Lipo on Upper/lower Abs, Hips and Lats - is This Normal??

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*Treatment results may vary

Pros - dont know yetCons - soreness, swelling,...

Pros - dont know yet

Cons - soreness, swelling, longer recovery than expected and more pain than expected

Why - For my stature my hips were wide, and no matter how thin I've been I've had a little pot-belly.

Almost 4 weeks after lipo on my upper and lower abs, hips and lats. I still feel thick, bruising is gone but each area is still hot painful like a bruise to the touch. I am not really happy yet with the results as I feel my middle looks "thick". My abs look flat if I look down (the pot belly look isnt like it was) but overall my middle is thick and i dont believe I am any smaller than prior to the procedure. If I try to pinch the lower ab 'flab' (carefully mind you as all my abs are still very sore) I cannot. Prior to lipo I could grab a good roll under my belly button - now I cant, but it feels like my abs are hard and distended. Is this normal? Is this swelling? Does it sound as though since I cant pinch a roll that there is hope once more time has passed that I will reduce in size?? I sure hope all this pain, soreness and healing is worth it. :(
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