POD6 and I'm Trying To Maintain Realistic Expectations!

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Wow! After researching this procedure and getting...

Wow! After researching this procedure and getting multiple consultations from three different surgeons (three with the same surgeon, lol) over the last 7-8 years, I finally said its just time to get it done and I'm now FOUR days away! My PS is great and so is his staff. I've already completed the pre-op with the hospital and just had my pre-op with my PS' nurse on Friday.

I'm 35 and I have 3 kids (15, 10 & 5). I'm 5'5" and for the last 15 years (after kids) have weighed between 210 and 240. My dress size is 16-18. I actually like my size, it's just my shape that I hate. I have a high tolerance for pain, but I'm definitely not downplaying what is to come after the surgery.

I look forward to sharing the rest of my journey with you all. I'll post pics soon!

I'm not in any pain just lots of discomfort and...

I'm not in any pain just lots of discomfort and stiffness, which is expected. My BB, drain sites, incision & lipo insert areas are all doing well. I'm staying away from the mirror as I don't want to be critical this early in the process. Swelling is a bitch, but also expected. Been staying away from sodium & eating healthy... fiber & protein w/ lots of fruit and water. I have my first follow up appt on Monday!

Sheesh, I've been levelheaded throughout this...

Sheesh, I've been levelheaded throughout this whole process, but I got a really good look at everything in the mirror this morning before my (first) shower and I started to become horrified that my body will look the way it does today for the rest of my life, LOL - which actually would be an improvement over my old gut anyway!! LOL I'm SMH at myself. I keep reminding myself that I'm only 6 days out of surgery and still even draining a decent amount of fluid so I need to get it together! I still really hope I can get these drains out by Friday! Anyway, so I'm posting my first pictures.... happy healing, ladies!
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