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I've always been unhappy with my smile, and it has...

I've always been unhappy with my smile, and it has definitely affected my quality of life. I'm reluctant to smile, and am always conscious of the way my teeth look when talk and eat. In addition to crooked teeth, I had an accident at an early age, which damaged my front tooth, leading to a history of poor crown jobs, discoloration of the root and gum. Having recently replaced the front tooth crown, I decided to finally straighten my teeth, using Invisalign. Since I have other underlying issues with my teeth, I feel that they will never look perfect, but hopefully will have enough improvement to not be embarrassed to smile.

Day 1

I finally went to my orthodontist today, after more than a month of waiting for the aligners. She explained the basics about the invisalign, and then it was an hour spent with the dental assistant attaching the buttons. Painful, mostly because of her tugging and pulling on my mouth, and several attempts to get the attachments to stick. The teeth where they are placed are rough all over, it feels like she put too much of the material on. Otherwise, the pain is manageable, but excessive salivating makes the aligners so visible. Considering Acceledent to cut the time of the treatment...

Day 3

My teeth felt a lot better today. Less sore, and and the headache was gone. However, the lisp is still very noticeable , and EVERYONE I have spoken to asked me to repeat what I said:( Even my boyfriend couldn''t understand me! I have to answer phone at work, and the name of organization I work for has three s'es in it, which makes it absolutely unpronounceable. My boss kept staring at my teeth, and having unusually long conversations with me, as if she was trying to figure out what's wrong with my teeth:)

Tray 4

It's been a month using Invisalign, with Acceledent that I decided to go ahead and purchase despite the high cost. It definitely gets better, so for those of you starting out: hang in there! I would say that I had a bad lisp for the first 3 weeks of wearing the trays, and only now it has gotten less noticeable. I initially thought that everyone could tell that I'm wearing something over my teeth, but I now realize that a lot of people just don't pay that much attention, so I'm slowly getting over the initial self-consciousness. I can't see a lot of changes in my upper teeth since all the movement is in the back teeth, but my lower teeth look a little better. It is going to be a long haul - 54 trays and I hope it will be worth it!

Tray 5

For upper teeth, all the movement is in the back, so not many visible changes. Lower ones look a little better.

Tray 11

Not much to report, no change in the upper teeth, while the lower are getting somewhat straighter. I'm used to the trays now, and even though I know they are visible I don't really care that much that other people may see them. I just wish I could see the changes quicker, but oh well...

Tray 17

Just feeling a bit frustrated with my orthodontist's office. My lower teeth did not move exactly as the clincheck was showing, and I was hoping to come in the orthodontist's office sooner, rather than wait 3 weeks. My concerns were disregarded. The assistant said that "rubber bands will fix that" even though rubber bands are used on tray 40, and fix the bite rather than position of the teeth. Not sure if there is anything they can do at this point, but I would have liked them to at least listen to my concerns.

Will need refinements

I went to my orthodontist's office yesterday to discuss my lower teeth that should be aligned by now, but are still crooked. I was told that they can take a new scan of my teeth now and get new aligners to correct the issue, but since I will "most likely need refinements" for my upper teeth too, I should wait until I'm done with the whole treatment. Not very cheerful:( Not sure how long this will extend my treatment time, even without refinements I have 52! aligners.

Tray 28

I'm continuing with my invisalign journey, patiently waiting to see more changes in the upper teeth. Aligners on my lower teeth are passive, so they are supposed to be done by now. They are not, and the constant pressure on the tooth that hasn't moved as expected is making it more mobile. I am concerned, as the tooth moves a lot when I touch it. The orthodontist told me it must be the elastics that I was wearing, and had me stop those for a little while.

She also suggesting trying to put some of the older lower teeth aligners to see if they fit this stubborn tooth better. I pointed out that all other teeth are in different position now, but she thought it wouldn't be a problem. I didn't even bother looking for older aligners since I'm not going to experiment with my teeth and jeopardize progress made. Anyways, we are moving on and hopefully refinements will fix the issue.

I am a little frustrated because I feel like the results are not showing, but I hope it will get better.
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