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I thought I would write about my experiences with...

I thought I would write about my experiences with trying to lose the belly fat. I will be having my procedure done this Saturday July 13th. It will consist of upper and lower abs, hips and flanks. I have read so many reviews, with so many mixed results. I am trying to focus on the good ones...and am getting some anxiety. I ended up choosing SonoBello after consulting with a couple of others. I didn't feel like they pressured me to make a decision on the spot and know someone else that had good results there. When I met with the nurse and Dr. a couple of weeks ago they were both very nice and answered ALL of my questions, believe me there were a lot.
About 15 years ago I had traditional lipo done on my abdomen and flanks. I was out for the surgery, but the recovery was not pleasant at all. My results have never looked good, there is more fat on one side of my stomach and more of a love handle on one side, there are lumps and it looks uneven. I have just been busy and have gone on with my life never considering a revision because of the pain and recovery. But now I am going to give it a shot and hope for the best. I have also been informed that I might have a more painful recovery because of scar tissue from my other lipo.
So when I met with the Dr. at SonoBello he confirmed what I had always thought was a poor job and feels that he can make some vast improvements. He is supposed to be meticulous at revisions and I felt confident with him. I do have to say that I avoid anyone looking at my stomach and try to layer my clothes to camouflage it as much as I can. I know he looks at fat tummies, and such all day long, but it is not enjoyable standing there in the paper underwear and bra and getting pictures taken!
I am trying to be as prepared as possible. Thank you to everyone on this site that has shared their stories and tips. So helpful!
About myself, I am 48, I had two 10lb babies by C-section 28 and 25 years ago. I work out 3x a week doing bootcamp and do cardio walking of my dog as much as possible. I also try to be very careful of what I eat, lots of veggies, fruit and lean protein. My fat belly hasn't moved and I hope that this is going to help give me a waistline. I am 5 " 6 " and I don't know my weight and I asked them not to say it out loud, and I don't plan to find out what it is. I wear a size 10 pants, sometimes a 12. I will post some pre op pictures in a couple of days and also plan on keeping track of my measurements.
I don't plan to tell anyone about my procedure and hope to go back to work in about 5 days. I hope that is realistic. I also worry about what I will be able to wear to work that will cover up the undergarment and swelling and also that it is summer and might be extremely hot. Just a few of the things that I am currently worrying about!

Some pre op pictures

Three more days. I am anxious, but I think I have almost everything prepared, still need to pick up the prescriptions, they are ready.
I hope my pictures will help for comparison afterwards. I see a lot of improvement in other peoples before and after even if they don't see it in themselves. Keeping my fingers crossed for a waistline!

Is this normal?

My procedure went well. Not nearly as painful as I had thought it would be. I will write about it when I'm not on the Percocet.. I have a question. I have only peed once since I had it done at 9:00 this morning. I'm drinking lots of water and my stomach feels very hard and full. I have some drainage on one side, not anything a washcloth between my compression garment and pants can't handle. Anyone else experience this? Thanks in advance.

So far, so good

Well it has been 3 1/2 days since I had my procedure done. I was given two xanax and a antibiotic by the nurse. The Dr. came in and drew on my areas and gave me a shot of Demerol and then had me sit in a chair for about 15 minutes. The nurse then came for me and had me walk into the next room which was the surgical room. They applied a cleanser and lidocaine to my skin and had me lie down on the table. I believe the Dr. gave me another shot of Demerol and then started the procedure. The numbing was somewhat uncomfortable, but I was pretty out of it with all the drugs. Dr. was concerned that I would have some extra pain with the scar tissue. He had to do quite a bit more work then usual and said his arms would be worn out if everyone was like that. I felt like he was very conscience of trying to correct my previous lipo and even out the fat areas. I know that there was some pain involved but it is all pretty blurry.
I talked to my husband all the way home and he said I seemed fine, but I really don't remember much. I came home and slept for awhile. I did get up and go for a couple of small walks and didn't feel to bad.
I had a compression garment and a binder on. (the binder for 3 full days) I didn't shower until about 36 hours and was nervous to take the "suit" off and didn't really look at the areas too much. Sleeping was pretty uncomfortable with the binder and going to the bathroom isn't so great either. I had some drainage, but nothing that the padding didn't take care of.
Yesterday when I woke up I felt pretty decent and liked that my waist looked a lot slimmer. I tried on some clothes that had been snug and even with the "suit" and padding they fit much better. That was exciting.
Today on day 3, I have had some swelling. This evening I felt like I would burst out of the garments. Pretty uncomfortable, but I guess it is expected.
I am doing the arnica tablets, and gel, drinking lots of water, and moving around.
I think the pain level isn't that bad, just lots of uncomfortable moments.
Hopefully when things heal up I might look somewhat like I did yesterday. I would be happy with that for results.
Dr. Sobel

Really liked him at the consultation, felt comfortable with him. He answered all of my questions.

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