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I've been struggling with the decision to go...

I've been struggling with the decision to go forward for a long time. I rescheduled 4 times beginning this summer. Each time the office staff has been very pleasant and kind. I've gone from two consults and Dr.Oretro has patiently answered my questions without ego or fatigue. She's been practicing for 30 years. To my knowledge she specializes in reconstructive surgery bu g from the other reviews on line she has an asthetic eye as well. I am 38, 5"5 and about 190lbs. However, I ve lost 23lbs, can run 3 miles in 30 min and my waist to hip ratio is decent at 38,33,45. The only thing I'm scared of is the back and bra fat I will most likely get that done later on. I'm not blog enough to post pictures yet but I can tell you that my Fantasie bras are 36HH. I hope I'm not to small. I intent to loose more weight. Hospital tomorrow. I will update this review as I enter the process.

24 hours post

Pain level is around 5, not to bad. Doc came in to remove drains. Drain removal hurts but goes by so fast I don't remeber the pain. I'll be discharged in an hour or so. I'm glad they didn't send me home yesterday. I needed to be monitored. I feel lighter and better already. I didn't want to be small just higher. Doc only took 200 grams. So far so good.

Home from the hospital 2nd day post op

My blood pressure has been really low. It was 98/53 in the hospital. It's back up to 100/78. Finally getting some gas &burping. Hopefully my bowels will move next. I'm irritated because none of my "best freinds" have called to check on me. Guess I know who I won't be taking into the new year. My stomach is bloated. My supermom is my angel. I'm in and out of sleep, like involuntarily but I guess that rest. Ttyl

day 3 post op I'M ITCHING!

The scars are itching. Follow up tomorrow. I guess I'll ask the doc. The itching is getting annoying.

first follow up

Dr. Ortero hands were perfect. My nipple have perfect symetry. My boobs are the exact same size and that's swollen. She was happy with the way everything looked. She said I can stop using the yellow strips (pictured below) my scars look near perfect. I wonder if it's because of the pig bladder technique she used or the yellow strips. Unlike many of the lady's on here I wasn't instructed to use a whole lot of products. First bowel movement today 4 days later. Smh. My stomach is finally going down.

My before and after 4 day progress

before. 1 day post .2nd day post pics

Infection? Cause for alarm or no?

Take a look at this drainage. Is this common? Should I page my doctor?

Still in disbelief

I don't remeber looking like this, even as a teenager. I feel like a real girl.

T section comfort and compression

This by far is the most comfortable dressing I've had this far. I've had these on for less than 24hours and when I just sneaked a peak there was serum fluid but no tight pressure near my wounds. My 2nd post op is in 2 days. I plan to ask the doc how long I can use these instead of tape and gauze. I believe it relieves tension where the wounds and sutures meet. Especially since it's made for the abdominal area. This works for me. The rubbing and itching underneath was killing me. All that seemed to dissappear withe these.

updater pics

I'm really taking it easy. I rest laying down or sitting reclined most of the day but I give myself four hours of either being out or doing things around the house. I don't dare walk my dogs. Speed bumps still irritate me. I'm finished antibiotics but I'm still taking the Arnica and Bromelian. Every morning I have a shake of veggies and lots of raw ginger. I'm flushing as much as possible with water. I don't lift more than a pound. I'm trying very hard not to lift my elbows above my chest. I shower alone everyday. My pain has reduced to zingers,tightness and fullness when I'm on my feet or up to long. My breast are still very swollen at the bottom around the tscars. Im enjoying the time with fam and I have basically become a netflix queen. My gut feeling tells me that because my breast reduction was minimal I will need to be extra careful not to cause the skin to open arundel the scars. I'm listening. Bottom line, I feel 20 years younger,like a million bucks. I'd do it over again, exactly the same.

Exercising Day 1

If you're anything like me, you worked out before your surgery to loose weight. Actually I'd changed my eating and activity level over the past year and lost 25lbs as a result. For me, excercising is more than a tool to loose weight. It fights off seasonal depression, keeps my skin clear, and help me perform my job more efficiently. Breast Reduction recovery requires time off from excersize. It's just that simple. However, I couldn't take the hormonal effects of surgery and the disruption in my overall well being from sitting around all day. I have a very physical job. I need the 6 weeks off. My usual routine consist of light jogging and circuit routines to include ; spider crawls, burpeeies, jump squats and sprints. Clearly all of that is out of the question. Then it dawned on me to meditate and connect with my body. I felt a need to move. So I called up the PS and asked about walking. Once she said I was good to go. I decided on a plan. I'd do a mile a day at a natural pace and work my way back into my usual routine over the next coming weeks. Today, I did a mile but it wasn't just a mile. I knew that swinging my arms would exacerbate rubbing and be uncomfortable. So I walked my while with the intention of crunching the entire time. It was extremely challenging. They key to this was clasping my hands in front of me, and flexing my core muscles, counting each flex 1-20 as I walked. By the time I got home my abs were killing me, I'd walked a mile, burnt 150 calories and didn't feel like I over did it. The boobs didn't bounce or move because I strapped the surgical bra up to its most supportive level and wore an Enell sport bra on top of that. It was tight but I experienced zero bounce. I came back in and chilled out to give my body equal recovery time. At this rate, I'll be back to 180% heart rate at 6 weeks. Pics coming soon;-)

Post Surgery Bra Review-Journal

Well, I am two days away from the 3 week post surgery mark. My body is embracing the idea of adding more comfortable bras to my arsenal. I'm still in awe when I look in the mirror. I know some will look at my pics, judge and wonder why I didn't go smaller but when I look in the mirror, I feel perfect. I'd like to share a thought or two on the popular comfort wear post surgical bras. First, note that these bras are comfort wear. They are nothing like the bras the hospital will send you home in. Measuring a 38 D and 36 DD depending
I choose to wear the comfort bras at night as they are much less supportive than zip clasp surgical bras with the elastic clasp, the ones your sent home in.

The Marena XL
36-40 inch underbust

The bra feels like skin. It is very comfortable. It looks easily alterable and we'll made. Cost $30 something and comes in 3 colors. It's low cit and would work well with Vneck tshirts,blouses and dresses.

Had to use the Strap Perfect Concealer Strip for the support I wanted, even after adjusting the clasp to the shortest strip.

Notes: I'm in the habit of altrering bras. In the past when I spent $$$$ on bras I wanted it to fit perfect. Although some ladis prefer Walmart (absolutely nothing wrong with that), this bra cost a fraction of what I usually pay. For me it was worth it.

CARFIX (Bella) L 36DD

This bra run large because it's more stretchy. It is made to give way for swollen breast and adjust to your swelling stages. The rouching makes the coverage flexible. The straps are very comfortable. It was in the same price range. I've used it with an pads and it adjust to that too.

It's almost too stretchy. I had to use the adjuster but even when I did I had lots of gaps in the back. I would not wear this during the day. The support is minimal. The cut is not low cut not suitable for scoop neck. Probably great with sweaters but again NOT A DAYTIME bra in my opinion.

Pics below **** I was cleared to drive today**** Yay!

4 weeks today. Pics coming soon

Today makes the 4th week marker since my BR. I am still very happy I did this. If there has been pain along the way, I don't remember any of it. I drive regularly. I went back to work last week. I have some opening on the tsections of both breast but there is no blood and seems to be healing extremely well. Aside from the openings it's beginning to look almost as if I was never cut verticly. The incision under the breast is dark in places but fading away to punk in others. I have no spreading. I've had one professional lymphatic massage. I STRONGLY urge you ladies to try it. I did it for swelling. When I got home I peed 8 times in 4 hours. The next morning, my swelling was very noticable. I'm going for another soon. The could do the full procedure because of my openings. She stayed above the breast mostly and wore gloves. I paid $95 for an hour. Half of the time was spent on my legs. I wanted to increase my circulation. I'll upload pics soon.

4 weeks

How do I look?

I got shy and removed my before pics. I'm glad I did this. Before the surgery my breast almost touched my navel.
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

Pleasantly surprised. Left the office relaxed. 3 days after surgery I feel so lucky. She's the best. Perfect symetry. No loss of nipple sensation, my breast match my body. I look 15 years younger. Excellent bedside manner. Very experienced anesthesiologist. Great hospital. Answered lots of questions from both my mom and I. She is the best. No question!

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