Vaser Hi Def Lipo and Pec Implant Surgery Recovery - Washington DC, DC

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Me: 6’3”, 220lbs, 34-36 waist, 34 years old...

Me: 6’3”, 220lbs, 34-36 waist, 34 years old and live an active lifestyle.

I was a “husky” kid who started working out in my late teens. Unfortunately, over the years I was unable to lose my love handles and puffiness around my waist. About a year ago, I started researching liposuction of the flanks/love handles and came across the Vasor Hi Def procedure. The before and after pictures I saw were amazing and two days ago I underwent Vasor liposuction of my flanks, abs, and arms; along with pectoral implants.

Days before surgery:

I am so glad that I setup a “nesting” area before my surgery. I moved my large screen TV into my bedroom, along with a recliner and items within arm’s reach that I would need during my recovery. I highly recommend a recliner or chaise lounge since the most painful part of my recovery has been getting in and out of bed. Actually after the first night I have not been back in my bed because of the pain of getting up. If you share a bedroom I recommend finding a “nesting” area where you can be alone. I have only been able to sleep one to two hours at a time. I then wake up and watch TV until I pass out again.

Nov 6th, day of surgery:

My surgery was at 7 am and was complete about noon. By 2 pm I was home and in a daze. I defiantly hurt from the surgery but was able to walk around. The medication and anesthesia gave me dry mouth and I filled my 2 quart jug of water up at least 3 times. The main thing from the first day was fluid drainage. There was so much red fluid (not blood). I would say that first night I leaked a good 2 gallons of fluid. I spoke to my doctor and he reassured me that the leakage is normal in my case (he removed 4 liters of fat). I was able to eat normally and go to the bathroom as usual if not more since I was drinking so much water. Night 1 is when the pain set in. I could only sleep maybe an hour at a time. The pain of moving in bed was unbearable and I was soaked in fluid. The pain of doing simple things like reaching for the remote was horrible (but I had lipo along with pec implants so this might not be as bad for others.)

Nov 7th, day after surgery:

By far the most painful day!!! I had a follow-up appointment with the doctor and he gave me stronger pain medication. By the afternoon my fluid drainage had stopped. Unfortunately since the fluid was not draining out of my body it started collecting in my scrotum. By the end of the day my scrotum was entirely black and blue and swelled to 3 times the normal size. The swelling is not painful but looks really bad. The doctor told me this was normal. Most of the day I napped and watched movies.

Nov 8th, day three (today):

Yesterday was defiantly the worst day for pain. Today, I’ve been able to manage my pain better with medication and Tylenol. I still will not lie down in bed, worried I will not be able to get back up. I was able to take my garments off and wash them today. I still hurt but nothing compared to the past few days. I was able to take my dog for a walk and I was able to put the compression garments back on without help. I am swollen from my knees to my neck. I am unable button pants that were loose before surgery. When I had my compression garment off, I was unable to see any definition from surgery but I’m sure it’s due to all the swelling. My scrotum is still very swollen and did swell slightly more. Since it does not hurt I’m not too worried about it. Yesterday, I was somewhat distressed about the amount of pain and only having a week for recovery. Today I am more at ease due to the improvement over the last 24 hours. I still only sleep a few hours at a time but I’m not bothered by the sleeping patterns. I’m still getting more than 8 hours a day just not all at once. Tomorrow when I shower I will take my first post surgery pictures.

Nov 9th: First Post-op pictures (too swollen to...

Nov 9th: First Post-op pictures (too swollen to see improvement)

My pain level is reducing significantly with each day. Today I was able to do some house cleaning and get a haircut. I took my first shower since surgery. The shower was amazing since my nerves are coming back alive and starting to ITCH!!! I hope this is a good sign and swelling will begin to recede over the weekend. As you can see from my first post-op pictures, I’m really swollen. My waist is swollen at a minimum of 6” larger than pre surgery. None of my pants or sweatpants fit. The only things I can wear are gym shorts and it’s starting to get cold in DC. My crotch area is really swollen and I started using ice gel packs to help with the swelling, which did help. My friends are going out for Friday night dinner and margaritas. While I am feeling better I defiantly am not up for drinking or group socializing.
The last few days seem to blend together since my sleep patterns are off. The good news is I’m sleeping longer and starting to get back on a schedule. I have had really vivid dreams since the surgery which I think is from the pain medication. The dreaming and night sweats are getting less and less… I’m slowly returning to normal life.

Nov 11 Daily life is returning to normal. ...

Nov 11
Daily life is returning to normal. Tomorrow I return to work (Veteran working on Veteran’s Day Observance in DC. UNDERPAID OVERWORKED RECESSION GENERATION SWEATSHOP WHO ONLY GIVE 12 DAYS OFF A YEAR AND NO SICKTIME!!!- but that’s for another blog.) I am back on a normal sleep schedule but get up several times a night for bathroom. Getting out of bed is still really hard. I have a memory foam mattress which makes the process of getting out of bed worse and more painful. The first hour of the day is the worst. I wake up feeling pretty beat up. I still need pain medication in the mornings but once I’m up and moving, I feel okay. I am still sore but daily life is bearable. Bending over takes effort. I can only lift my arms to shoulder height. But all-in-all at 6 days I’m doing well.

Swelling is receding slowly but surely. I can feel where some of the definition will eventually be when rubbing my hands across my belly; especially the upper part of my belly where swelling is receding faster than my lower belly/waist. I was surprised on how little bruising I’ve had. Most of the bruises that I do have are from the compression garment. I did take scissors and alter my compression garment. It was too tight around my groin (which is still swollen) so I cut the opening larger. I have the compression garment that starts at my knees and goes to my shoulders. I think I might cut the legs off (all of my surgery was from the waist up so I really don’t need compression on my legs.)

My nerves are healing which is causing me to itch. I’m using a plastic fork to scratch. It is strong enough to lightly scratch through the garment and gentle enough not to damage my skin. I have an EMPI machine left over from back surgery a few years ago. I started using the EMPI at bedtime to stimulate recover (I have not gotten approval from my doctor to do this but I will mention it at my follow-up appointment in 5 days.) The EMPI seems to help with the swelling. The amazing part of using the EMPI, is I can place it in an area where I’m numb and after 30 minutes on medium voltage, I feel the start of feeling returning. My EMPI cost $800 with electrodes and accessories. Most major health insurance covers the cost with a doctor’s prescription (

1 month and my flanks are still on fire. This...

1 month and my flanks are still on fire. This sucks!!! but the swelling is slowly getting better
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