Fraxel Restore for Photoaging- Waterford, Ireland

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I had my first of 3 sessions for Fraxel Restore on...

I had my first of 3 sessions for Fraxel Restore on 21 May 2013. I am a 33yr old Caucasian male from Ireland. Since 2010 tanning attempts my forehead became covered in wrinkles, fine lines and pores.

It has definitely made an improvement in the wrinkles. I don't have deep wrinkles there any more, except two ends of one in the middle of my forehead. Unfortunately there are still many, many fine lines and pores.

On the day of the procedure, because of swelling my forehead looked almost completely free of wrinkles and fine lines, but not pores. But as time has passed and swelling subsided, I've noticed lots of creases returning. The deep wrinkles are gone however. My next session is in mid-July and I'm hoping for future improvement afterwards.

2nd treatment 18/07/2013

I had my second treatment 2 days ago. By that time some of the wrinkles and most of the fine lines (especially in the brow area) had returned. I am still in the swelling period, and this time I had my entire face done rather than as before just the forehead. This time the cost was €300 (normally €400 but she gave me a discount as a loyal longterm client for other procedures I had done there). As happened before, during the swelling period the wrinkles almost all seem to go away. But from experience before, I know some of it will return after the swelling subsides. I will keep you posted on the situation after the swelling subsides, as I have heard it improves with each treatment.

5 days after second treatment

The swelling is wearing off now so I can see how much progress has actually been made. The wrinkles on the right side of my forehead have faded further, but are not gone. The centre of my forehead remains full of creases and my forehead still covered in pores, but Inhad them before I started Fraxel, Overall I feel it has been worth it so far, but that a third session may be needed.

4th session on forehead only (30/11/2013)

I had my 4th Fraxel Restore treatment today. Unlike the previous occasions this time it was extremely painful, most likely because I had been using Retin-A up to 2 days beforehand, forgetting that would probably make it hurt more due to increased light sensitivity. I am very pleased as the wrinkles all appear to be gone. However from past experience I know that much of this is the swelling, and once it wears off it will become clearer how much of an improvement there actually has been. I will upload a new photo shortly.

11 days after 4th treatment

Some of the wrinkles and fine lines are returning, There was an extremely stubborn on on my right brow area. It's shallow and it is still much improved from before I started on Fraxel some months ago. But after 4 treatments it refuses to go away completely. It's just not so wide or deep any more. Likewise there is a stubborn wrinkle in the middle of my forehead that was there already and while perhaps a little shorter than it was, it too refuses to go away. I would still deem the treatment just about "worth it" though because there are fewer wrinkles and fine lines on my forehead than their were before I had my first treatment. I think a CO2 laser might be a better option but I have not persuaded a doctor to use one yet, perhaps because I am only 33.
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