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I have had giant breasts since high school. I have...

I have had giant breasts since high school. I have always had a really small waist but no one can tell because of these puppies. I have several GF's that have had a boob job & they all think I'm crazy wanting mine smaller. I've already seen a PS & am waiting on approval for the surgery from my insurance company. We have tenetively scheduled surgery on the 22nd of Nov. Fingers crossed. I've never been so nervous in my life.

19 days to go

I have 19 days to go and am getting a little nervous. Lots of planning and cleaning of the house. Making sure the kids are farmed out for long enough. Making sure the cupboards are full of quick and easy meals. I'm usually a big list/planner girl but with this I'm not sure what to expect so how can I plan for it? I'm only taking a week & a half off of work. Is that long enough? Any feedback would be greatly apprecitated.

I'm getting a little excited and scared

I'm not sure exactly what I'm feeling right now. All I know is this morning when I got dressed I looked at the "girls" and thought that our relationship could be better and I'm ready for it. The headaches, back pain, and wearing two bras all the time is getting old.

11 Days to go

I'm not ready. But are you really ever? I've had to pinch myself several times to see if it's real. I've wanted to do this for so long that I can't belive that I'm planning meals and trasportation for my kids and looking at movies to rent on my "vacation". I'm not sure exactly what to expect so I'm trying to plan for everything. My husband is going to be out of town working that week so he's already said good bye to the girls. I have a GF that offered to stay with me the 1st few nights but I'm not sure if I'll need her to. Any feedback on that? I'm kind of a private person when I'm sick or hurt & usually just like to relax quietly on my own. My in-laws are taking my girls so I don't have to worry about them. I'll put some before pictures in a few days. Thank you to all that have shared stories on this site. It's comforting knowing it's not just crazy ol' me who's having all of these feelings.

Pinch me please!

I can't believe this is actually happening. Am I really ready? Are you ever? I'm postin a few before pics so you can all see where I'm coming from.

Not sleeping well.

I have a confession. I saw a second PS for a consult. Not that I'm having any doubts about the one I chose but I'm one of those pre-planner, all bases covered kinda girls. He is our top breast dr. in my state. He only talked with me for about 5 minutes explaining the procedure & told me if I have any questions to contact his office. I was totally turned off by his lack of caring. My current PS talked with me for more then an hour about my recovery, my kids, my support group since my hubby isn't going to be here. And she told me she refused to do my BR around x-mas because I probably wouldn't remember much about the first week of recovery and the other guy never even brought it up. The 2nd PS said I could go back to work in 5-7 days and mine recomended 2 weeks. I'm getting 2 different stories from each of them. I'm definetly going with my initial choice. She seemed to actually care about me and my recovery. The other guy made me feel like I was just another patient. (Which is not who I am) I'm glad I went though because it just confirmed my initail choice. Still unreal that this time next week I'll be under the knife.

Oh ya

I tried to upload this one a while ago. Guess which one is me.

Time is flying

I can't believe this week is already here. I have soooo much still to do. I'm not sleeping very well thinking about all of my chores left. My friend asked me when I had my kids was I ever ready, so I guess this is the same idea as that. My house will never be clean enough, I won't have enough meals frozen, I won't have enough pillows, etc.. Maybe I should just have a glass of wine & realize it's coming whether I'm ready or not.

Pre Op

Today I went to my pre op appointment. It took a lot longer then I thought it would. My PS made marks on me to "take home" she said, so I can get an idea of how the end result will look. I think they are a little on the small side. She said I will still end up with a big D, but I'm not so sure. She also told me they were just an approximate because she will be actually measuring on surgery day. The V is where my nipple will be and the big line will be the bottom of my new breast size. It looks like I won't have much left. I need some input please!!

Forgot the pic



I did it!! I came out of anastecia pretty well. I was really sore last night& didn't sleep very well but this morning I'm doing ALOT better. I'm passing out

I'm doing better

I'm feeling a lot better. I was really scared that I was going to be in a lot of pain afterwards and surprisingly I'm not. I've only taken 1 pain pill this morning and have been really good all day. I'm going to take 1 more now for bedtime. I slept 8 hours last night. I think I'm more tired then anything. Saw the top part of a nipple today & am a little freaked out but I'm sure it's fine. I see the PS tomorrow & get to take a shower after that. I get to see the girls for the first time too. I'll post a pic. Good night all.

What day is it?

Holy cow. I don't even know what day it is. I'll sleep for what seems like a few hours and look at the clock & only 10 minutes have gone by. I'm going longer between pain pills. I'm really surprised how little pain I'm in. I'm more uncomfortable then anything. I've been sleeping through the night since the second night. I FINALLY went #2 today. (I know, TMI) but just be aware that its an issue. I've taken a stool softener like Colace with every single pain pill. I was never actually constipated but my GI track just wasn't on its game. It was just really slow going. I think it didn't help my swelling issue. I also did NOT get drains so my swelling is substantial. Nipples: WHOA is all I have to say. I can't believe how sensitive they are. They are constantly hard so every time I brush by them I can feel it through my ace wraps. So that's a good sign that I'm going to have full sensation there. I saw my PS yesterday. She did the unveiling. I was really shocked to see stitches and nipples up high. Kinda freaked me out. I'm not gunna lie. She took a hot soapy washcloth and washed them. It sounds weird but I had little bits of dried blood & such so she wanted them as clean as possible before she taped them up. It felt soooooo good. Like when you actually scratch a mosquito bite. I got to take a shower when I got home. Which also felt sooooo good. I just stood there with the water running over me forever. I can lift my arms up just fine so I was able to wash my hair. My girl friend stood right outside the shower the whole time just in case but it all went fine. I'm posting a couple of the pics I have. They look worse then they feel. My PS said they will round out on their own & lose that boxy look with time. My left one she had to go back in and remove a little more so it is a little more swollen then the right and the nipple looks like its facing out a smidge but she said when the swelling goes down that will change. I will keep posting. Thank you all for your support.

More pics

I have minimal bruising and very little pain. If you are just starting to go down this road and are debating on doing it, DON'T! Just do it! It is sooooo worth it. I feel fabulous. I can see my tummy, which has to go, but that's an easy fix now that I don't have those babies in the way. I'm putting a few pics up so you can see how well everything is going.

Feeling great!!

I went back to work today. I left an hour early so I almost made it all day. I just got really sore. I should've wore a big comfy sweater but I had a button up blouse with a tight tank top under it so maybe that was my issue. But I feel great other then that. I'm still icing them a few times a day to keep swelling at a minimal. I had a few stitches removed yesterday which I didn't even feel. But she left a few in too. I have another appointment for next week to get the rest out. My PS said I look like I'm 6 weeks post op not just 1. & that I should give wound care classes because my incisions look fantastic. All I can say is take it easy & rest as much as possible. I could take a pill & clean the whole house but I made myself sit & watch tv & sleep. Boring I know but I haven't had any issues yet with my wounds opening or seeping or anything. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it stays this good.

Still doing good.

I'm not even sure what day I am in the healing process but I know it's a little more then 2 weeks. I'm going in tomorrow to get a few more stitches out. Or maybe all of the rest, not sure. I have quite a few dissolvable ones & a few little black external ones. I've seen some of you ladies with staples & I wonder if that's just PS preference like the drains are. Work has been ok but I get tired by the end of the day & don't want to do anything when I get home, which doesn't work with 2 kids & hubby still out of town. On another note: I want to thank all of you who have been brave enough to share your stories & tips. It makes me feel like I'm not alone through this journey. ;) go Ladies!!

I wish I would've done this years ago.

I feel sooo good. I've had my days of being sore. And days where I know I've over done it. But, over all, I wish I would've done this years ago. I feel like a whole new woman. I actually want to show them off to people. I'm so happy with my results. I'm really happy with my PS. I can't stop looking at my reflection when I walk by a mirror or even a window. I was never really vain before nut I find that when it comes to my new girls, I am now.

I'm still really happy

I think I'm a little more then 4 weeks post op. I feel fantastic. When I over do it, I still get a little sore. I still ice at night time when I need it. My scars are almost invisible.
Dr. Dean

Dr. Dean was professional, courteous & a real person. She made me feel like I could ask her anything. I would definitely recommend her!!

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