Mommy of 4, Want Her Body Back Seeking a tummy tuck and lipo- Washington, DC

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I am in the process of researching different...

I am in the process of researching different plastic surgeons to help my reach my goal. I currently weigh 217, after losing 42lbs I have not yet reach close enough to my goal. I love my thickness and curves, I just want this mid section to be smaller. I don't want to travel too far outside of DC, no more than 2 hours. I hope to have my mind made up by February and get my procedures done no later March. I want my breast to have alittle more volume, I already wear a DD but I'm pretty sure once some of this fat is taken it will be smaller. I'm hoping to have a washboard stomach. I'll be placing some pics of me and some wish pics. I have 1 consult tomorrow with Vita Surgical Group in Washington D.C., and another out Towson Maryland named RA plastic surgery. I'll update you on my journey.

first consultation-vita surgical group

In a couple hours I go for my first consult and I'm super excited. In going to hear some good news along with a descent price. Of by the way, I called american lipo center, they quoted me for $3200 for the upper and lower abdomen, and love handles. That's a pretty good price, and their before are after photos are good too. I see them January 20th. I'll be back soon to tell you my impressions of vita surgical group.

flat tummy come my way

The doctor was very nice and thorough. asked to see my problem area and told me what procedure he think is best and told me step by step what will happen during the procedure. The price I locked in is $4800 just for lipo.

New consult new price

Well I have gotten in contact with Fatima Almonte in the DR and gotten a quote for $5200 and that's for a full liposculpture of abdomen, flanks, waist and back, tummy tuck, and a bbl..this includes a ten day stay at the recovery house and a range of other things. So the only thing I should worry about a plane ticket and passport. I have an appointment set up for my passport next week. I believe I'm going with her because get patients look great!

waiting game isn't fun

I have gotten a quote from yily for $5400 which includes 7 days at a recovery house, lipo, tummy tuck, and bbl. Almonte quoted me for $5200 which includes 14 days at a recovery house, liposculpture, tummy tuck, and bbl. Though I rather have Fatima I'm waiting to see who I can secure a date with in April or even may. I'm ready to place a deposit, no lie I prefer Fatima. I've included a couple of wish pics

what do you guys think

Do you I need a tummy tuck our just lipo?

I made step 1, and going through the motions of step 2

Well I have a confirmed date of April 23rd, this year. So far it's lipo, tummy tuck, and a bbl (just for more of a overall a overall shape) with 10 days in a recovery house. I must get my bmi level down, weighing in at 232 I need to get down to 205. So today is day 1 of my 21 cleanse. Only fruits and veggies blended with nutri bullet and 1 gallon of water a day. I'll take my measurements later on today along with clothing sizes.

apply for passport

Today I'm applying for my passport and later in today I'll be buying plane tickets, yayyy me. Once that's done then I'll buy supplies. From these pics should I get a bbl? It was included in my quote as a suggestion.

bbl or nah

I had trouble uploading the pics? Bbl or not?

Weight Management

So I started with 232, I'm now weighing in at 228. Progress is still progress.

decisions, decisions, decisions

Today I have decided to do a 30-day liquid diet. I will combine fruits and veggies, and lots of water. Maybe some beans in between. I have a goal of reaching 210 by the end of the month. I would love to work out but me as a parent and 1 full time job and 1 part time, it just isn't possible right now. But I can control my intake and so I will do it. Ladies I'm also having a issue reaching Almonte, now that I have my sx date, I had questions and for the past 3 days I haven't gotten anything back. I try to remember she is a busy woman but once I give you my money I do expect there to be some kind of communication. For the ladies that been here already, when should I order my body garment? how would i know which size?

Yily vs. Almonte

Yily had gotten back to me today, ad's told me some good news. That my arms and thighs would be included in the price...can I say honey boo boo caught my attention. In still waiting on Almonte to say something back.

whatever can go wrong will go wrong

So today I had a phone interview with capital one, and if chosen I'd start March 16, with a 90 day probationary period. Of course my surgery date is for April 23rd. I told them I'm willing to reschedule if it depended on if I'd get the job or not, but dag on it I wanna get this. But I prefer to come back to employment as well. I'm hoping when I go in again for my final interview they'd say I don't have to reschedule. Pray for me either way it goes. Thx ladies.

Well I won't know for sure

I have my next interview on Tuesday and hopefully I'd find out if I have new employment or not and at the same time I can find out if I can keep my surgery date the same our need to reschedule. Once I find out, I'll be buying my air flight tickets.

help me, advice needed

Ladies I need some tips on how to shed some lbs..I wish two jobs one full time and one part time. I know my eating habits must change and exercise is a must. I have twenty pounds to lose in two months. Bmi gotta be under 35.

Today is hopefully the day, or week

I have my interview in a couple hours with a Fortune 500 company, and is super excited. I'd say I'm more excited than nervous. I get to find out if I'm hired elsewhere and I will have an actual idea if I can buy my plane tickets today for my prescheduled date for April 22nd or if I need to reschedule altogether. I have also scheduled an appointment with a weight loss center called Shape me Fast to begin the HCG diet, hoping that this works for me.

We're getting there

So yesterday I received my passport in the mail. Now I can buy plane tickets, yayyy! Once I get close to my goal weight I will begin to buy my supplies. Lets pray that's by the second week of April. If not I'll have to reschedule. I thought of doing so many different supplements to drop the weight but I knew it wouldn't be permanent. So I invested money in a personal trainer. My first day was Monday. I'll see her three times a week up until I go get my surgery done. Will anyone be going during the week of April 23rd? I need a buddy...

Wish pics

changed my mind on Almonte

I changed my mind with Almonte, I decided not get a bbl and that was only $200 off of a $5200 procedure. And she doesn't respond fast enough for me. So I sent my deposit to yily for may 15th. I need a surgery buddy for that day pls somebody

I can't wait

So I bought my place tickets to leave on may 14th to get my sx done by yily. I'm getting a bbl/tummy tuck/ and lipo for abdomen, back, arms and thighs. I'm beginning to juice for 30 days starting tomorrow and work out as well. I've started a new Instagram page for all of my laid getting some true of sx done @yily_barbz. Any ladies have any supplies left, or a sx date approaching?


So I over spent money, now I'm saving almost every penny...I'm going to get a breast lift, let me add I'm considering it. I have yet to but anything I need to have a good recovery so ladies if you have anything to spare let me know I'll pay for mailing.

why can't I find a sx partner?

Hey ladies, it looks like I'll be going to be rooming by my dang on self so I'm considering a hotel, bed and breakfast, our a recovery house. If I chose option one or two then I'd be paying a nurse to come check on me. Otherwise I'll begin purchasing things I'll need for my speedy recovery tomorrow. I have my passport, plane ticket, money for the sx now I gotta play the waiting game.

just a couple of weeks away

I'm decided to stay at Healing Haven recovery house during my stay at the Dominican republic, I'll post a picture of my quote. I'm also beginning to buy some things I'll need like a boppy pillow, a stage 2 faja (not sure at all what size to get, help me out ladies), brushing cream, crocs, scaraway tape, butterfly abdominal board, I have super pads already, iron, vitamin c, loose clothing, am I missing anything that I need to take along with me? Is there anyone willing to room you together? May the 14, is almost here!!

count has begun

So far I still need to lose 5 pounds, ad's I gotta do it quickly. So I'll be hitting the gym at least 5 days a week. I'm now buying the supplies I'll need. Current my bmi is 36.8, hopefully I can get it down in time.
Fatima Almonte

Changed my mind, going to see Yily

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