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Wow, were do I start! I guess I'll start with a...

Wow, were do I start! I guess I'll start with a little about me. I'm 5' 4" 125 lbs. a mom of 2 (15 & 13) and married to a wonderful guy! I'll be 40 this summer and I guess you could say, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to me :-) I kind of work at home other than all the wife mom duties. Last year I started working out, before we went on a big family trip, and currently still do work out 6-10 hours a week. I lost over 15 lbs and a few of those came off, well you know where, my BOOBs! I nursed both my kids and loved how nice and full I was during that time. But with weight loss, age and having children I lost that fullness and I would love to have it back. So last year I told my husband that I know what I want for my 40th! So here we go 21 days till the BIG day.

I've been to 3 consultations and have chosen a PS. I am sure I have chosen the best one for me. But now all the craziness has started! Nerves, more questions, anxiety, sleepless night and oh yea I guess you ladies refer to it as boob envy! (.)(.) to ( . ) ( . ) what to do? I have done everything to making the rice sizers to taking a after surgery bra size to my PS and trying on the gel sizers in the office. I had originally chosen 360 to 375 cc's and now not too sure what to do. I don't want to be porn star size, LOL, but don't want to be too small. It's all the reasons why we are doing this, Right? I currently am not sure what size I am. In my consult appointment I was told I was a 32 B and I would like to be, I am pretty sure a "D". My concern is I don't want HUGE "DD" or "DDD" so if I said a full "D" what will happen? When I found this site I read lot about how you loose cc's by going under the muscle. After 3 consultations I hadn't been told that. So I called my PS and talked to the poor nurse. Oh and when I told her I had a few questions she asked when my pre-op appointment was and I said I didn't have one and thought that it was strange. But now I have one for 4/24! Thank goodness! Pretty sure I'm not the only freak out there worried about this huge decision, but I sure feel like it. Thank goodness for all you BOOB sisters here, haha. What to do- 390, 400, 425??? I do know that I am having Mentor- gel silicone and going under the muscle.

I am pretty open about having breast augmentation, all my family including my children know I am doing this and are very supportive! My husband is taking the week off and is great about cleaning up the house, doing laundry, grocery shopping (thank goodness for cell phones and texting pictures to see if this is the right whatever it might me from the store) and whatever else comes up (oh like the kids ortho and a doctors appointment for one of the). I know he can do it! Oh and he also has offered to message my BOOBs when needed, LOL!

I had a mammogram a couple weeks ago and everything come back great! Went to the ob/gyn this week and had blood work done today. Other than reading a lot of posts here I've just been trying to go to all my classes at the gym that I can. I don't know how I'm going to make it not going for 6-8 weeks, there are days I go 2 times so I don't miss out on classes! I guess I could walk to the gym and focus on leg weights. But I am going to miss my Step, Pump and Zumba classes (for sure it's going to be 8 weeks for those classes) and all my gym friends!

I'd like to say "THANK YOU" to everyone for posting about your experiences and any comments you might add. You have all been very helpful! I apologize now for any spelling errors or grammar, not my specialty.

Okay! I'll spare you and stop babbling now! Talk to you all soon :-)

2 weeks from yesterday is my surgery date. I...

2 weeks from yesterday is my surgery date. I thought that I would never make it to now and now it's like, WOW it's going to be here soon. One week from today is my pre-op appointment, YEAH! I tried on 420 cc rice sizers here at home and am now think maybe 400 would be a great number. I'm sure I'm not the only one that goes back and forth trying to decide.

I think I have almost everything for surgery, except I need to get a couple gel ice packs still. Oh and maybe a new heating pad for my back, not sure if ours is working. Got the pillow with arms, neck pillow, front closer sports bras, couple new pair of lounge pants, some new bright colored zip up light weight sweatshirts, arnica tablets and cream, bromelain, stool softeners and now can't think if I have missed anything. Is there anything else you ladies would recommend?

I am so glad that I found this site, other than I spend too much time on here. But it's also nice to know that none of us are alone. And we are all cheering each other on. Good luck to everyone that is recovering right now or getting ready to have surgery this week. :-)

I also paid all my surgery fees and don't have to...

I also paid all my surgery fees and don't have to worry about that and end up forgetting.

I was also going to ask when those of you that took or are taking the Anica tablets, Bromelain and stool softeners - When did you start taking them?

11 Day! OMG, Can't wait!!! UGG! Yesterday I went...

11 Day! OMG, Can't wait!!! UGG! Yesterday I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned, not that you really want to know that but oh well, LOL. I didn't want to have them cleaned at week 2 or 3 when I was originally scheduled. Got the dogs grooming appointment made for next Saturday, don't feel like smelling them when I'm not up to par! Monday the 29th, day before surgery, I have a nail appointment and then here's the best.... an hour message! I have a feeling next week is going to fly by, thank goodness! With running kids to school, track, soccer, work and trying to get those last few hours of the gym in, life is going to be crazy. Maybe I should start taking an anti anxiety or something!!! Ok, maybe just a few deep breaths will help. Hope you all have a great weekend :-)

It's getting down till the end! I'm getting so...

It's getting down till the end! I'm getting so excited ( . ) ( . ), YEAH!

Good Luck to all of you that have surgery this week and Congrats to those Boobie sisters out there! :-) Can't wait to join you!

Two more days till surgery! Can't believe it is...

Two more days till surgery! Can't believe it is almost here. Kind of nervous, but I think it's more about the recovery and not wanting to be sick and the pain meds. Not really that nervous about surgery itself.

I went to my pre op on Wednesday and had all my last minute questions answered. Still not exactly sure what size cc's I'm getting. I think the dr. is great but is VERY conservative, which is good but my biggest fear is that she will go too small. I said I wanted 375 to 400 cc's. She wants me to have pictures that I like and don't like and she hangs them up in the OR and make the decisions based on those. Sounds kind of crazy, wish my husband could come in and make the final decision. But I just have to trust her.

Today and tomorrow I will be doing my last minute shopping. I still need to get a couple ice packs and new heating pad for my back. Have to get some foods that I might feel like eating. But not too worried, my husband will be home for the week and can always go to the store for things. Tomorrow I'm going to hit the gym for one last workout (for a while), get my nails done and a full body message! I really want to get a spray tan too, but am thinking it might be a waste of money after they scrub my chest down. What do you think? I thought it might help pick me up when I look in the mirror and am not so pastie white.

Well I can't think of anything else right now. Good luck to everyone having surgery tomorrow! :-)

Well it's finally here! Tomorrow is my surgery,...

Well it's finally here! Tomorrow is my surgery, wow! If I'm feeling up to it I will let you all know how it goes. Good luck to everyone else!

Well here is a little up date about yesterday. I...

Well here is a little up date about yesterday. I got check into the hospital at 5:30 am and left around 1pm Everyone was so nice. I woke up in recovery and couldn't open my eyes, because of the drugs. I wasn't really in any pain at all just nauseous. I went ahead and too the pain pill and anti nauseous pill. After awhile they took me to the 2nd recovery room where my husband was able to go into. I had a few crackers and water. All I wanted to do was go home. I was pretty sick after I got home. Had some crackers and Gatorade and water, Mandarin oranges. But still got sick. Slept most of the afternoon, tried to eat dinner (not very successful). I started off my sleeping in bed then went to the recliner and back to bed. I have always slept on my stomach so this is going to be interesting. I'm only taking half of my pain pill at a time. I think it was making me more sick. Had so oatmeal and toast this morning and have been doing pretty good. I think it is time for a nap. I'm going to try and take a shower today (the ps said I could have taken a shower yesterday) I think I'll have my hubby help me. Talk to you guys later.

Oh and I got 425 cc's HP with a little lift on the...

oh and I got 425 cc's HP with a little lift on the left.

This was supposed to yesterday's post but for some...

This was supposed to yesterday's post but for some reason it wasn't working for me.
Well I think it day 3 post op. yesterday I was feel pretty good with just taking half of my pain pill. The nurse called yesterday afternoon, she said to try and take the full dosage. So I did take a full tablet at 4pm and 10 pm. And was up throwing up most of the night. So today I feel yucky! Still not a ton of pain just VERY sore. Hope it gets better soon.

Today is Friday, surgery was Tuesday morning. Has...

Today is Friday, surgery was Tuesday morning. Has anyone ever had a burning pain in one of their arm pits or arms?
My husband and kids have been great, with taking care of me. My husband parent brought dinner over the first night and his brother and sister-in-law brought over dinner and soup last night. It's been very nice.
Sleeping is the hardest for me. I've always been a stomach sleeper so I'm not sleeping the best. Waking up almost every hour. Moving from the bed to the couch back to the bed.
Hope everyone is doing well!

It's Saturday and I feel like I could sleep all...

It's Saturday and I feel like I could sleep all day! Yesterday the nurse at the PS office said to stop taking the pain pills because they were making me nauseous and the gave me a muscle relaxer. Took my 1st one right before bed and didn't really sleep that much better. Started in bed and then at about 1 I moved to the couch. Had another muscle relaxer this morning at 7am and it's now 2 and I feel like I just took it and am half out of it. I think I will stick to ibpro and Tylenol and maybe a muscle relaxer at night. I'm not in pain, just tight and a little sore at times. Still have the shooting hot pain in my left arm pit and arm every once in a while. I know it hasn't even been a week and that I had major surgery but I can't wait to feel better. That god the kids and hubby are doing so well taking care of me! I haven't posted anymore pictures, because they don't really seem to be changing. They seem to be a little smashed because of living in this surgical bra. I'll check in later, hope all is well.

I had my post op appointment today and everything...

I had my post op appointment today and everything went very well. I still have swelling as to be expected at 8 days and everything looked normal. The zinging sensation I have going down my arm are normal. She says its the nerve that is ULTRA sensitive. Yea, you could say that. I need to start moving my arms around more and as long as I feel comfortable I can drive!!! YEAH :-) Maybe just a short distance this weekend. I still need to be careful with lifting, only up to 7 lbs. and no gym for 2 more weeks. Then I can go, but only targeted area weights for legs, the bike, elliptical or treadmill (no running, but I don't like running anyway!) Next week I'll start back to work with just a few clients, one or 2 a day. (which is kind of normal) Encase you don't know have a small salon in my home.

Is it normal to not go back for another post op for like 7 or 8 weeks? Wow, that means it's the middle of July before I go back unless something comes up and I need to see her. Oh and this is really cool, I received a thank you card from the PS. Thanking me for choosing her as my surgeon with a gift certificate for a mini facial with the esthetician in their office. So I asked today how long to plan for when I schedule it and it's a 90 minute facial. I thought that was pretty good originally expecting like 30-40 minutes.

I can't think of anything else right now. Time will heal my arm and new additions and I can't wait! ( . ) ( . )

Hope everyone is doing well and anyone having surgery soon, good luck!

I'm 2 weeks and 1 day post of and s am doing...

I'm 2 weeks and 1 day post of and s am doing pretty good. I think we all need to remember that this is surgery! I can do pretty much anything, driving is fine just a little sore and harder to make those turns. But yes I'm ok to drive, just taking it easy! Haven't really over done it, no vacuuming, light cleaning and laundry. The family is still doing awesome with helping out. Started sleeping a little better a couple nights ago. I am a total stomach sleeper and that has been the hardest thing to change! I started back to working a little yesterday and everything went well. Just a little tight after. I do nails and manicures at home.

I am very happy with my choice to have a BA, I just hope that the swelling goes down sooner then later. I still have the burning nerve thing in my left arm. But the dr. said that it could take a couple months. I can go back to the gym next week and ride the bike and workout my legs! YEAH :-)

Good luck to those getting ready to have surgery. And hope that everyone is doing well!

3 weeks post op

Today marks the 3 week point from getting my BA. Feeling better everyday but still taking it pretty easy. I still have the burning nerve in my left arm (wishing that would go away). Numbness in my left breast from the lift but still feel the tingly nerve inside behind the nipple and right nipple is very sensitive. I haven't notice a ton of change as far as the dropping or fluffing. I went to the gym yesterday and rode the reclining bike and some leg weights (no ab or arm weights). Sure was nice to get back but missing seeing all my friends in the class I usually go to. I am going to the Dr. on Friday to have what I think might be a Mondor Cord checked out. It isn't that noticeable to see but I can feel a little raised cord like feel, it doesn't hurt or anything, just thought it should be looked at. Hoping while I'm there she will say that I can change this surgical bra during the day and maybe just sleep in it. I have taken a break at times for part of the day. I don't want to sound like I'm complaining but I think that being a little older then a lot of gals doing this is just taking me a little longer to feel more like myself.

Hope everyone is recovering well and are happy with their results. Good luck to everyone getting ready to join us in Booby-land!

4 weeks 3 days post op!

Well Tuesday marked my 1 month post op and I'm feeling pretty good everyday! I still have a little swelling and twinges here and there, muscles are still sore. But I am very happy with new boobs! Hope all is well with everyone and good luck to those getting ready for surgery! :-)

7 weeks post op!

Well, it's 7 weeks post op and 1 more week before I am released to go back to bodystep and zumba! I'm so excited to get back to all my classes at the gym! I don't really notice a big change in dropping and fluffing, but I'm very happy with how they are! Hope all is well with everyone and good luck to those getting ready for surgery!
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