Age 34, 5'9", 125 Lbs, 2 Kids, 345cc Round Smooth Silicone Gel Submuscular - Washington, DC

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It's time! Surgery is booked for 7/21/16 and I'm...

It's time! Surgery is booked for 7/21/16 and I'm excited.

I've never been happy with the size of my breasts, but didn't think I'd actually do anything about it. Two kids later, the story has changed. I LOVED the size I had while breastfeeding, and I felt so confident! My clothes fit so well, and I felt sexy (except for the leaking boobs and nursing bras, but I digress). I want that size back!

So, I haven't finalized all the details with my surgeon yet, but I'm leaning toward 350cc smooth round silicone, moderate plus, submuscular. I think that will get me back to the size I had while breastfeeding, without being large and obvious. (I wish I had taken photos of my boobs back then!)

I'm excited to have it done, but I'm nervous about the recovery! My kids are 1 and 3.

350cc rice sizers

Trying the 350cc rice sizers in a nursing bra that used to fit. I love this size.

Wish pics

Pre-op is tomorrow! Nervous!!


Had pre-op today

My pre-op was today, and I'm feeling somewhat relieved! Everyone was very reassuring and calm, and that helps a lot. Dr Bruno thought 350cc was a good size for me, and he thought it would create the desired look. Yay!

I had a whole list of questions, and everything was answered in a way that made me feel confident. I wanted to know whether he used a Keller funnel for implants, and he does. He said it allows for a smaller incision, less "man handling" of the implant, and less potential for contamination.

I also asked about lifting restrictions, when I can drive post-op, scar therapy options (I'm prone to large, hypertrophic scars), prescriptions, and several other things.

Dr Bruno and all his staff were wonderful. They took the time to listen to my concerns, and were very thorough. :)
Feeling happy, but still somewhat nervous!

These are my two favorite wish pics that I brought to the appointment.

Husband isn't thrilled

I know. What man doesn't like the idea of bigger boobs? He's not excited about the surgery and sort of tried talking me out of it. In his mind, it's an unnecessary risk and a waste of money. I wish he could be more supportive of the idea, but I'm doing it anyway. This isn't about him, it's about *me.*

I strongly dislike my post-baby breasts, and they are not going to improve on their own, so here we are. He said something to the effect of, "I never would have thought you'd do this. You're such a practical person." To me, that's exactly WHY I'm doing it. I'm being pragmatic about reality. I'm unhappy with them, and I have the ability to change that. Easy choice, right?

I hope he'll come around eventually. I'll feel somewhat guilty relying on him for help during the first few days, especially since he'll be handling both kids on his own...

But marriage is compromise, right? ;)

Anyone else have an unenthusiastic husband/partner? How did you deal with it?

Three more days

Three days until surgery! I'm feeling calmer about everything, and I'm ready to get t over with! I think I've got everything ready, except filling my prescriptions, which I'll do today.

Anyone else approaching their date?! :)


Surgery went great, and I'm feeling pretty good. LOTS of pressure, though I can't tell whether it's the muscle or the right dressings. I'm leaning toward blaming the dressings, because I feel if the strongest near my breastbone.

Nap time! More later. :(

Day 1 post op

Nothing to see yet! I have a large wrap over my bra, and I can't take the wrap off until tomorrow. Womp womp

Pain has been ok - nothing too severe. Mainly just soreness and pressure.

Day 1

I'm not about to mess with this bandage, so this will have to do for now! :)

345cc round smooth silicone gel
I'm 5'9" and about 125

Moving to recliner

So, I thought I was smart getting this wedge pillow for the bed... Not to much. It was pretty uncomfortable last night, so I'm asking my husband to bring the recliner out of my daughter's room for me. I had a nap down there today, and was much more comfy.

Day 2

I'm doing pretty well. No real complaints since removing the tight ace bandage today. MAN, that thing was tight! I have some swelling along my sternum, but the implants are already lower than I would have expected (hooray). Hoping for a shower tonight after the kids are in bed, and my husband will have a minute to help.

Day 4 Post Op

I feel better than expected! My right arm has almost full range of motion with no discomfort. My left isn't quite so lucky, but I'm not complaining!

I'm still pretty high and swollen, but I think they're going to look great when they drop and fluff. :)

Oops - last update was day 3 post op

Can't go back and fix it!

Day 4 Post Op

So today is post-op day 4, and I'm very happy with the entire process so far. The surgery was only an hour long, the size looks wonderful at this point, and the recovery has been easier than I anticipated. I'm getting nerve pain in one area of my left breast, but I expect that will improve with time. I haven't been in for my follow-up yet, but things are great so far! ????

Day 4

You'll have to forgive the marker that's still on my chest because I'm a chicken and I've been scared to scrub too hard in the shower!

I'm so pleased with the size. They're big enough to make me feel feminine, but I still feel athletic. ??

Day 5 Post Op

Washed, dried, and straightened my own hair. :)
I've been so surprised by my relatively easy recovery. Woohoo!

Day 6 Post Op

Feeling good! I didn't need any Tylenol today, but I'm still getting that zinger in my left breast. My first follow-up with the surgeon is tomorrow, so I'm curious to see what he says about it. I also want to know when it's OK to start massaging, etc. And for the love of Pete, when can I get out of this bra?! :D

Day 7 Post Op First follow-up with doc

Well, I had my first post-op appointment with Dr Bruno today, and everything is looking good. I have the ok to begin gentle massages, and he says the nerve pain I'm feeling should resolve with time. I'm supposed to stay in the surgical bra for another week, and then I'm cleared to wear whatever feels comfortable.

I also got some steroid injections into my c-section scar because its hypertrophic and still growing/itching. Hopefully that helps!

Day 8 Post Op

Just for funsies, I tried on an old 34D that was still hanging around from my last pregnancy. Boobs are still sitting a little high inside the cups, as you can see, but I think the size will be great.

Day 13 Post Op

Incisions are a bit pink right now, because I peeled off the old glue that was still on there. Looking and feeling pretty good! Still a bit firm, but I'm working on massages, and I'm sure they'll continue to soften.

17 Days Post Op

Fun new bralette, on sale at Target :)

3 Weeks Post Op

Feeling good!

5 Weeks Post Op

I know it's a bit soon, but I needed bras. I went to VS and was sized at a 32 DD, which is just hard to believe! I'm feeling great and still very happy with the size.
I'm still getting used to the pectoral muscle movement, but no issues otherwise.
Dr. James Bruno

Dr. Bruno and his staff have been truly wonderful, from start to finish. He is very thorough and professional, and he patiently answered all my questions during the pre-op phase. I am only five days post-op now, but I'm already quite pleased with the results and I have been pleasantly surprised by the relatively easy recovery. Overall, I'm just tickled with the outcome and I'd do it all over again.

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