30 Years Old, Wife and Mother of Twins!! Ready to Bounce Back and Feel Confident Again - Washington, DC

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I am scheduled for lipo on may 1. I am going to dr...

I am scheduled for lipo on may 1. I am going to dr. araya in dc. Of course I'm nervous but so excited. I'm getting my lower abs, love handles, sides and flanks done. I will post my before pics tomorrow. I got up to 250 when preggo with the twins and now that Iam out of the baby stages I'm ready to focus on me. I don't want anymore children and my hubby and are ready to move forward and enjoy life at this stage. I have one life to live and I want to look great doing it. Only bummer is that I'll be sore and dover for the Mayweather fight..lol...3 more days!!!

3 days to go!

Soo...I'm getting nervous! I keep thinking of all the negatives but then I imagine how great I will feel and stick with that. I decided to post pics even tho I'm extremely embarrassed that it's gotten this bad. Just fat and rolls everywhere. I'm so sad about that but I'm dedI cates to changing my lifestyle and working out to maintain. I still have a lot of arm and thigh fat so I have much work ahead of me.

I am sending my questions and payment information over tomorrOw. I can't wait. Wish I had more support from my mother she just doesn't believe in weightless assitance. anywho my hubby will be there. I will check in tomorrow

it's over!!!

So yesterday was the big day and I'm glad it's Over. I was very nervous and almost backed out but I knew I would regret it if I did. I got there at 530 in the morning, completed paper work and headed back. I will admit the office is not luxury and is a bit outdated which makes you feel insecure at moments, but the doc does good work and they'll also have an in house financing program which is sweet. I headed back to the room and we got started. I received tumescent lipo and I'm gonna tell the truth. It hurts like hell! The numbing solution burns but on for a few seconds, but keep in mind I had my flanks, sides, lower abs and love handles done. Omg when he works around the ribs and public ares I could have died. The extraction of the fat wasn't that bad but I had so much fat. I belive he had 12-15 bottles worth of the tall tubs. A lot of years of stress and earl ten inscurutirs all went down the drain. I was a bit groggy afterward and that's notmal. I will say the first day is messy..blood and solution eveywhere. My hubby took such good care of me, I didn't have to do anything.

Now, apparently my body did not dispell all of the solution so I have a pretty big pouch over my goodies aND sidea. It's very pain and I'm hoping that he will drain them for me ASAP. My shape is coming along..hubby calls me nicki minaj which I don't want to look like but it's becasue I have on the absorbet pads and a lot of fluid is still on my body.

Ladies please rest your first day. I laid on my stomach all day and when I would stand up felt like I would faint. So I've been drinking as much Gatorade and water as possible. The soreness sucks, no loe but that's expected. Once I get my sides and pouch drained I'll feel happy about things. So far glad I did it, now I'm anxious to get drained and see my reults.

4 days post...

The last couple of days have been up and down. Lipo hurts I don't care what anyone says..my doc confirmed that 12 pounds of fat was extracted from my body! My waist started at 45 and I'm now a 34. Naturally I've always been hippy, big butt and small waist but the fat took over at some point.

Yesterday I started feeling regret about the surgery. The pain, discomfort and all did not seem worth it yesterday. Not to mention the sadness you feel knowing your family is worried to death about your well being and recovery. My family is very old school and while they supported me they were worried to death, still are. My husband told me to stop it as I will prolly be happy as hell around my bday.

My biggest concern is the pouch. I know it's only 5 days in but after looking at all of you on here wuth fat stomachs after a week is a bit discouraging. Doc says it's notmal as my surgery was very intense due to the amount of fat taken out. I just hope he can drain it soon so I can start to feel like this was all worth it.

My advice, stay hydrated eat well ans rest. I still get tired easily but I usually take more time to heal than others. Went back to work this week and it is uncomfortable at times as I have to drive catch a shuttle and be very active at times although I'm in an office.

I'm gone for now and will update a again soon

moving slow...

So, I'm 22 days post and still look a mess. He did drain my pouch the last visit and it went down some but it's still there. I also have the burn marks on the side which are pink and now healing. I dunno, starting to feel like my shape is shot. I thought I would get lipo and have a nice flat belly like eveyone else. I've been eating, ok. Can still make improvements but after all that money and pain I feel stupid becasue I feel less confident that I did prior to surgey. If things change I'll let yall know

Starting to see results!!!!

Ok so I had a debbie downer moment the other day but boy have things changed!!! I had my followup on Thursday may 21 and it's like my body changed over night. The doc drained me same as he did 10 days prior, but thus time my stomach got damn near flat. I'm still swollen a bit and I must confess. My duet has nit been goOd! I totally understand why the doc stresses no salt. I would eat bad and then feel like I was going to burst open. He said I would be healed and have less fluid retention if my diet was right.

this may be TMI but I was able to see my lady friend when looking down...something that hasn't happened on years. I'm still wearing my compression garmet too
Started with a large and now I'm in a medium, comfortably.

I can not stress the importance of water and clean eating. My soft fiber pills keep me regular also and I think I'm on my way. Will start walking this week since I have much more body work to do.

before and after!!

1 month post op!

So I've posted on goid days and bad days. At this point I can bend, sleep well, walk fast, etc. Finally starting to feel like myself again. After my last drain 2 weeks ago, I vowed to change my diet and I have. Of course I've had a few dabs in bad stuff but mostly salads. I went to the doc today and didn't have much fluid left at all, but he drained me anyway. Just like I like. So all is coming together nicely, even tho I'm healing slowly. I'm just excited. Belive it or not tho, I still don't feel as good as I thought I would. I still have significant fat to lose in my arms and legs. Just goes to show that happiness is a state of mind and confidence is too. So I'm gonna keep working on me!

I will say, I wore a pair of drawstring pants without my girdle and now I have a crease in my stomach. Doc said it would go away but we will see...

New tips and tricks for progress

As I try to get used to this new belly and get rid of the small but annoying pouch that i have left I thought I'd share a few tips that i think have helped me recently.

1. Keep your compression garmet on at all times, if not you can get a crease

2. Massage yourself- I had so many hard spots in my belly and especially my back until I asked my hubby about 2 weeks ago to message it. Like magic things started falling in place, stomach would go down faster and I wasn't as stiff. I would also message myself as much as possible

3.Water- keeps you peeing and fluids out

4. Exercise! - the weight is falling off so fast before the surgery I was a 16 now I'm a 12..changing my diet and doing yoga or walking 2 to 3 times a week has helped.

5. Fiber pills- has helped me stay regular and get rid of waster

6. WAIST TRAINER- I've waist trained or about 7 years now, way bofore this huge craze but I was always scared to use it after Lipp but I think it's helped shape me even more. I sweat like hell which has helped get rid of the pouch and by morning my stomach looks wondeful. I train may 2 to 3 days a week
Dr. Henok Araya

Met with him once..very nice a little fast talking at times which can be a turn off but he was very knowledgable about black skin which was a plus for me.

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