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New to this site, and love the information...

New to this site, and love the information provided by everyone. Thanks so much. I'm shy about the before pictures, but will post them if all goes well with the afters, with updates for about a year. Getting ready for lower ab, flanks, inner thighs, and arms done by Dr. Drew Verano at Medical Cosmetics in DC. I'm scared as hell, but encouraged by all of the people who have gone through the procedure before me. He's been great so far. Upfront about expectations, confident in his abilities, and very responsive to every question/concern I've raised. So here we go. Less than a week!!!!

Just got home.

First of all, ouch. The painless, quick, relaxing procedure that people describe was not it. I seriously felt as though I'd watched a million McDonald's commercials and then finally bought a hamburger that looked nothing liked the picture. It hurt. Honest to G*d, it did. Granted, after I was numbed, it was better. I still felt "connective tissue" being ripped away. He hit spots that weren't numbed, at which point he injected the site (which also hurt). Just damn. And then your body is being beaten up by these rods and it's obscene and crazy and vain and almost sad. Just my opinion. So, that's the bad.

The good: Dr. Varano is fantastic. His nurse is, too. He didn't pressure me to purchase anything that I uncomfortable with. He was caring, professional, and worked hard to get every ounce of fat out. I didn't go with thighs because they don't respond as well all of the time, and we decided I'd try a non invasive procedure for those, instead. He said arms and stomach are where you get more bang for your buck. So we went with that. Interestingly, I changed my mind at the last minute and wanted thighs. He told me to wait it out and think about it because I could always come back. They have Pandora playing in the operating room, and you get to pick the station. So, that was awesome. He really took the time to make sure he got everything, and I respect his professionalism.

If ever I need to lose weight again, though, I will never go invasive. Damn that. Excited to see these results, though. So, yea. That's that.

Next day

I feel pretty good! Can already tell that my waist is significantly smaller, which is awesome. Pain is mild, and I'm able to run errands, etc.

Slim Lipo Day 13: Swelling like crazy.

So, my waist looked great until three days ago. Suddenly, I'm the same size that I was before the procedure with hard, wiry nodules all over my abdomen. Scheduled a lymphatic massage to see if that'll help with that and reduce bruising. The areas are still pretty tender, and I'm only wearing compression garments at night.

Craziest thing, though, is that I weighed in at my post op and had lost 13 lbs in one week!! Just praying for this to hurry up and resolve. LoL.

These results are already FANTASTIC.

I've lost 24 pounds since the procedure (which was 3.5 weeks ago). Ok?! I mean, holy crap. The thing is, though, that I hopped right onto Dr. Verano's medically supervised HCG diet. Blogs can say what they want, doing this back to back is effing wondrous. Go for it.

Swelling went down slowly but surely after my first lymphatic massage, and I'm looking so good it's tripping me out. Clothes that were tight are loose, and I'm so glad to have made this investment. My skin is tightening, the nodules are still there, but not as tender, so the plan is to keep getting massages. Going to call the doc to see if I should stick with lymphatic or go deep tissue. Massaging myself in the meantime just to try to loosen them up a bit. My arms look smaller, and I'm lifting again to keep my definition. The masseuse says that when the muscle contract, the fluid moves, so it's two-fold, whereby the workout gets the residual swelling out of there. It still hurts a little, too, but it's like an itchy hurt. And Im still numb in some areas. Cant believe that it'll keep getting better because what I've got now I can live with. The scars are barely noticeable! Do this. Find a good doctor and get 'er done. =D

February 2017- Waist is still tight, but the area is uneven.

My waist is still small, so that's definitely a good thing. It seems that if I gain weight, it doesn't become round as it did in the past. My lower abdomen is rippled, though, and the doctor says that it's due to pockets of fat that are left over. So, I've done follow up procedures to target those areas. It bothers me, but I'm still a work in progress.
Washington DC Physician

Great so far.

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