Anxiety and Depression After Tummy Tuck - Washington DC, DC

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Real Washington I had my tummy tuck...

Real Washington

I had my tummy tuck last Tuesday. Even though I was somewhat anxious I figured if so many people have done it and come out of it being happy about their decision- then there was nothing for me to worry about. To tell you the truth I was more afraid of the possibility of death part that concerned me the most. I was thinking to myself what will happen to my 3 kids if I died from this surgery. But the probability was so low and all my research indicated that most of the death related to tt were as a result of incompetent doctors and anesthesiologists.

I did my homework, chose the right the right doctor with the right credentials, affiliated with one of the best hospitals in our area. I prepared for everything. I got my surgery and came home. First 3 days of recovery were fantastic. Was joking with my husband about how he will not recognize me after my recovery. Actually, on the second day, I went downstairs and helped clean up the kitchen and prepared food for my kids, even managed to get some stuff done for my work -Same thing the following day. After that, I started feeling down and something closing down on me. I had stopped the Percocet that was prescribed on day 3 and was just taking Tylenol for pain as needed.

The depression, the anxiety, and the shortness of breath associated with it was overwhelming. My back was aching from either sleeping on it or sitting. To top it all of I was feeling chills and weakness, and loss of appetite coupled with gagging effects when I tried to eat. I was crying and regretting my decision and longing for my old self of just less than a week ago.

My doctor and the girls at the office have reassured me that it will be ok and that it is expected to have some emotional ups and downs. They said it is different from person to person and that with time I will be ok.
Last night, I slept a little better that the last few days. Even thought it was a little painful, I kind of turned to my side (with the help of numerous pillows lol) and that seem to somewhat help. I was still anxious this morning and cried a little, I push myself to get out of the house and drop of my kids to school.

Afterwards, my husband took me to my doctors office to have one of my drain pulled out. It was kind of painful but not as bad as I thought. Compared to yesterday and the last few days, My anxiety and depression level so far is a 5 on a scale of 1-10 whereas the last few days it was anywhere between 7 and 10.

I am forcing myself to drink a lot and nourish my body as much as I can. I am hoping that it will go away soon. One thing if for sure, I have deeper understanding for people who suffer from anxiety and depression on a regular basis. I pray to God that mine is temporary.

Talk to you soon… please let me if you had or are experiencing similar symptoms… looking forward to your advice

Do the drains have to be totally dry or is there...

Do the drains have to be totally dry or is there an acceptable amount of fluid collection before it is safe to remove drains?

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