Lip Lift- 26 Year Old Woman, Washington DC, DC

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I had always wanted to do something to make my...

I had always wanted to do something to make my upper lip have more surface area and to lessen the distance between my lip and my nose. However I'd only heard of lip injections and implants until I found out about a lip lift (perfect!). Had a consult and when I learned that it was relatively affordable for me ($2250) and that it was so simple (done under local in-office, 1-2 weeks recovery) I knew I had t schedule one right away!

Just got it done yesterday. I took some Xanax before and listened to music while it was going on. Procedure wasn't too gross or unbearable since I was numb (the 3 numbing injections were the worst part! lol). After an hour I was out and on my way home and then I took some old oxycodone pills every four hours till bedtime. These kept me pain-free and knocked out (though I probably could have survived just fine with strong Ibuprofin). My doctor was able to do some very good sutures in my nose, so that the typical incision line seen just below the nose is not there. I actually can't see the sutures, wherever they are, but I'm to go back in two weeks to get them out. There is surgical glue and pen markings under my nose, but that's it. If I wind up having a scar at all it should be nearly non-existent.

I had 6 mm removed and I can tell this was a good choice for me. There was some swelling for the first few hours which then seemed to subside pretty well, but by eight hours after the surgery the swelling returned in force, making my upper lip look HUGE. This is a normal reaction from my body so I'm okay with it, but it is pretty hilarious looking and I'm certainly thankful that I made sure to get enough time off from work!

Day 2: I can already tell that once it stops being so swollen that I am going to love the shape and surface area of my new lip. And I think there'll be some great tooth show as well. Upper lip is tight firm feeling, but not too painful. Had some minor bruising inside my lip which was unexpected. I just use ice compression every twenty minutes or so. I'm hoping to get some bromelain pills soon to reduce swelling too. Drinking out of bendy straws is a life saver. Just eating soups and oatmeal and yogurt and stuff right now.

Day three

Yesterday (day two) was the day of swelling. Like, Platypus lips! But today the swelling has gone down from the bottom (top still swollen) and I feel like my lip is actually made of human tissue instead of vulcanized rubber. No pain still, but I am more aware of the bruised feeling near where the incision was.

Feel like a dummy that I didn't know this, but there are no stitches to be removed (YAY!). I got some under the skin stitches and the surgical glue on top of my skin.

Day 4

As the swelling goes down, the (extremely slight!!!) pain near the incision that I'd originally imagined grows. It's because I now have more movement up there, versus before when I was basically immobilized by my flesh-beak, haha. This new lack of swelling also makes it bleed a tiiiiny bit, though I never see it happen I just notice a little dried blood. Despite this though I feel more comfortable today than days past and I do feel like I'm healing.

I'm actually going to go out in public today around people who I don't usually see and who don't know me. I know strangers at Costco and Walmart will be able to see that I've had work done, but they will all assume it was my nose because of the pen marking and glue under there. Either way I don't really care. I'm just excited about my new lip!


Day 5

I feel like this is my final result now. I am very pleased. Glad I did 6 mm instead of less, and I think it looks very natural. People who know me at work, friends, etc., won't notice this. If they do, I don't think they'll be able to look at me and pick out exactly what it is that's making me look better. All swelling is gone. I take ibuprofen when I wake up and when I go to bed, but I really have no pain. I think once this stupid glue comes off my face I will have even more tooth show. The glue is stiff and prevents full movement of my upper lip. A good thing for the incision to heal, but not good for tooth show or expressive smiles.

Day 10

Went back to work today. Nobody but my close girlfriends noticed my face. I wore makeup and that covered the incision pretty well. I still have some stiffness under my nose that makes me hesitant to smile fully, but it lessens every day and I can smile. Now it just itches from healing!

Day 12

Video day 12
I put makeup on again today for my third day at work. It covered the incision very well. I do think that although the guys at work haven't figured out what I've done, they DO notice something different about my facial appearance (hey, I'm prettier now!!!). Of course none of them say anything though.
So here's what happened today: a few hours into work, I started having a sporadic pain near one point in the incision that grew until it felt like an intermittent pinching sensation, sometimes almost like a needle prick. It really had me worried, and I kept going to the bathroom to check it, convinced that I was developing an infection from makeup and that I'd have to contact my doctor. However the pain subsided and at the end of the day I could feel two hard spots along the incision (one bigger than the other but neither very noticeable to the eye). These two areas are tender, and I thought maybe they were pimples, or else pus was forming there and that would be bad news. But I googled the hell out of this and it seems like this is a common thing that happens to people. It's not an infection, it's the under-the-skin sutures being rejected and pushed at by my body. Warm compress helps, and the suture may even worm it's way out eventually, but it will go away and I am not infected. Oh what a relief to know!

One Month

Tomorrow will mark one month since I had the surgery. Last week there was mild soreness in a few spots along the incision. The incision became more pink-looking, and I noticed a tiiiiny bit of pus in one spot. So I started up again with the bacitracin and all that went away in a day or two. Then I found a few stitches poking out, and they came out. The skin all seems to have knit together pretty much by now. I no longer feel like I'm "healing;" I just feel healed (Though the skin will obviously continue to get better). I feel comfortable going without makeup now. You can't tell there was an incision under my nose when looking at me. My lip changed shape between weeks two and four. At week two I felt that most of the lift effect was in the centre of my lips and I was wishing that the sides had lifted a bit too for a less slope-y look. Well I don't know how, but that happened gradually in the following two weeks! I am even more pleased with the result now.

Pictures at one month

Seven and a half months (and a wedding) post-op.

I just got married! My lip lift was done in plenty of time to fully heal for the big day. I have had some requests to update with new scar pictures so here are a few that I took this morning right after waking up. I'm not wearing any makeup in the pics. There is hardly any scar. I don't think people other than me or my husband can see it, even without makeup.
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

Dr. baker is based out of Georgetown University hospital, a very reputable place. He is very talented with an honest bedside manner and a good eye for aesthetics. He did my nose job four years ago and I was very pleased, so of course I came back to him for my lip lift. He was upfront and reassuring about what I could expect from the procedure. Scheduling and payment was no issue. My only advice would be to make sure that you are always dealing with HIS assistant (I worked with Lorie) over the phone and not someone else's in the practice. Dr. Baker did a great job making sure I was pain-free for the operation, which was done onder local in his office. He was very careful to do the most perfect job on me, and I really believe that he did! He was very open and honest about just how much of a lift he thought would look good on me, and he was right. I think this man is a great surgeon because he makes you feel completely in the loop and hhe tells you how it is, point blank. He also clearly has a good eye for what's visually pleasing and would never recommend a procedure for someone that was "too much" for them to carry off. There is not one way in which my dealings with Dr. Baker have disappointed me. I will go back to him for anything I want done later in my life.

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