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I am a college student in DC looking to get a...

I am a college student in DC looking to get a brazillian butt lift this summer while classes are out. I am 5'6 and an apple shape, I love my boobs but my butt and hips have never been up to par. I have lost weight from everywhere BUT my stomach and it has just gotten ridiculous, so I decided this is the route I need to go I am looking at consultations with Dr. Salama and Dr. Jimerson but to be honest I like Dr. Jimersons results more, they have the fullness and projection I truly want for my end result :) I will be documenting my journey here in full so please stay tuned

I'm really nervous, not because of the procedure...

I'm really nervous, not because of the procedure but because I am dying to get this done and I havent heard back from any of the doctors :( I dont really understand what Is going on, hopefully when I call Dr. J tomorrow I can get some answers.

I just had to come back and say the ladies I have...

I just had to come back and say the ladies I have been talking to on here are fantastic and extremely helpful, thank everyone so much for the kind words and please dont hesitate to talk to me I love to hear from people on the same journey as me

My consultation is only a couple of days away and I literally cannot wait!

Am I the only person here that checks this site...

Am I the only person here that checks this site like religiously? lol It is horrible XD but I have my consultation with dr J this Monday and I am hoping I can get a date in May but that is highly unlikely :( But I am currently in the process of compiling a list of questions to ask if they have not already been answered, here is what I have so far if anyone would like to add or use any please feel free :):

What are the possible complications of the surgery and how likely are they to occur?
What is done to insure these things do not happen?
How long after BBL do I have to wear the compression Garment?
How long will my butt area stay hard from surgery?
How long will my liposuction areas stay hard?
How long until Bruising Subsides?
How long until Swelling subsides?
How long before I can travel for significant portions of time? (24 hr + flight)
How long do you recommend I stay in Georgia after Surgery
Resume sex? Lol
Should I get massages?

Good luck to everyone and congrats to the ladies who have had their surgeries, I am loving the results I am seeing! :)

So I had my consult today and it went...

So I had my consult today and it went fantastically! We had technical troubles this morning, I was told that my pictures weren't received but once everything was fixed and Dr. J was out of surgery he called me and things went great

He was very calm, soft spoken and mild mannered, I felt at ease discussing things with him. I am getting the general areas of lipo done (abdomen, lower back, flanks) with added bra rolls and arms. I am getting the fat grafted to both my butt and my hips which is where the extra costs came in.

My Sx date is May 15th of this year, I got lucky because there weren't that many may dates available apparently. But I am scared! And Excited! Everything is happening so fast I dont know what to do!

You will see me on here a lot now, I have so much planning to do now that I have my date. If anyone has questions please feel free to ask :)

So I am getting every thing squared away, I have...

So I am getting every thing squared away, I have been on here reading reviews all the time it is getting obsessive but I am getting so excited and ready for my new bod!

I have been looking at people pages and noticed a lot of girls in the 18-21 range on here like me and it makes me feel good, I thought I was nuts for doing it at this age (20) but it is really reassuring.

Also thanks for the love and support to everyone who has been giving it to me, y'all are wonderful hope to talk to you more!

Alright everyone SO sorry I haven't been answering...

Alright everyone SO sorry I haven't been answering stuff on here but I have been swamped I just finished finals week and I am in like warp speed to SX since it is literally next week but I am answering now so :) stay tuned

Heyyyyy Everyone I am finally not extremely...

Heyyyyy Everyone I am finally not extremely drugged and up to writing this review! haha Sorry it took so long, drugs really take me out and ive been on them heavy for the past few days naturally
But to begin, everything went perfectly.
Pre op: I had a mini panic attack the day I was packing to leave and called my momma and told her everything that was happening. I had been scared to but I knew I was getting a bad feeling about going alone and having nurses taking care of me. So she ended up coming with me :) We arrived at the doctors office a few minutes early, they promptly took me to the back and briefed me. Michelle is absolutely amazinggggg Had me in stitches the whole time. Such a great personality. I have no complaints with anyone at the office at all, they seem to vibe very very well and were extremely caring and through with letting me know everything that happens. I also met Dr. J that day and he was the sweetest guy ever
Day of operation: MY op was actually supposed to b at 2:30 but the office called me and asked if there were any way I could come over earlier (around 12) so I hopped in my clothes and was on my way. I was extremely nervous while they were checking me out for everything but they tried to calm me down which was nice. The doctor came in and marked me up, talked to me about what I wanted, told me my butt was a little muscular so he may not be able to get it "video vixen big" but it would still be substantial. I was fine with that, I wanted big enough to fit my frame. Anyway, i got marked up and they took me into the OR to sterilize me, I got on the table and I remember the anesthesiologist telling me she was giving me pure oxygen and stuff to relax me. Next thing I know I was waking up outside of the OR after surgery LOL. My nurse said I must not drink because the anesthesia really took me out. I agree, all I wanted to do was go back to sleep. I didnt even care about anything else. I remember asking where my momma was thats about it. Momma took me home that evening (around 6 or 7). I did get to look in the mirror that day and saw that my waist was tiiiiiny. The nurse even made a comment. And I was told it is only going to get smaller so I am more than happy

Day 2-5: HELL. To say the least. I am great with pain, but damn I was knocked on my ass these days. Between being groggy with the medicine and missing one of my times to take pills I thought I was going crazy. Granted, I also got my arms done with this. Anyone who has had it done knows you use your arms for absolutely everything so the body pain combined with having to use newly lipoed arms to get around was just a bad combo. But I am glad I did, my arms look great and i am feeling a lot better.

Okayy I am going to go more into depth on days 2-5 later also more on the hotel and dr J.s staff, I am getting drowsy cause I didnt sleep a lick last night so I need to go catch some shut eye. I promise I will be back today yall, I wont leave you hanging like I had to the past couple days. I will at least upload pics right now

Also, thanks for the wonderful well wishes everyone , Everything is going well and thanks for thinking of me

So sorry that I have been MIA for so long, I am in...

So sorry that I have been MIA for so long, I am in the process of moving to New York soon so please bare with me.
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