Devastated After Lower Eyelid Surgery - Washington, DC

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I went to PS for a consult on upper eyelids that...

I went to PS for a consult on upper eyelids that were slightly drooping onto eyelashes. PS pointed out my tired look and showed me how he could also correct my bags under my eyes with a simple procedure to remove a little excess skin. I did not have a problem with the way I looked but he made me feel like I did have a problem. He made the correction seem so simple and convinced me to do it, and asked me to trust him that he was an expert in eye procedures. I asked if we could try a little filler between the tear rim and upper cheek bone but he said fillers were not very successful in this area (ironically this is what he is now suggesting to correct the problem!)

It is now 5 months post surgery and I am devastated by the result and am on verge of a nervous breakdown. My eyes which were originally large and my best feature are now smaller, more rounded, and pulled up in an unnatural way. He also took too much fat out below my eyes and they now have a hollowed sick look. I get physically ill when I look in the mirror.

I'm very confused about how to correct these problems. Some doctors say try filler (e.g Restylane) for the hollowness, others say I will need a fat graft. I'm scared to death to do anything else for fear it will be worse - but I hate the way I look and am desperate to try to fix it.

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