!!! Round 1 journey ** - Dominican Republic

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Hey everyone, i'm on the wire, wait'n for a quote...

hey everyone, i'm on the wire, wait'n for a quote from Dr. Duran and Dr. Yily, it's been 4 days, haven't heard anything.. Iknow they are all busy... i'm hav'n da twitches!!!! I am looking for a surgery date of February18th, arriving in on February 17th....." And This Shall Also Pass" < my motto>

I will post some "Wish Pics soon" that's exciting!!!

**Just Posted Some Before Pics...Next will be my Wish Pics!!

Hopefully I will receive a quote from Dr. Yily or Dr. Duran for Sx date of February 18th ...

YILYDoll ova here!!!!!!!

I just heard from Dr. yily by email . So for the record..( my experience only...) it took 5 days from the first email I sent her for a reply. When I called her office on Thursday, they told me that she normally responds to emails on the weekends, as shes in surgery all week. So I really wanted to hear from Dr. Duran , but... I have not heard anything from Duran , so I will go with Yily. I am still happy and feel blessed for the quote and response. Which is $3,600 ...below is her direct quote from my email..
Quote Total: $ 3,600USD

The above quote total includes the following procedures:

· Liposuction of the abdomen, full back, armpits, flanks and waist
· Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) via fat grafting to the buttock


hi, does anyone know if all is fine. I just called the office and a recording came on, the first time Yira answered, then the phone went dead, I recalled and it said no response..hope all is fine...

The Ups and Down's of a Future BBLer!!!! Update...with 2 wish piks!! Yaay!

Well, am very thankful that Dr. Yily sent me a quote, but has not yet responded to a surgery date for me, I know she is on Maternity leave, So I respect that...I sent her a text on Whatsapp, she asked me to please send her messages by email....So I sent her another text that stated I did respond to her Quote and brought my ticket already. ,and thanked her for her time, and wished her a joyous delivery .
So ...on to the next, I have to have a backup plan....unfortunately, I do have faith in her, but its always good to have other quotes ,I contacted Dra. Duran, her staff told me ( I called) that hopefully I can get a quote by the weekend. I contacted Dr.Contreras, received a quote and he responds rapido fast !! Also contacted Dr. Robles, received a quote also, but I so really desire for Dra. Duran to do my body , as Dra. Yily is still on the wire also , and very very good. Then next will come Dra. Contreras, It's funny how we all in the beginning say.." Dr. (WHATEVER) is doing my surgery!!! ...but when you find out a)getting the quotes and b) hoping to get back in touch with them for a surgery date confirmed, is like trying to sell Snow to an Eskimo....Well, reality sets in ( please.. I didn't mean anything derogatory against Eskimo's )... that our time is not their time, and we all have to sigh, have some Merlot(good for iron) and relax, so I'm playing the waiting game with my PAID ticket in hand, and no surgery date .So just an update: the fastest response came from :
Dr. Contreras- ($2,500 plus $500 meds)CHEAP!!!!..hmmm.. Quote in one hour and surgery date confirmed if I accept.
Dr. Yily - ($3,600 plus $250 meds)Quote after 7 days, cannot get a response from staff on a confirmed surgery date, was told to buy ticket(that's what I did, and now I'm waiting for a date confirmation.( I feel like a BOZO for buying a ticket,knowing she was going on Maternity leave in hopes for a surgery date response ) but... I had, have faith.
Dr. Duran -( $??) Automated email last week, and i spoke to Elizaveph today who said wait till the weekend. soo... that's where I am right now. here are some wish piks to pass the time
Dr. Robles- ($3,925 plus $500 for meds.) took a week plus , also responded with a quote, bu tno surgery date.

wish piks finally uploaded!

What i really really want is a small small small waist , contouring with a lil tiny shelf, into a nice round booty. and to get these arms lipoed, my hemo is at 12.7 now, so I just have to keep it up. Not the extreme booty, just enough to say"Dats jus enuf BOOTy!! lol

wish pik

wish piks

Got in touch with Camillas Medical Tourism.. my surgey date will soon be secured!! Yaay!

hi everyone,
still in limbo with my surgery date, it has never been confirmed yet. But I do have a quote from Yily , so I will also be getting a quote from Duran with a secured date. Sometimes you have to go through a higher power in Life!!! waiting anxiously!! as I have decided that I want Duran or Yily, just need a confirmed surgery date.wish me luck !!


I am so excited !!! So I have an official surgery date! Dr. Yily required a security deposit of $300, that's no problem, as its just $300, off my surgery bill, so I am good with that! Normally she does not, but because I used an agency, they personally went to her office for me in the Dominican to secure my appointment for me. Now... I have to try and get my Meds.. my problem is..I know my PCP will NOT give me Percocet or Hydrocodone, or anything like that because he does not want to be liable if he ain't doing the surgery, less talk about surgery in another COUNTRY!!

So now, I have to find family members who just had slip n falls!!, and give them a "visit" LMBO!!

It's funny, alot of people say "ooh, go to DR, its cheaper! Let's keep it real folks!! It ain't that cheap... airfare, recovery house, surgery, buying the supplies, it's close to the same price, but the results are AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I am finally doing something for me, and I feel great about it!!
I am 44 years old, and I can't tell my MOM!! Maybe because I don't wanna hear the MOM : " Baby, You are BEAUTIFUL!! You could use that money for something else....HEY!! I saw this BAG on HSN!! "
me: "OMG "(shakes head)
and my kids!!! My teenage son walked up into the kitchen with his younger brother and said "HEY MA!! I WAS ON UR COMPUTER!!!, U TRYNA GET UR BUTT DONE!!! HAHAA HAA!! ..."MA UR TOO OLD FO DAT STUFF!!" ...
me( totally mad ,embarrassed, and pissed at myself for leavn it on my computer..)
I told him it was for my cousin, I am researching for her, then he said
Teenage son: Well, Ma, No offense, but, she got a computer too right??"
younger son: ewww, Ma , yuk!
me: Don't disrespect me!! Watch the way you talk !" "you HEARD what I said!! End of DISCUSSION!! "

me...(note to self... buy that boy his own Macbook for xmas..so he will stay off mine!!)

On MY WAY ,secured deposit with Dr. Yily !!...I have settled on my Recovery House!!!

Hi.. Why is picking a recovery house harder than picking out a baby name?? go figure. Anyway...I have step one done, brought plane ticket, step two, secured my surgery date!! step 3 , after drawing up the Pros and Cons of all the Recovery Houses, while you all was enjoying your sunday, i took my Sunday, to figure out which recovery house was best for me.... I have looked at the good , the best, and the bestest!!! and in my opinion..
1)When I get out of surgery it will be NICE to have a FREE PRIVATE NURSE to stay with me all night in the CIPLA room.
2)It is also NICE to have English speaking owners around.
3) Its so nice to have FREE daily laundry
4) Also nice to not be charged extra to be picked up and dropped off at the Airport.
5) Its nice to have a Security Guard around, if i want to go to the store , he can escort me, for free.
6) It's great that I can get a ride to teh Mall free( with recovering doubt its in my agenda, but ..just nice to know.)
7) a nice clean modernly designed recovery house
8)not TWIN beds , but all the beds are Double or QUEEN...
9) Price is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! FOR ALL OF THIS, THE BEST QUOTE for me out of all the houses... so alas , my personal preference is....drumroll please...ta ta ta ta dummm!!!! ....... Camellias Recovery house is my choice, I cant give out info because its inviolation of realself rules, and I want to respect Kristy, as she is such a SWEETHEART!! sooo...this is my personal pick, and I am happy with my choice, so I sent a days stay as a deposit, and now that is locked in, Im soo happy, once again.


THANKS to realself, I have met my new traveling buddy, her name is Beauti, and she is Beautiful. Everything is going so smooth so far...I have 2 months and 21 Days!! left and counting.
I have added chin lipo and inner thigh lipo to my BBL , and arm lipo with Dr. Yily


I changed my screen name y'all..to DCYILYDOLL....i am getting so excited!!!!!!

IT's Goin down real soon yall', please get me to the New Year, so i can start my countdown!!!!


I have changed my surgery date to February 18, 2014. I moved it up by one day. I called Camellias Medical Tourism, and asked for the change because I wanted to be FIRST for the day. And I was confirmed by Dr. Yily de Los Santos's office That I will be first on February 18, 2014. So I am Happy once again!! my height and weight are right now. 5 ft 7, 170lbs.


I said I was not going to be jumping around like other sx girls or having mixed emotions.... Well, i have officially joined the group !!! LOL . I love Yilys work, I feel very blessed she is my chosen confirmed surgeon. I fought long and hard and paid money for a confirmed date. WHY AM I STARING AT DR. CABRAL'S WORK???? It is very nice. I think this happens when you wait too long for your surgery date to approach!! Well..... I feel extremely blessed and I am thankful that I do have a great sx buddy, we talk or text at least every other day, so everything else will fall in place. We have both secured our date with Real Recovery Armonia Recovery House...yes we switched.

I can't wait to get to the Dominican Republic !!! I will focus on the holidays so that will knock off another 2 weeks of wait time. God is guiding me in all the right directions.. Merry Christmas to all you Dolls out there .

LOOKING AT GIRLS BOTTOMS IN CHURCH and at Stores???? WHY??? ....i can answer that question..lol

okay... i have just realized that looking at girls bottoms to me and waist line ratios in "real Life" as become a "degree of study".. "taking statistics", and "analyzing"..YES I SAID IT!!!!!!!!! LOL . I don't look at it in a lustful way... its like I have an imaginary comparision chart in my head.... I have NEVER done this before. like..."no, not dat?, or... "SHE WILL NEVA NEED SX SURGERY !! " , hahaa!!..., i am looking for which girls got d butt cleavage , or d bubble grip dem jeans effect.. then i compare myself and some i realize, if they don't stick 2 upside down salad bowls on my azz, i ain't gonna eva achieve some of the things I see!! . I even get frustrated if a girl is wearing a long coat, AND I CAN'T SEE !!!!!!!! DANG IT!!! Very funny how everything is taking a medical turn to it in my mind, like some kind of 007 RESEARCH....


From and including: Saturday, December 21, 2013
To, but not including Monday, February 17, 2014
Result: 58 days

It is 58 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date

Or 1 month, 27 days excluding the end date
Alternative time units
58 days can be converted to one of these units:

5,011,200 seconds
83,520 minutes
1392 hours
58 days
8 weeks (rounded down)

....IM JUS SAY'N.....

LOL !!!! i'm gonna make some xmas cookies right now in the shape of Butts!! bye Y'all!!! hahaa!!!.....ok, im kidding.


I HAD A DREAM.... that I was at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and after dealing with the rude chick to get my ticket number , I was given a number... When "ms.Nastydmvgurl" gave me my ticket, she was loud and laughn at my number and she said "DAHHHAMMMMNNN""""!!.. she was laughn and spittn so hard she fell out her chair, and i snickered to myself (was dat bad???) . I went to take my seat , I
looked up, and the number was showin some ""ish ""..on the screen like 048.... So i looked at my ticket and it said "02182014" ..and I said "WHAT DEH???? """ (my surgery date..) GURL.... Why was i sittn in DMV all Dangfreakn hours,days, weeks, passed by, I was STILL sittn there!!! waitn for my number to come up. The wierd part was as the girls would walk up to the counters , they walked away transformed into Dolls , and Barbies(minus the drains) just total transformation. ..... I gotta leave the late night frosted flakes alone before bedtime.....smh


I just send Dra. Yily a message about my scheduled surgery with her on February 18th, as long as I show up on February 17, 2014 for my prep, i secured it with a deposit…. she wrote me back just now that February 18, 2014 is all booked up… what da heyyy??? i secured my date in November….. I am uberly confused, but I starred my email to her by saying, "I am confirmed with you for surgery on February 18th…..dang dang dang Orangutang DANGGG!!!


started..not starred...

BACK ON TRACK !!!.......

So my SURGERY IS CONFIRMED FOR FEBRUARY 18TH . I have attached the confirm email... if you have been following my blog, i was originally scheduled for the 19th, but wanted to be on the 18th and the first one, as I have LATEX ALLERGY and its severe, so i want to be the first that day it helps in that area, no to mention I have purchased surgical non latex gloves in all sizes and sterile surgical tape, and guazes...(nooo... im not going overboard, i am leaving no room for error) if when i reach the Dominican Dra.Yily says no need, they have those things, ..then i am fine, if not, well i will beg them to use it as my latex allergy is "yucky" meaning, shortness of breath, paralysis,..its happened before with "hair glue"...WTF??!!!!!!! yes !..... I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance from the hair salon ...smh, I am extremely careful now, no hair glue, no eyelash glue, no condoms(im married...anyway soo) . I already had my consultant Karleigh Harris ask Dr. Yily about my LATEX ALLERGY and Karleigh said that my sx would be no problem, but when i read about all these girls gettn burned from the surgical tapes, i believe they have a latex allergy and are not aware of it, anyway....just my take on it.. so here's the excerpt from my email :

Please no more confusion. PleAse. . Thank you. I hope it sticks.

Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

From: Yily Loramny De Los Santos Rosario ;
Sent: Tue, Dec 24, 2013 1:21:24 PM


Sorry for the confusion, Victoria. You were scheduled for the 19th and the 18th. I removed you from the 19th. You are confirmed for Feb 18th as the first patient.

DRAMA STARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT DA HECK ???????

Now im feeling so upset.. i am a giver by nature , i bit my lip and said i deserve to have this sx for myself, WHY?? WHY?? WHY!!! does my MOM come out da blue tellin me ? ..." i don't think u should get this done, when u get old u gonna be draggin around a Big ol soft saggy butt"" WTF???? Is this not the same Woman who has wanted botox, and i happily treat her to it , and continue to treat her every 3 months !!, plus other sx surgeries???... her latest interest is a tummy tuck??? Like FREAK'N REALLY???????!!!!!!!!!!! UUGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!

BETTER DAYS AHEAD !!!!!!! COME ON 2014 !!!!!!

I am holdn my head up higher, in prayer for a better year. Wishing all you Rs'ers a happy 2014!!!!

SOO SOFT!! Memory Foam Bobby Pillow..

i just purchased this from Marshalls for $9.99 i had ordered one from www.nursingpillow.com, but its been 2.5 months and i have not received it, so i cancelled my order, with shipping my pillow was about $13.00 from marshalls... but im happy with my memory foam.



As the tech was doing my EKG she asked what I needed it for, so I told her, and she was like...SHOCKED!! LIKE... NOWAYY!!!!!!! She said give me all the INFO !!!


MY PCP was like... What are you trying to do AGAIN??? but he gave me all my meds, just not the Heparin..


Yesterday.. I went to my primary care's office to see what i could get. i felt like I was at the casino rolling the Dice on d Crap table . I pulled up in front of his office, I felt like a little girl going to the Principals office. I WAS SOOO NERVOUS!! KNOWING HES GONNA GIVE ME THE BLUES!!!!!!..anyway .. teh first problem was when they weighed me in..my weight has always been 172lbs.. why do i get there and my weight is 186??!!! .. so i told the nurse
ME: I think your scale is wrong...LIKE SERIOUSLY WRONG!!
ME: before i came to the docs office i weighed myself at home, and also weighed a suitcase to ship by UPS when i went to mail it, the suitcases weight was exactly what i weighed at home....all 3 of them!!!!!!
ME: so why is it my weight is like 10 pounds heavier?
(i even took off my watch ,boots, coat.etc..)
. the nurse was bout maybe 21 if????????? and she had a nice /bad ATTITUDE!! ... SHE WAS LIKE..
NURSE GRINCH : 'OUR SCALE IS CALIBRATED' so its accurate, yours is not.""
(( I so wanted to strangle her...) but i resisted..thinkn of how fab i will be from d Dominican.. N that put me at ease.

So i sit in the docs room(photo above) i'm nervous.. and im thinkn... this man is gonna grill me...but then, i had to pull up my" BIG GIRL BRITCHES!!',
i was like......
""" I DESERVE THIS !!! and he AIN'T gonna stop me from going !!! THIS IS MY MONEY !!!AND HE IS MY DOCTOR!!!!, he better RECOGNIZE!!!! """ ....lol.

so he came in, well... shuffled in, he is about 65 im sure, and ..well..maybe he's older.I handed him Dra.Yily's quote with all the Meds I need ,and tests i wanna check blood, EKG,HEMO, etc.
he looked at the paper and said:
DOC: "What's wrong with your Butt????????
DOC:"' I'm sure you probably don't need this???
DOC:"What?? they don't give you medicine there??
DOC: "so they are going to do surgery on you, and they cant give you antibiotics??
DOC: I don't think this is safe !!!!!!!
(im thinking....OHH MY GODDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!! ) So i say to him...
ME: I AM GOING to the Dominican !!! SEE I have my plane ticket already, I showed him my email receipt.
ME: The Doctors there will get you the medicine ,its about $250.00 but I prefer to get mine here, as I am familiar with the U.S. standards of meds and what will definately work and dosage.

DOC: .....Yes i understand..... , Americans can't tolerate pain.
( side note....as you have now figured my doctor is not American-born)

soooo..... he perscribes me Percocet 5/325 ,medrol pack, augmentin, diflucan(yeast infection medicine so i won't be itching down THERE!!! due to the antibiotics)...
Me: ""Doc, can i at least get 10/325 for Percocet, as 5/325 is okay for day 3 and 4, but the first 2 days after surgery, I need at least 10/325 for the intense pain.""

Me: (rolling my eyes.. i just wanna grab his prescription pad n write dis' ish 'myself!!!")
DOC: .............Well... you can just take two pills at the same time.
ME: Yes Doc ,, i know 5 +5= 10, but the acetaminophen will be higher ,so i will be taking 10/650.. not 10/325????...... (duh?????!!!!!!)
DOC: (...silence.. no response).
DOC: Go into the next room to get your EKG. I have been married for over 40 years, my wife has a
nice butt !!
ME: ( silence... I know have no F'n response !!!!!! ) (a lil pissed also..)
DOC: .....okay .when you come back, i wanna see that butt!! heh heh heh..
Me: (WHAT THE HELL!!!!oo)
so..I have driven to 2 CVS's no one has PERCOCET??...like ? was there a sale???? LOL


In November I was 14.7 now I am 12.8...WHAT DA DO???!!!


I just started taking these 2 days after I had my blood drawn for tests., so it hopefully will affect my levels in 5 weeks. The good news is that everything else is perfect. I am going to my Dr. tomorrow to see about any Super Iron pills to raise my Hemo he can prescribe me.


I read a thread where Dra. Yily is saying that if you are getting aggressive Lipo she now wants your Hemo to be at least 14 . This was posted yesterday. Hope that info helps anyone, she mentioned that Iron should be taken about 3x a day !!


well.... Dra. Yily said no, hemo has to be 12. So I am thinking maybe that girl had special circumsyances as to why she was told 14. This was confirmed personally by Dra. Yily and Yira.

Finally Packed...4 weeks to goo!!!

Woww!!!! I can't believe I am 4 weeks and a few days till I touch down n the Dominican Republic !!!!

Domincan Republic HAUL !!!

WOWWWW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MADE REALSELF FRIEND!!!!!! AWWWW....

FIRST... I'D like to thank GOD and my mother who.... (okay guys... im takn it too far right???!!!)

today was going to be "TACO TUESDAY!!"" but instead its CHICKEN TUESDAY.. I am happy i made realfriend!!! yeah, it is A BIG DEAL !!!! for the person i heard say ""so what da F*" ...LOL . Im blessed cuz, classy assy, beauti and i will be staying at the same recovery house.

????DOES ANYONE know What TIME It IS ?????


ITS ABOUT TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!! DANG DABBIT!!!!!!!!

HI ALL !!!!!!!! my date calculation can be looked at soo many different wayz...
-some might calculate the working dayz to sx!
-some might calculate the planned date to start packing to sx !
-some might calculate the arrival date to the Dominican Republic
-some might calculate the day of sx

well... for this calculation below, i have chosen the date of my blood to be drawn at CIPLA as, i am scheduled for sx on FEBRUARY 18TH, to be the first.... but if im too anxious.... i might do teh 17th date of preop testing at CIPLA if I become a 5 year old, and can't wait !!!

From and including: Saturday, January 18, 2014
To and including: Monday, February 17, 2014
Result: 31 days

It is 31 days from the start date to the end date, end date included

Or 1 month including the end date
Alternative time units
31 days can be converted to one of these units:

2,678,400 seconds
44,640 minutes
744 hours
31 days
4 weeks (rounded down)

******** COUNTOWN FEVER!! *********** MY NEW FINAL WISH PIK ***

I want to see that :
*middle line down my back
* get rid of football shoulders
* my lil chinny chin chin
* fatty girl lipo
* vajayjay lip injection .(.jus a tiny bit..heheehe)
*little waist.. like a 27 (if possible) never seen 27 except for my age a while ago....smh
* BBl injection 1,200 ccc's each cheek( don't kno what i look like, but i like the number 12 )
* arm lipo to about 10 inches..im currently 12.5, okay , just say 13
*thigh lipo
my current stats are:
arm: 12.5
hips:(including butt ) 41
waist: 34
chest 38 d ..which will stay the same
height 5 ft 7
weight: 173-177 ish... it shifts
(wish piks compliments of my fb friend t.j. )


Hey Rs'ers, today is gonna be a hap hap happy day for me!! Why? u might ask?? cuz , im one day closer to reaching the Dominican !! to get yilyfied


IN ALL MY EXCITEMENT... i hit the send button by mistake. my heart is beating fast !! I can't wait 2 get on da plane and take that snapshot of d plane leaving... anyway , i just called my bank and alerted them that i will be traveling so dey don't "Block a Sista"!!! while i was online, i saved myself a headache, I just ordered, my Dominican pesos, the rate was at x2556.. its great cuz, ma money will be delivered in 1 to 3 dayzzz at my doorstep, i only ordered like $109 u.s. dollars which equals to $4,300 DOP. just enough for tipping n lil Domician stuff i might need. I alos went to 5 NAD BELOW and scooped up this really kool boppy pillow ..just $5 woww!!!!!! ...lol


5 and below..typo

my Hemo booster tea came today!

Hi..I ordered this tea online..supposed t ohelp boost it hemo. I last checked about a month ago,it was 12.5 , or..12.7, it's in my earlier threads...but I want it to be higher and maintain it. That is with one month of prior vitamins..iron 65mg, 1 vitamin c 1k mg,b12..since then...I'm taking geritol, blood booster vits , folic acid 20mg, iron 65 mg b12, now im going to sip this tea...


Just started this today..it takes like you just licked a rusty nail...well that's iron right??


From and including: Friday, February 7, 2014
To, but not including Sunday, February 16, 2014

Result: 9 days
It is 9 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date

Alternative time units
9 days can be converted to one of these units:
777,600 seconds
12,960 minutes
216 hours
..........................THIS IS MY TIME FINALLY!!!... sometimes u don't think ur time will come, well....... mine certainly has!.. and i am soo excited about it! bags are packed , and of course im nervous, .....i feel like I am wait'n 4 parents 2come home n beat my ass after a bad day in school!!!.... like what da ??!! ..butterflies in my stomach, n dat ain't good after swallowing geriatric Geritol . That stuff is nasty!! So i will be going 2 da DR solo, my husband was SUPPOSED to come... but... he ain't big fan of blood.... so "i get it"..hahaa... why is it dat i couldn't wait fo rdis day, and now im so havin migranes, butterflies ,wonderin if i can take any more iron??? my sx buddy was like:

SxBud Beauti: " u betta b careful..."
me: " hmm... gurl..let me get my IRON ON!!"
Beauti: " u can't be taking 2much iron?"
me :" betta safe than sorry"
me: "how much iron are they pumpn in d girls tehre when they need to raise d hemo for sx? alot im sure, so what im doing is preventive. LOL"
Beauti: okkkk....

i feel like"" ..let me suck dis iron down, cuz time ain't on nobody's side, its like when u land in the Dr.. theres a Hemo monster dat sucks all of our iron away. cuz ... all gurls dat go to Cipla iron registers lower!..smh ..so yes ..I do believe in Monsters!..

SO WHAT AM I TAKING??????? im glad to tell u what im taking...
2 blood builders
1 pur asorb'
1 20mg folic acid
1 lil plastic medicine cup of Geritol
1 vitC 1000 mg
2 iron pills...
3 cups of orange juice..
1 roll of toliet paper!!!!!!!! ......jus call me da "Jolly Green Giant "..yall kno what I'm talkn bout!! its real up n here! hahaa
i started with a hemo of 12.8 per blood drawn in January 2014. So I have been eating mussels, spinach, fish, steak, and trying to stay away from alot of diary,, but i love CHEESE!!!! and cheese lovesss me! I will most definately post my hemo level as soon as i find out on here.

$$$$ 8 DAYS TO DOMINICAN REPUBLIC!! *** Church Prayer...smh $$$$$$$$$

I was typing soo much. and it DELETED !!!!!!!!!! ok....startn from da BOTTOM!!! .. i went to church today my Pastor is a Prophet, so who better to get prayers from rite??? for booty surgery rite??????.......... anyway......... after church......... I went up to him and it went like this:::
PAstor: Your leaving Sunday ...am i right????
me: Yes Prophet, you are....
Pastor: In the Name of Jesus..May you come and go with Peace and Guidance with your surgery.."
me: Thank u Prophet......
Pastor:" SO UR GETTING DIS THING DONE RIGHT???(...he points at his butt.....)
me: (...feeling woosy, and wanting to pass out...theres a long line of people waiting to speak with him staring at me...but he is whispering...)
Me: ........(.low voice like a child in trouble)..yes Prophet.
Pastor: OHH your husband is Gonna enjoy!! .... in the Name of Jesus all will be Well...
Pastor: ...ooh, and u should only shake dat around ur husband... u know i can see in the spirit , its not good if u r shaking it for someone else..(he's laughing) ....
Me: thank you Prophet...(i fast walk leaving the church.... QUICKLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMbO!!!!!!!!!!!

*******Church Update**********

also ..this is soo funny.. I have always always loved church... i mean, sometimes i would go every Sunday, then every other Sunday, then ...one Sunday out the Month, If i had a new shoes, or a new outfit or 2 or 3????? shytt. I be up in that Church walking up and down at every chance to lay a dollar on the pulpit, get oiled anointed, oops,, gotta go to the bathroom, ""ooh, im thirsty, let me GET UP and get something to drink??? """was dat my CAR ALARM GOIN OFF???? (Hahaaa ..yall catch me ..rite?? lol).. as I was sittn n Church today,I was thinking that this will be my last day in Church before my surgery. So i was praying alot...and very funny that there was extra offerings being taken up...(maybe cuz it was tax refund season???? )...God FORGIVE ME FO SAY'N DAT "ISH!! ..... NONE DA LESS.... why was I the first that jumped up at every moment to drop money?? as soon as i arrived at church , i had pre wrote like ....3 checks ....is it not a coincidence that i just started tithing last week? been going to d church for like 6 years????? ...smh.... i double donated every chance i got today, i know God wuz like..."""". TOO OBVIOUS MY CHILD.... .. i kno u goin to the see Dra. Yily!!!!""""
and i thought to myself...well God i'm in your hands ,guide the way for me and have my Angel's,...ur Angel's, ...my Mommas Angel's carry me safely to and from surgery.Amen

******** LAST TOUCHES!!!!!!!!***********6 days till Dominican arrival !!!!! so excited !!!!!!

OK... IM DOWN TO D WIRE !!! today is Monday, .......by this time next week I will be getting my ""pre operative testing !!" dats right!! i said it!!..So i will start to take my Bromelain on Friday fo 3 dayzz , this week, my church has started fasting for 10 days.... but I got a "get out of jail free card" from my pastor, as i can't be fasting when ima get my bootay done in less than 7 dayzzz!!!
1),have to take my nail tips off so they can see if im turnin blue on the surgery table ..gotta keep a sista ALIVE AND WELL!!...
2) gotta buy some Lysol for Cipla Drama...
3) go get hemo checked today ....fingers crossed
until next time.....


im just the messenger, please don't strangle me ladies.. jus tryna help out.........AS OF NOW,CIPLA HAS MADE IT MANDATORY THAT ALL POST OP PATIENTS HAVE A CAREGIVER TO ASSIST THEM DURING TEH FIRST NIGHT IN CIPLA AFTER SX. MEANING.... IF YOU ARE GOING WITH A FRIEND, SPOUSE, ETC..THATS HELPFUL, IF THEY ARE NOT GETTING SX, and are there to accompany you. Most recovery houses have connections to provide for you to have a person there with you at CIPLA, i don't know if its free or at a charge, or if u have to find ur own assistance ..please ask ur RH for more info. I don't know if this is just for a week or how long this will be in effect, but it is CURRENTLY in effect. Thank you (stepping off d stage, throws Mic on da floor..and yells "SEXUAL CHOCOLATE!! ") ..but seriously.. this is a true rule currently.

*******low hemo!!!!!!! what????????!!!!!!!!!! this is a Nightmare !!

I had my hemo come back from yesterday... DANG!!!! Why is it 12.4 ??????????? I have been taking Blood Builder, PurAsorb, Geritol, iron 65mg, folic acid 20mg,Vitamin C , a month ago it was 12.8 on january 15th..... hmmmmm


Among other things, A big snowstorm? ..... DOES EATING SNOW RAISE HEMO???? HOW ABOUT IF IT'S YELLOW??????? ....just asking....smh


I have been very cheery, happy go lucky, on this site... but, to be honest, I have been going thru some of the most saddest times in my life, so this is why I now know my Hemo will not stay steady... as with all Sx ladies, I have noticed "man drama" is a part that we need to accept and add into our suitcases to deal with, but mine is off da chain. I am trying to stay positive... not helping, but I will be in prayer, as God knows i'm a good girl just trying to make it. Please keep me in ur prayers !!!!!!



first it started with me getting stuck in a ditch... word to the wise, it is very BADDD to text and drive.... but its even worser to video and drive.. i was driving down my driveway ..videoing d pretty white snow, and damnn if i didn't run into a ditch!!! like wtheck????!!!! soo.. my sxbuddy Beauti toldme last night.. conversation went like dis:
Beauti: do not go out in the snow tomorrow
me: Why?
Beauti: there is nothing dat important....
Me: Okkayyy.....

well..... i shoulda listened. but after 2 hours, i got towed out of d ditch, with the tow truck driver asking me out on a date....hmmmm ..... thisis teh reason why Men should be nice to their women at home, it was a deciding factor.. but .. I declined.
My mom is at my house.. she is cooking beef liver, i just downed my beet juice with a spoon!! ..smdh... yuk!! i know im soooo doing dat wrong.. but i know it will work. I am only taking blood builder in day , and geritol at night...

Dominican Republic here i come....

as soon as i get off the plane Conrado is picking me up and im going to the Beach to eat grilled fish with Kaleigh Harris... i can't wait to get there , then on Monday morning ,going to Armonia then off to CIPLA!!...
I must be doing something wrong, I have been drinking beet juice, which is one fresh red beet with 2 or 3 carrots blended... its supposed to be a drink.... Why am i eating mine with a spoon??? and it is nasty.. """theres's somethin wrong here!!"" lol

I am collecting prayers!!!!!

please divine prayers work!!!!! may all of you please say a li prayer for my sx to go thru.. my hemo was 12.4 last monday... thank u all my rs'ers!!!

n da Dominican....

Ok..where do I start..smh..I go to da airport to catch my flight from dc toatlanta..while there..Dey tell me dar it's better fit me to fly to new york to get to Dominican cuz de flights are all overbooked..due to the snow fluffing..lmbo!!.. so..I'm thinkin like..if I can get a boat and an oar..I can pale my way to Dominican..it's closer than me
flying up to new York..like..r you guys serious??? Then delta tells me...cuz we
have 17 people on waitlist.so I said ..new
york it is....why is it dat AFTER I fly to
newYork I learned dat atlanta flight
left...wit one EMPTY SEAT!!! Omg! Now I
have an extra 6 hour wait..

So anyway..I caught up on my new Mac Color Chart.....found some more enticing"ish dat had me contemplating my sx money..this perfume from Tom Ford,??? Omg!! It seeks soo goos.costed $150, I didn't buy it as I was not gonna trade in my chin lipo fir dat!! ..I ain't v

at CIPLA...

Just had my blood drawn,xrays,great,ekg great, just wait tin on blood results..

my hemo is straight !!! thanks for d prayers!!

I'm gettn sx tomorrow!!yAay!! Well fill u ask in on so many details after I get out of sx..give me 2 days. REAL RECOVERY Armonia is so beautiful!! I love Myra n her staff...priceless!!

Ok!!!! Here is my update !!lots of love to Beauti!!! First all..

First of all..I'd like to give thanks to my God ,Lord and Savior. And my friend Beauti a??so beautiful inside and out.dat furl brought me sooo many gifts!!! I thought it was Xmas time in Dominican!! Yes recovery ain't no joke. Ok now, on to my review of my sx in Dominican comming up next..and yes I changed my name ,cuz I changed doctors.

the night before sx..and so on!

So..i will back up my review wen I arrived Conrad o and Seesee my nurse picked me up from the airport. I went to Camillas Recovery for the first night,I had d most delicious soup dat Marissa,Karleighs Chef made, but I read ask hungry, full I ordered Chinese..guys I shoulda stuck wit d soup,d Chinese was ny dat good.

the next morning to Real Recovery Armonia n CIpla!!

So Myra picks me up from Camellias at 4:30 ish a.m. and we drop my bags off at Armonia, and we head straight to the airport to pick up Beauti. On our way there..inquired about the "hemo drink" that I'd supposed to raise ur hemo s couple of points, so she gives it to me, and she say "drink!"...So I drink it all.it was like 8oz. Worth..it was the nastiest "ish on da planet,all of a sudden I said""umm..Myra..I don't feel so good...,??"" By the time we got to the airport...I ran straight tp the bathroom..vomited 9 times..no lie, and crapped about 8..I'm sure that made my hemo jump up!!! Meanwhile..Myra was standing with a sign waiting for Beauti, and I told her""ooh put the sign down,I kno what she looks like"..do Myra sat comfortably at one of the tables while I was doing my"runs.." we missed Beauti, cuz during my bathroom runs, she had walked out, and...well I didn't see her as Myra and I were leaving d airport we saw my sxbuddy Beauti sittn beside 2 security guards wit their phones..lol, anyways.we picks her n headed to CIPLA.

Well my sx buddy had a hemo of 14.7, Mine was 12.7 after dat death drink..guess it worked. Soo... I was happy!! But it took them do long to get me the results..and while I was in yilys office their were do many girls who were taking iron shots cuz dey hemo was low, some were there fir aweek..smh..so sad,and I almost was just like them, so add I was sitting waiting to see"jose" the ekg guy I was thinking....(dream sequence activated).......I came ALL the way to the dominican, I'm not interested in no round 2 or 3, unless I'm watching a boxing match....I should really go with Cabral...hmmmm) I mentioned this to do many other girls there.and they says the same thing..yes..we would love to go to Cabral!!... any way let me go to Armonia and await my sx in the morning....I will think about it.

Sx day!!!!!!!!!

So..I couldn't sleep at all..I think it's even better to be sleepy before surgery..now on my way too Cipla..I'm trying to find a way to go to Dr.Cabrals office,by dodging Dr.Yily, I have decided that I want Cabral. So while everyone is hitting on the elevator..I hit "5", ...and I wait..amd wait...then I see Anokk, and tell her how I want Dr. CABRAL TO DO ME!! AND while I was there...other patients of duran and yily did the switcheroo also. So Dr.Cabral said "no worry,doll.I make u beautiful", I put u on my instagram!! "...that was music to my ears!!

are we done yet?????

.....ok...do I took d blue pill!! It's Showtime!!!!! AT THE APOLLO !!!!! Starring "Me and my flat ass!!"""".... I had no one to call and wish me luck...i was all alone.but I called upon d Lord and mentioned every bad thing I could think of that I had done..asked for forgiveness..and got him to pull me thru. Then ..i opened my eyes and I asked ""when will we get started ""...and Dr. Cabral said"your done sweety, your on my Instagram too !!"""..i was like??"""ur shittn me??""lol, ..so u did my ass,my chin lipo,aggressive arm,back,football shoulders ,waist,tummy, flanks,fixed my belly button, lipoed my fatty girl, injected fat in my vajayjay lips. ...n u done?? ""Ooh My Damnn!! He was so happy.he was in my room,Anokk was there, his English speaking assistant, and so beautiful!!!, I was like woww!! But he said I still need a blood transfusion cuz I was at 6.7, and I said.."well..bring it !!"" I prayed again. And my nurse was there with me from 7am till 9am the next morning....ooh I love Seesee so much! Mind you everyone..dr.yily I'd a nice person, it may have helped me not switch if I got to speak to her just once.but I never ever spoke to her...until after my surgery..she came to my room and say s..ooh,we were looking for you, you were supposed to be my first today..I was"shocked as hell !!"", had no words to say!! Then she asked why did u switch my dear?""and I said..well..firstly.I never spoke with u, and I spoke with dr.cabral several times, and I love his round butts..but I also love ur small waist dra.yily.it was so hard!!! To see her.I felt like I was going to be disciplined.but I went with my heart

Faja !!! why ooh why????

Now..it was time for the faja..I vomited and vomited again..the juice they gave me at CIPLA to drink didn't agree with me at all !!..luckily I brought some applesauce from the usa and the crushed fruit in a sippy plastic container..it was perfect.u guys need to get dat. So..after my faja, neck compression,arm compression ..I was ready to go to my Armonia house back.to my mommy "Myra"..ooh she treats u just like her daughter.

my recovery house..and food porn!!!

Sooo..I was so glad to see Estelle, and after my blood transfusions they were ready to take me to my Dominican home.plenty of pictures !! and if you desire something just ask Myra any food..they will try their best to make it,I mean I asked for tacos, and fajitas and they asked me DID I want homemade.guacamole?? Like!! Hells to da YESS!! She had a kind heart.miss.ladie,ruth the masseuse, Hart daughters ruth,and estelle(watches and monitors you while u are at CIPLA doing wateva)...the driver Angel, and countless others on Real.Recovery s Staff..beautiful modern place, makes you feel it in a5 star hotel..and I'm very picky, clean place and fun also.now recovery is freak n hard,!!! I will chat on that later..I stayed in Dominican just 9 days, cuz Cabral gives you drain cuts like8 or so..so you drain into the kotex very well..after my last post opp visit with Velasquez his follow up doctors assistant,I was ALL drained and no need to stay further fit me, cuz I was healthy n fit.no complications.


Hit d send button by mistake..more piks

Bored !!! took sum body shots on d dominican

Day 4 body shots!!

my current situation .....17 days post op

I did so much research before the surgery..I did none for after...smh.I didn't knoi couldn't sit on my butt at all!! So I lay on my pillow s ,I don't drive, trying to keep my dunk dunklicious!!

Review on Dr. Cabrals work so far..17 days post op

I asked Dr. Cabral. To please get all my back fat, that I wanted skin and bones, and he got ALL my Back fat and rolls, he gave me an s curve in my back , a shelf, hips, made my arms small..I love them, I can get into all my shirts I could not get into before, I am extremely happy.i am still very swollen , so the results will be better with time, even though I'm extremely happy now, he is a very careful doctor from my personal experience, I asked to get my thighs lipped, and he sternly said ""no!, too much lipo , I will not do it, you can come next time." I respect him for that, . I asked and Dr.Cabral performed magic on my body, I am extremely happy . I never dreamed I could ever look like this ever in my life!!!! Thank u , and I love Anokk for her kind heart and inner beauty.

Thank xx allmt real sellers for all your prayers!! They worked

Thank you each and everyone of u for all ur kind words and prayers!!! I felt them in the Dominican as I was getting my blood transfusion ...it took me long to update....because...it took me long to update..lol, when u all go thru it, u will understand. Dr.Cabral does extreme aggressive lipo and that us what I asked for. prayers work prayer cloths,prayer thoughts..it was a thin line for some others, and I pulled through.. Thank u Jesus. As I took my blue pill....I asked all my Angels And the Lords Angels to pull me thru.. And they did. I Give God all the Glory.

Oops.typo..real selfers...thank s. For all your well wishes and prayers

Thank u

5 weeks post op!!

Thanks to everyone who leaves me comments. I'm grateful.I must say this again..Cabral ain't no joke.and with a heart of gold. So here's my update. At 5 weeks ....my body still aches..I had arm Lipo..still bruises with hard masses inside.I have an awesome lymphatic masseuse..her name is kym.inbox me if ur in the dc md area for her contact info. I was crying cuz I had these hard lumpy masses in my arms..gurl...when she left me??..poof be gone! U see her once aweek.and she has all these.gadge

1 month 1 week post op...Part two...wasn't finished..lol

My tummy is flatter, my waist measurement is now at 28.5 like really?? As far as pain pills..yes, I take an oxy ,like once a day cuz it's more for soreness...my masseuse Kym, has a machine that after u are about one month post, it helps regenerate the tissue. and the skin to not sag. And she say that's the sensitivity I feel now, cuz my nerves are regenerating... My massages are more painful now . And sensitive .my measurements now are 36ddd, 28.5, 46. I went to Victoria's Secret to get a new bra measurement, since all my back fat is gone, and it as a 38dd, now I'm a 36ddd, everyone tells me I have no stomach, my tummy and waist line is kkrrrazzy!!! . This is from a girl who was born with a pot belly . I was rAised On a Farm where we made homemade buttermilk biscuits 3 times a day. My shape has never been like this EVER ! In my life. never no need for a round two.... Ever !!! I still sit on a bobby pillow.. Actually.. I try not to sit..only when driving. I never knew the dedication to the postoperative part ..it's a lot .but we'll worth it. I still wear my faja. It's fajate , I'm into a size small ,the last row now,that has helped significantly with my waist reduction. I'm contemplating on an x small . The faja I had after sx , came midway my thigh. I hated dat "ish, cuz it cut off my circulation it was too freaky tight on d eighty ith degree!! But I have brought a fajate with 3 rows, that stops at the butt. No legs, and I love it!!!! Wish I would have had this earlier. But it now cuts my vavajay as the other ones before it did. The lipofoam to me sucks butt!! For padding and I use a cut up washcloth, cuz wit the lipofoam it gives out way to easy, so between the crease of my legs where my vavajay is.. I took a washcloth, cut it in lil square pieces..like four, and use it between my skin and the faja part that digs in between my legs,, it's better tha pads, and the lipofoam.

I still sleep on my tummy, but it feels so good to lay on my back, but the pains ..we'll.... Soreness sets in ,it feels like my body has filled up with water balloons..and I'm trying to pull myself up. Like they are laying on my back ..hard to explain. I had lipo before so the feeling is normal, but Cabral ,lipped me like.. Wtf???!!!!!! He did it. For real.

This is funny!!!!!!
So.... When I went to the mall , to Victoria's Secret..I was expecting every guy to be like..... dammnnnn !!! And d girls to be pointing..... Hahaa!!!! How come NOBODY paid me any freaky attention!!!!!!! It was like I had a square body like before .. I was like..... Really??? . So when I went into victorias secret , the girl was sizing me for a bra, and
Me : my arms are sore from lipo so I can't raise them up...
V Secret girl : Did u get ur butt done??
Me: yes(happy cuz someone freak said something!!)
Vsecret girl: yeah.. Cuz it's pretty big n round back there..can u give me d doctors info ? I wasn't gonna say anything, but it s big, n u have such a tiny tiny waist!!

Me:sure(mission accomplished)


My masseuse Kym uses a machine to stimulate the nerves ..and heal the tissue, to break up any masses and lumps... Dats not my field so sorry if I'm using lay mans terms.but what she does is worth it!! I was crying many times cuz of lumps in May toms and hard long masses, when she leaves , they go away, she tells me to continue to massage it. As far as my chin lipo,,, honestly, it looks horrible, but it still very sore . She say it s still healing, when I say horrible I mean it looks like I'm 185 years old where he lipped and everywhere else is smooth . She also says for me to keep massaging that. My vavajay is soft, no hard masses of fat there, as Dr. Cabral told me... "" it is very important to massage there, so it doesn't get hard"" and I have been FAITHFULLY doing that !!! Lmbo !!!

Recovery at 5 weeks..it seems longer

Today I had another massage,I feel much better, and Kym uses d "jade machine" which helps with getting those hard masses of liquid soft in my arms so they can drain through my lymphatic system I was told I only Need one massage every two weeks now, she was so happy d swelling is like all gone. A huge improvement fir just five weeks! I said ..it just started feeling less brutal..lol

D truth about post op Fajas...in my opinion

I thought I was going loco, or old age hAd sit in again, cuz, once u take up Fajas off.. It's like it shrinks, or either you blow up..meaning... Ok, here is my true regimen ,love /hate Faja relationship. I usually have it on for 8/9 hours a day, I normally don't sleep in it, feel like I'm being strangled in my Coochie by the Cookie Monster !! Then I get up after about two hours after I wake up, I put it on, and it's like its tough as a brick, I have yo restretch it again, and I love fajate, no matter how u pull, those hooks don't break, it's like d jaws of life. I saw the squeeze a girl who weighed about 200 lbs into a medium and put it on d second row.. I was Amazed!! And I could barely get into mine on the first row. Very strong Faja. So I ordered some waist clinchers from Ali express in a small..... Was I stupid??? I'm ready to tie one end to my garage door, d other to my car bumper n hit d gas! I need to stretch this thing, it's tough as heck ! I'm thinking I need to stop compressing my ass now, I just wanna wear a waist cincher, orget a Faja to stop at the waist, I'm tired of d Coochie cutting, I put whole wash clothes in my vajra yay area one on each side to stop the cutting, n it does cut!! If not right away......give it an hour.lol I love my butt!! It's like d bomb!! No greed, it's fine d way it is. Cabal gave me ass for days... I measured it again, it says 44.5 ish... Yes, I had a lot of swelling, and it's still huge, I'm thinking I dont wanna keep pressing it down in this garment, but dey say leave it for three months..like really?? My goal is to just make my waist smaller, not my ass. Cabral gives u plenty fat in d back, cuz u will lose 20percent due to a lil swelling .

I went to d mall, and found dat body central, and express have the super duper stretch jeans that look awesome on big booths.. Check out express Stella, or express Mia, both are skinny jeans. And in body central is their super sexy stretch jeggings, dey are like jeans, not cheap fabric leggings.

One month two weeks update!!

My arms soreness are easing up, still looks lightly bruised..like botched dark burgundy spots. Dr. Cabral lipoed my arms like krazzy..dey r so small, I swim in my shirts,they are huge now with all the back rolls n fat gone. My butt is still holding at 44.5 , my waist is 28.5 inches,next week, I'm buying a small Faja, but it will stop at my hips, I'm so tired of padding my vijay jay sides cuz d Faja cuts into it. As far as my lip injections, dey r still nice n puff, n soft. Lol.... I'm happy with my results. I take bad selfies ..so when I can get someone to take piks of me..I will post dem. I still sleep on my stomach, n use a bobby pillow when I drive. I'm sure dis fat ain't going anywhere now. But it was a journey and I want d best results. I don't have any itching at all, like d other girls complain of, I'm thinks dey might have an allergy dey don't know about, but I told Cabral of my latex allergy, n I don't know what dey did different with me, but all d post op girls n my recovery house had itches but me, and I still don't have any. Any regrets ? ..ummm wish I had more hips, but I'm happy as I had none before so wat I got .. I love.


Next week I'm buying an extra small fajate faja

one month..two weeks pik

I am horrible at taking selfies..lol

IM BACKK!!!!!!!!!!! Looking at ROUND2 WITH THE DOCTOR CABRAL !!!!!!

HI everyone!!!!!!!!!! im very happy with my results !!!!!! i said i never would, but im back again, i just contacted Cabral today for a quote for a 2nd round.


hi everybuddy!!!! i was so happy to get my sx price of $3,200. and sx date of April 7, 2015.


I have been trying to get a recovery house for april 6 to 12th and i can find no where..

Just put my payment on my recovery house …

hi yall…. its like im taking baby steps!!….on this round 2, the excitement is like having a second baby.. but still cant wait for the Surgery Day!!! LOL. I was shuffling between healing Haven and Recovery Armonia. My last stay at Recovery Armonia was so pleasant, the views were gorgeous, and i had the room with a balcony, it was very nice and private bathroom. but i wanted to try something different. Dont ask me why, Armonia had great food, views, my room was off da hook, Myra was a sweetheart,her communication is fast and efficient. but… i think i feel if i cant that same room i would be like a spoiled kid without his toys… so i opted for healing haven, just made my $150 deposit . no expectations and pity party if i cant get the same room i had before…. i hope i didnt make a mistake….im feeling maybe i did. arghhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Im getting a little EXCITED!!!!!!!! my sx date is now April 13th….

Im landing on April 12th staying at healing HAven leaving on the 18th. lasttime i stayed 9 days, will see how it goes !!!

BOOKING MY FLIGHT and Changing RH's ,..... in LIMBO...

hi again, again, a freaking again.. ok heres my situation, Valentines Day. i spent it with my 2 boys, well, one , cuz the other one is in "TEEN I WANNA BE ALONE" Stage.. ended up watching some cartoon starring a fluffy looking Marshmellow…..., which made me hungry, which made me eat a bowl of Apple Jacks… Which then made me jump on the scale….. smh… MY Lyfe next year will involve a Valentine for Valentine's Day !! Definately. …ok i have vented…. on to the Next….
…..sooo, I decided to change recovery houses, after making my deposit yesterday at Healing Haven. Not Healing Haven's fault, i am thinking I want to stay at Cipla, that way I dont have to worry about Transportation ,back and forth to the clinic, to surgery , on surgery day, waiting for my ride back to the recovery house. seeing the doctor, etc. The only ride i will need is the initial ride to CIPLA from the airport and back.
I initially wanted to stay at Serenity . but they are very booked. And then I thought of Betty's , they are pricey more than any other recovery house i have received a price for. So im a Vet, dont htink im in for the thrills and bright lights… care is teh ultimate importance for me, and being comfortable. Not any drama.. or "extra stuff"…. neeeded. Just great care, good food, and wifi ..ohh and cleanliness!!!

now… booking my flight….. my experience from the first time was to STAY AWAY FROM THE BUDDY PASSES!!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!!!! it was great, as i was able to wheel and deal and change my flight at whim from date to date or hour to hour , since i wanted to leave the Dominican like… 3 days earlier than i planned, , at a hands wave , but….BUT…BUT!!!!!!!…. I DIDNT PLAN ON………waiting at the airport seeing all my other sx girls i knew jup on and leave while i waited like…….. 7 hours there!!!!!!!!!! cuz flights were booked and others had senority over me for buddy pass. My Ass was sore in pain!!!! i was in the wheelchair, but it didnt help!!!!!! butafter the 7 hour wait, it was NICE TO BE IN BUSINESS CLASS !!!!!!!! was it worth it????????? ummmm….." the pain, no, the comfort and great meal? yes. Would I do it again????? Hells Naww!! because of this….
1) im a Vet, my second time, im more knowledgable.
2) I can judge with a lil more accuracy my recovery time
3)I will pack food in case of hunger on the flight.

yes wheelchair asistance is NECESSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT airport is big for a sore butt walk. lol
i will decide my Rh stay in the next couple of days ….again. thanks 4 reading.
Dr. Hector Cabral

Awesome communication pre and post op. I told him of my latex allergy and he took d necessary precautions. He gave me a body I have wanted my whole life. Thank you Dr. Cabral !!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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