding my children and on yhe other hand I wonder what the ladt twenty years would have been like minus a lot of neck, shoulder and back pain. Asking myself the what ifs is pointless. I am happy to move forward with my new size!! Here is a before and after (4 weeks post op) picture.


Forgot to post pictures.... and sorry for all the typos... I have so many typos on my new device... lol
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