20 Years Old and Getting 2 Year Old Silicone Breast Implants Removed After One Revision....Washington, DC

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I had a breast augmentation 2 years ago after my...

I had a breast augmentation 2 years ago after my now ex-boyfriend would make me feel bad about my small breasts. I am someone who has had other elective cosmetic surgery that I definitely DO NOT regret because it was exactly what I wanted, but I allowed a man to pressure me to get a boob job when I was 18 and not ready to make that decision. He also promised to help pay for them, but put some money to it and then I was left to deal with the financial burden at that young of an age. But the worst part isn't the money wasted, I just wasn't informed enough to make a decision. I thought I'd go in with my b-cups and come out with perfect natural looking large breasts that no one would be able to tell were implants and I felt embarassed every time someone would point out my implants to the point where I just knew I had to get them removed, but I was not willing to accept defeat, and in January I got the capsules lowered to make them look more natural. One side looks fairly natural, the other looks unnatural like before and I'm not going to endure another surgery on a quest to have boobs that are too big for my body.

I'm getting them removed by my surgeon. It wasn't surgeon error, it was MY error. I came in expecting to put in 450 hp silicones and have super squishy sexy breasts that looked and felt natural, but I wasn't realistic. I didn't have enough lose skin to swallow the implant like some people's do. Now i'm a bit afraid that i'll have saggy breasts, and I'm not sure what they'll look like after, but anything is better than being a skinny girl with breasts way too big for her body, and being treated badly because of it. My surgeon said they will look very small right after surgery which is what worries me the most because I don't know how long they will take for me to able to look normal enough to resume my normal life, but I'm excited to finally be rid of these things. I can't fit them into bras, I'm like an E cup. Now that I lost weight, I look more ridiculous. I miss my old boobs and wish I never let some asshole pressure me into surgery.

Will be adding photos soon.

2 year old silicone implants removal update with photos

I posted some before pics and pics with my implants. As soon as I have my surgery, I'll keep posting more pics to update on the progress.

They're OUT 2 hours post-op

Pain... just want to sleep :(

Day 3 Post-op!

I've been very nauseous and having pain around the incisions, but I am elated to have my small boobs back. I can't believe I ever got an augmentation in the first place, but I'm kind of happy since it stretched out my breasts more and once I'm able to wear regular bras, I'll have more jiggly cleavage. I always wanted my implants to jiggle like natural breasts but was disappointed they didn't, even after my revision. i love being able touch my breasts and not feeling the muscle holding the implant, i always hated that feeling. i look forward to wearing crop tops and not being called fake or a slut. I do not regret my decision to get them removed at all. I only wish I hadn't spent the money on the implants, revision, and then removal... but all of that together was less than ten grand so i guess it isn't too bad. we live and we learn. if i hadnt gotten them, i would've always wanted them... so i guess i'm glad i lived the experience already and can now move on from it. I
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