PCA Peel - Washington, DC

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I went to get a regular facial at a spa and was...

I went to get a regular facial at a spa and was talked into getting a PCA peel. I just turned 30 and have pretty bad discoloration all over my face from years of lifeguarding, tanning beds, and loving the sun.

The aesthetician received great reviews online and has 25 years of experience so I felt comfortable in her hands. However she is not a plastic surgeon and since I wasn't planning on receiving a chemical peel I did get pretty nervous before, during and after the peel. I got the Sensi Peel and was told I will need to come back 5 more times to see the full effects.

The peel was a mild burning sensation. She put a neutralizer which calmed it down. My skin peeled the next day. It is continuing to peel and it's the 4th day. It doesn't hurt just looks a little funny. The worst part of the experience is mental - the not knowing how your skin will react.

Now that I've done online research I'm a little scared to continue with the other peels. Not sure my nerves can take it. So much risk but also such a reward to no longer have dark spots. I did find some info that says the PCA peels are less harsh and less of a risk than TCA peels? It's a little confusing since PCA is so similar to TCA. I'll update if I do decide to get over my fears and continue with the rest of the series.

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