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I'm glad I found this site,My story is...

I'm glad I found this site,My story is identical to most of you all,I developed to size D in middle school. My journey for breast reduction started when I was 18 but,Dr suggested I wait until I finished child-bearing even though then,I didn't want kids & it was far from my mind,fast foward 10yrs & 3 kids later lol! .I started the process again just to be told By my pcp,I needed to lose weight,& I did I lost about 40lbs of fat but,none from my boobies,that was in 2014 & since then,I have new insurance (Unitedhealth Care)new Dr. I thought it wouldn't be possible bc,I was discouraged with hearing so many people getting denied via insurance,I thought insurance will surely deny me as well. Skip to 2016 I've been in excruciating back,neck & shoulder pain that I went to pcp & she said "you have macromastia,have you ever thought about breast reduction?"& I'm like"of course" lol! that was February 2,2016 she gave me a referral to a ps that I chose myself on feb 4th on feb 9th I had my consult,meanwhile Im in physical therapy seeing a chiropractor a neurologist for my chronic migraines & a pain management Dr.My Ps office staffed called on feb 16th asking me if I could get recommendation from my chiro bc the ps didn't feel confident I would get approval without recommendation & six months of therapy,I asked them can they just send my prior auth to insurance with out reccomendation just to see,bc I was told I needed a minimum of 441grams removed & my ps told me I would need 1300/1200 grams removed from each breast my right breast is bigger than left,so I thought Ill take my chances,so they sent over prior auth to ins.Monday feb 22nd I got the call I was approved!!!! ???? And my surgery could have been as early as March 2nd but,that wasn't enough time for me to get all of my affairs in order.So I went for the next possible date March 10th,I can't wait to be relieved of the pain,I'm So tired of being the person in pain all day. I don't feel like I'm being the best parent I can be bc I'm always hurting. My story was longer than I wanted it to be but,I want to encourage all of you all that feel discouraged in dealing with ins & all of the ladies that give up before you tried,like I did. Please just go for it!! I know the anxiety will set in as you play this waiting game but,have patience this coming from a impatient person,I'm ready to be a new me,I'm ready to not have to wear two regular bras plus a sports bra just to work out,I'm ready to be able to Zumba,boxing and run without my boobies and shoulders hurting from all the bouncing,I'm ready to kill my workouts,Thanks for letting me share I hope this gives you motivation.
Sn: I can't believe I'm sharing my pictures.

I'm really on my way!

Today I went for my pre-op for both pc & ps & my ps gave me my scripts & all the info I needed to know about the surgery,so I'm really on my way to pain free better me.

Feeling lighter

My surgery was yesterday 3/10/16 I'm a little nervous bc they had to admit me after being in recovery for 6hours following bc I couldn't stop vomiting & had a fever they started me on antibiotics through iv for fear of an infection but,I'm staring to feel a little better & hopefully I can see my dr today.

In pain....

I was released Friday after seeing my ps & I was able to keep my food down & no nausea I'm at home recovering but,I'm in pain,I'm dizzy most the day & I just feel overall bad my ps gave me hydrocodone 2 every 4 hours for the pain but,I'm almost out of meds,I called ps & they said I would have to hold out until my follow up appointment tomorrow to get another script I only have 4 pills left,what am I supposed to do for the pain? When the medicine wears off I can feel everything,I know this will be worth it in the end but,right now I feel horrible.
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