23 Y/O, 5'3" 120 Lbs, 325-345 Natrelle Ispira. Wanting Proportionate and Natural-Looking. Washington, DC

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I've known that I wanted breast implants after...

I've known that I wanted breast implants after realizing my small breasts would never grow bigger than an A cup. My sister has the exact same body as me but she has beautiful and full b cups, while mine are small and lack breast tissue.

I just moved back home after graduating and have been able to save up a good amount of money. While I had expected I might have surgery in my 30s, I realized that I should get the surgery sooner than later, especially since I'm just starting my career and I have my mother to help take care of me.

My goal is to look a little bigger than I do with VERY padded bras and to look as natural as I can. If I wear a sports bra or unpadded bra I am completely flat, and sometimes my ribs or stomach extend past my breasts. I want to feel comfortable and sexy without tons of padding. I just want my breasts to be proportional to my body and booty :)

I've already booked and paid for my surgery, which will be on December 17! I'll talk about my experience with consultations next, especially since girls with a "pectus excavatum" might find my story relevant.


First consultation

I scheduled 4 consultations but only ended up seeing two plastic surgeons. The first had great reviews but freaked me out after bringing up my "pectus excavatum," aka deep crevice in my cleavage area. The only picture he showed me was of a woman who had chosen really large and obvious implants that basically looked like two melon halves on her chest. I was devastated because I thought my chest spacing would mean all implants would look as bad as hers. I almost gave up my dreams of having beautiful breasts, but luckily after doing more research I realized her breasts looked odd because of the implant projection.

My second consultation was with Dr. Bruno and I am so glad I met him. After the consultation I cancelled all other appointments. He is very calm, relaxing and patient. I threw dozens of questions at him and he happily answered all of them. He even showed me the specific product he would use. His patient coordinator Lori has also been very sweet. She showed me BA results that aren't available online and my jaw dropped! The breasts were natural and absolutely gorgeous. I scheduled my surgery that day because I knew I was in good hands. My consultation was in October and surgery will be next week, December 17! I can't believe this is finally happening :)

Trying on implants 11/2

Unlike the first PS, Dr. Bruno let me try on implants on the first consultation.

I told him I was looking for natural breasts that are proportionate to my body. While his nurse suggested that I go a size larger since "everyone regrets not going bigger," Dr Bruno understood that I'm looking for a subtle augmentation. I tried on 300 and 350 cc but those felt HUGE on me!! 250 was actually perfect, and then he explained that to get that look he would have to add another 25 cc so it looked like what I was trying on.

With that in mind, I've really started to like the look of the bigger 275 cc. My pre-op appointment is next week and I'm going to try on 250, 275 and 300 again. In the end, I'll trust the doctor to make the final call with what looks better. I just don't want to look top heavy.

Dream boobs!

These are more accurate in terms of proportion I'd like for my body. I'll show these to the PS tomorrow and see what he thinks :)

Pre op appointment and new sizing decision!

I just got out of my pre op appointment and, after a lot of going back and forth, Dr Bruno and I have decided on what my final result should be: 325-345 cc of natrelle inspira high profile!

This is 76-100 cc bigger than I had initially decided upon but I realize that they still look smallish and natural, and really do fit my body type well.

I showed him my wish pics and he assumed I wanted the va va boom push up look, but I explained that I saved those pictures because of the proportions, not necessarily what their projection was. Girls: PLEASE don't let doctors make assumptions about what you want! Your description of what you want might mean something different to your surgeon, so really make sure that both of you are on the same page. I let him know that I will always be looking for natural results, but that the size of those girls breasts are what I was interested in.

We did a resizing as per my request and to my surprise, I really liked 350. However, that's my upper limit and again, I explained that I would like to go smaller than bigger. He will make the final decision on the OR table as to what looks best.

I can't believe surgery is next week!!! I couldn't stop smiling during the appointment :) I hope everyone is doing well!

Night before surgery

So I am all set for my surgery tomorrow at 3. I washed all sheets and pillows, have my neck pillow propped up. I picked up my medications as well as Hibiclens, arnica gel, vitamins and cocoa butter.

I am having a boobwarming party tonight with my close girlfriends who are so excited to see my new boobs!! Just some small bites and desserts, no alcohol of course :)

I'm kind of worries about boob greed but I have to keep in mind that anything is better than what I started with, and I definitely trust Dr. Bruno's judgement. I believe he will make the best decision for my body, regardless of what boob greed might make me want.

Good luck to anyone else having surgery soon!


Welcome home, boobies!!

Surgery was today and it went so well! I got it done at Sibley Hospital which is conveniently 5 min away from me. I have never experienced such a high level of bedside manner before; everyone from nurses to anaesthesiologist and the rest of the operating crew came in independently and introduced themselves to me. They were so kind and warm, very genuine. It was really nice to see Dr. Bruno before surgery too, he was a familiar face and you can't help but feel relaxed around him. My mother was with me and was very surprised and relieved with how kind the hospital staff was. I was happy and very comfortable.

Waiting around for everyone to prep me and for the operating room to be ready was the longest part. I was wheeled in and didn't even realize when they were putting me under haha. I woke up to a nurse who was very sweet and helped with my pain management, which I named about a 5 at its highest.

I luckily wasn't nauseous on the ride home, not until after walking my dog with my mom a couple of minutes ago. Easy puke and now I feel better again.

The pin medication is definitely important to stay on top of and the anti nausea medicine is very helped as well. I've been super drowsy since getting home at 7 with on and off discomfort but for the most part, this is manageable. I've been in more pin after a boot camp with an intense trainer :)

One of the weirder things is the sloshing noise I hear when I flex accidentally. It's like a boob fart! I read in another review that it's normal so I'm not stressing about it.

Thanks for everyone's kind words and I hope you all are doing well! I did a little sneak peek (peering down cleavage) and like what I see so far :) I don't really anticipate boob greed because honestly, anything is better than my original underdeveloped tiny boobs.

Have a great night! More updates to come soon. Xoxo

Unwrapping my breasts and process so far.

Happily, the healing process has been going so well so far! I have not felt nauseous since that first night, and the pain medication has really kept everything under control. I have full feeling in my nipples and for most of my breasts. I am slowly going off the pain medication because it makes me feel really tired and moody, but will consult with my PS tomorrow at my first post-op appointment.

Anyway, I am so in love with my new breasts!!! They are gorgeous and don even look as square as I had anticipated. I feel like this is how I was meant to look. My clothes look better and I feel so complete :) so YES this surgery was so worth it!!! I can't stop looking at myself, feeling my boobs and taking pictures. I'm just lucky my girlfriends are all asking me for pictures to justify all the selfies ;)

Good luck to everyone else!! I hope all your results are going well!

I'll post pictures from day 2 to day 3 of healing. Patience is so important because they really change quickly!

Dressing up :)

Here are some pics in some sports bras, lingerie, and unlined bras. I can't believe I finally fill out my bras and clothes and I feel so hot!!!

Also I am really glad that I don't really need to buy new sports bras.

Side note: I still haven't had a BM even with taking laxitives and eating prunes, but hopefully that happens soon.

2 week update

Hello! So as you may know I got my surgery right before Christmas (dec 17). I left to take a family vacation on December 25 and was a little nervous, but knew that my family and friend could help me do lifting, and that we would just be relaxing on this trip.

Before I left, I went to see Dr Bruno for my first post-op appointment. He showed me how to do my massages and let me know everything looked good. I got my prescriptions refilled just in case for the trip.

So far everything has been fine in terms of pain and sensation. Last week I had more pain and sensitivity, and they felt like half basketballs. This week I've been massaging them more and a bit harder (squeezing them instead of just rolling them) and they've softened up so much! I think they've dropped a bit too. My nipples are pretty sensitive and parts around my breast are numb, but that's only near my cleavage where the skin is being pulled tighter.

I'm in South America so it's been hard to hide my breasts from the sun but I'm wearing shirts out on the beach and am using strong SPF. It's been so fun bikini shopping too!! It's a little tricky not looking too showy but I love finally filling out bikinis. Here are a few stages of my breasts during the trip.

Hope everyone else is doing well! Happy new year :)

3 week update

So I have just replaced the scar strips and I am so glad to see my scars are flatter and smaller than I had expected! They don't itch anymore and my breasts are barely sore anymore.

In terms of sizing, they finally look normal to me. Naked or in bikinis they are big and sexy, and in clothes you can barely tell that I even got a surgery (aside from the new cleavage). I'm so happy!
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