I Cannot Get over How Bad This Looks-- Even After a "Correction" - Washington, DC

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I have always had dark circles under my eyes...

I have always had dark circles under my eyes leading people to ask me if I wasn't feeling well or if I was tired. About a year ago I finally decided to give the Restylane injections a try to smooth out the under eye hollows. The first injection lead to a lot of bruising which eventually cleared up. Follow-up injection four months later looked really great as well. I returned in December 2013 to have it done for a third time. I was stunned at how awful it looked after the swelling went down after about four days. Instead of injecting the hollows under my eyes he injected the top of my cheekbones which made the dark circles and hollows look even worse. This was especially true with the left side which had a very deep dark blue V under it. Return to the doctors office on 6 January. He did a touch up with another syringe that I paid for. I left the office figuring that would fix it. However once the swelling went down it was even worse than before. Unbelievable. Under part of my eyes are extremely lumpy and asymmetrical and I still have a deep V under my left eye. I haven't had this problem with the product before so it is the injector. I am very happy that this is not permanent. But I'm still extremely pissed that I'm going to look like this for a while. I looked better with dark circles under my eyes that I do with this mess that I have now! Never again. That was a waste of almost $750.

Getting really worried this is permanent

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