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Well, where do I start? (I hope this isn't too...

Well, where do I start? (I hope this isn't too long) . I've been thinking about writing this review for a while now but wanted to wait until nearer my op. Everything was going really slow up until 2 weeks ago. Now it's all go, go, go and I feel like I'm running out of time!
Anyway, my story ... I've had big boobs for what seems like ever. I remember when I started developing breast, my dad called them fried eggs (embarrassing!!!) but before I knew it they were fully grown puppies and they haven't stopped growing. I'm 43 years old, 5'2", around 137lb and a 32G/GG (depending on what bra I buy). When I was at school I received unwanted attention from boys (and I don't mean chatting up, I mean groping). My first bad experience was with a boy in a class above me. I got off the bus and started to walk home when this boy started walking besides me. No matter how fast I walked, he walked at the same speed. Within a few minutes he just put his left arm out and grabbed my right breast!! Obviously, I was shocked to say the least. All he said was "umm you're not that big really are you?" and with that he walked off leaving me standing shocked in the middle of the street. A while after that I was upstairs on the bus going home from school. There were 2 boys upstairs that were 2 years my junior. I lived near the end of the bus route and I noticed, as the last person got up to go, the 2 boys looked round at me and I instantly knew what was going to happen. They grabbed me and pinned me down on one of the seats whilst they groped at my breast. After what seemed like ages, they got up, ran down stairs and exited the bus. After that I carried a pair of scissors in my pocket whenever I was out or went on a bus.
It seemed that even my female friends had issues with my breasts. At one point I decided to take up diving. My PE teacher Mr Cunningham (who, incidentally was very good looking) thought I had potential so he decided to give me 5 minutes tuition at the start of every class. Looking back on it now I can see it was nothing but jealousy but one day one my so called Best Friend said (in front of all the other girls) "the only reason Mr Cunningham is saying you've got potential is because you've got big boobs, he's just perving. He doesn't really think you're any good". All the other girls appeared to have the same opinion. After that, I told my PE Teacher that I wasn't interested in diving anymore.
It all came to a head after being groped in a shop doorway on a night out in town when I was 18, I decided from that point to start wearing baggy clothes. At the time I was into the whole rock music scene so it was easy to just wear leggings a baggy T-shirt and a bikers jacket. I was in with the crowd, as far as my friends were concerned, but also covering up and not drawing attention to my over grown pups. It took me until my late twenties to finally embrace the way I looked and start dressing normal again. Of course the comments started again. I remember a bouncer stopped me on the door to a pub once and he said "F**king hell are those yours?" This time I was determined not to be intimidated so I just said "no, I got them coz I thought they went with the outfit". That shut him up and made me feel better and more confident.
I'm telling you all this in the hope that you'll understand my breasts have affected me mentally as well as physically.
I think I'm quite lucky in a way coz I've managed to live most of my life pain free. My backache has only really started in the last couple of years, thank god. I went to see the physio at work around January last year, as the pain just wasn't going away and every time I exercised I pulled a muscle. I was told I had really bad posture and someone I worked with suggested it was because of my gianormous (now) Great Danes! I then started to notice that, whilst sitting at my desk, I was arching my back so that my breasts were resting on the desk. The more I tried to right myself the more my back hurt. At the beginning of March I decided to visit my GP. At the time I had picked up a foot injury whilst exercising so I thought I could broach the subject about my back whilst he was examining my foot. I told him about my constant backache and asked him if my breasts could be the cause. I mentioned that I had seen the Physio at work and they had told me I had really bad posture. I then asked what was the possibility of a breast reduction. He told me that the NHS very rarely do that kind of procedure. I felt deflated, but after a few minutes he told me to come back in a couple of weeks and in the meantime he would look into it. I went back two weeks later and he told me he had looked into it and was going to refer me to a breast surgeon. He said as a back up I would need to go to the hospital for physio and that would help my cause.
A week later I received a letter asking me to ring the hospital to arrange an appointment. I immediately thought it was to arrange physio but I was shocked to discover it was to see the Surgeon. I was examined by one of the surgeons assistants first and after examining me she went a got the surgeon. As soon as he saw my he said "My, you are a candidate aren't you!". He then had a feel of my breasts and lifted them saying "and they are very heavy as well". After that he explained the procedure and also drew on my breasts to show what he was planning to do. He said there was a 4 month waiting list and they would have to arrange for a mammogram first. I was shocked, I honestly thought I'd have to argue my case. I had all these scenarios in my head of what was going to happen and had worked out my argument for everything they could reject me on. As I was dressing he informed me I would need to take a month of work and would that be a problem. I said no even though I didn't know if it would or not. He asked me where I worked and when I told him he said he one of the managers there was his brother in law. There are a lot of people where I work so I honestly didn't think I'd know his brother in law, until he said his name. He just so happens to be one of the managers in my department. Not my immediately manager but I sit virtually next to him!! Oh my god!!! Ever since then I've been dying to say something to him, like "ooh I know your brother in law Simon, he's been fondling my breasts and drawing on them, what a small world it is!". Don't worry, I have resisted saying this, although I am still temped . Bizarrely, my brother in law also know my manager at work. I found this out whilst talking to him about my op. He told me he used to play football with him at school and to say hello to him. Of course I did this and the first thing he said was "so what made you talk about me"? Errrrr ..... !!! Obviously, at this point no one, apart from my GM knows (and she's a female with ample puppies, so she understands). Anyway, I managed to blag him so it was all ok! And, yes, I resisted the urge to say "well we were talking about your brother in law who's fondled my Great Danes and .... " lol. Anyway, back to the point in question. It has now taken a total of 8 months to get this far, so double the amount of time they originally estimated. I don't mind, after all how could I. The hospital treats breast cancer patients first and I am very fortunate not to be one of those women. I have had 2 other appointments with the hospital. One for a mammogram and the other to talk through the operation with a breast nurse, look through some pictures and understand all the potential problems of surgery. I finally had a letter through on Friday 27th December asking me to contact the hospital to arrange an appointment for the operation. It said if I didn't contact the hospital within 1 week of the date on the top of the letter (which was Tuesday 24th), the hospital would automatically assume I no long wanted the operation. Oh, and they only open Monday to Thursday 7.30am-1.30pm. Giving me 1 day to spare!!! Talk about cutting it fine! So I am now booked in for surgery a week on Tuesday (21st January). Although the letter clearly states they could cancel at any time even on the day of admission. (please don't let this happen) I've brought some pyjamas with an opening front and a soft cup bra as suggested by the breast nurse as they don't do surgical bra's. I hope this is going to be ok. I am a little worried about not having a surgical bra. I'm worried about lack of support. Has anyone else had this or been told of this?
Anyway, that is my story so far, sorry if I've waffled on. I will post some pictures soon. Thank you for reading.

Not in the right frame of mind right now

I'm really not prepared at all. I've just had the weekend from hell, only 5 days before my op and my dog dies. I'm so upset at the minute and I wish my surgery was a million miles away. What an awful start to the year :o(

Thank you

Thank you everyone for your kind words. I'm feeling a little bit better now. It's weird coz I was so worried about about the dogs jumping up me (I did have two dogs). Now I'd do anything to have that worry :o(

Anyway, I am trying not to dwell on negative thoughts. Last day at work today. I have told 3 people at work 2 female friends and my GM who is female. My GM's only been with the company for 3 months and, since she started, she just can't seem to stop looking at my overgrown puppies. When I told her about the op you could see she was forcing herself not to look! But she has been very supportive. I was initially worried that HR wouldn't pay me as it says in my contract they will not pay sick pay if they believe the surgery to be cosmetic. That was really worrying me as people who don't know what us poor girls are going through may see it as cosmetic. Luckily they told her they don't need to know what I am going in for so she just hasn't told them (phew). She said it "clearly isn't cosmetic". So for that i thank her! Right ... so tonight I will be sorting out my new PJ's, new soft cup bra, slippers, toothbrush and past, hairbrush, flannel. I can't think what else I need??

Last (pre op) supper

Just had my final meal, lamb steak ummm. Well I'm in at 11am and the operation will take place in the afternoon. I've been told that I am allowed to have a light breakfast but only before 6am! And no fluids after 9am. Wow. I'm going to starve! I struggle to eat first thing so I think the 6am breakfast is out of the question lol

Well I'm out these other side!!!

Well it's about 3 half hours since I came out of surgery and I'm feeling pretty good. They've obviously drugged me up well. I went in at 1.45 and they brought me round at 5.45. I've got a bit of pain by my breast bone and that's it really! Oh and my hand with the needle in hurts lol. THEY LOOK TINY!!! They make my belly look huge! Mr Harries, my surgeon says they'll probably be somewhere round a C or a D. He says he doesn't like to guarantee sizes as it's difficult to be exact. I must say, I was soooo relieved to see him with a tape measure when he came to mark me up. He also had a student with him so he was explaining all the measurements to her as well as me. There are 2 things i wish this site had. An edit button and a like button!!! So I could like all your comments :-)

Proper freaking out!

It's nearly 11pm and the woman in the bed next to me keeps whispering to herself. I know she isn't asleep coz she did it before the nurses came in not long ago. I hope she stops so as ideas really creepy lol

No longer mahoosive

Well i am now home! Did not sleep at all! (well except for about an hour and half from around 3.30). Some loud mouthed bloke decided to have a full blown conversation with one of the nurses just after midnight. He was just chatting away, very loudly, as if it was the middle of the day and he was in a crowded pub or something. Everytime she would try to go he would make her stay by talking to her about something else. Apparently, in the last few months he's gone from 16st to 10st. Which is fantastic or would be if it wasn't NEARLY 1 O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING!!! Then just as I was dozing off the nurse came in to check my wounds at around 2am, coz they had been leaking slightly. Then, after she went, whispering willow started again next to me. God I am shattered. Think I'll sleep tonight. Had my drains out this morning. Pain surprising not too bad. Taking ibuprofen and paracetamol. Boobs look absolutely tiny. I'm going to try and post a photo for you now. I look like I've got absolutely no cleavage at all but i think that's mainly how I'm taped up. Mr Harries had told me I can shower almost straight away due to the dressing he had used. And I won't need a surgical bra. Anyway, have a look at my photo and let me know what you think. P.S now need new name. Any suggestions? Was thinking Maz's Mini Molehills or Maz's Deminishing Mountains or Maz's Miniture schnauzers lol

Better piccy's for you

Well I slept last night. Not too much, woke up a few times. Had to get done paracetamol around half 1 as lying on my back was killing me. Any suggestions on how to alleviate would be greatly appreciated. P.s. again this site would be much better with a like button! Thank you for all your comments. I like them all x

5 days in

Hello guys, thought I'd give you a quick update. Everything is going fine. Not much pain at all really, just a bit sore. I've been out several times, mainly down the park with my fella when he's walking our dog. Not much walking involved really. She can play ball all day! My main problem is sleeping on my back. Will be so happy when I can sleep on my side. Got my first check up with the surgeon tomorrow so will report back on my return. Happy healing/waiting people! :-)

I've been a naughty girl!!!

The one part of my boobs that has been uncomfortably and sore is my cleavage, and I've put this down to the tape that surrounds them..... So I've loosened the tape off! I've also rubbed a little E45 cream down there to try and ease the soreness. Has anyone else had soreness in the cleavage? I've got the clinic in just over an hour and I'm hoping to properly see the miniature schnauzers today. Exciting!!!

Post op appointment

Went for my post op this morning. Everything is looking good. I didn't get shouted at for loosening some of my dressings and I now have fresh dressings until Friday, which is when my next appointment is. I was in and out of the hospital so quick that we got free parking!!! Woohoo! We then came back home and grabbed Lilly (my gorgeous pooch) for a walk down the park. Then I was taken to the pub for lunch. Bonus! My fella has now gone to work, so I'm home alone with a box of chocolates next to me (courtesy of my neighbors), a cup of tea and Lilly's head resting on my Buddha Belly! (I think she just thinks my boobs have slipped down as she always used to rest get head on my chest!) Only one upsetting factor today. As I've been writing this, one of my work friends had just texted me as she's only just found out about my dog who died the other Friday. So now I'm crying with a box of chocolates, a drunk cup of tea and Lilly's now abandoned me in favour of the floor. Oh the rollercoaster of life!

Sorry forgot photos

So, so, so BORED!!!

Can't believe it's been a week since my surgery! To think this time last week I was being freaked out by whispering Winnie!
I am now extremely bored. My partners gone back to work (albeit on lates this week), so I'm home alone from mid afternoon until midnight. I'm spending my time between trash tv, facebook, this website and spider solitaire. And I'm eating! God am I eating!!! My neighbour brought me a box of chocolates and a hugemongous bag of assorted crisps. Chocolates I can take or leave (as long as they're out of sight). Crisps on the other hand.... Well crisps are my Achilles Heal and (with very little help from my other half) I have nearly consumed the whole lot! Which means my Buddha Belly is increasing. How can I stop eating? It wouldn't be so bad if I could get out and about properly. Yeah I've accompanied my partnered to the park with the dog but it's not properly getting out. Also, coz the weather is soooo bad at the minute, you look out the window and think 'do I want to go out?'. I'm usually into books, but I just can't seem to focus on books at the minute either. I'm also feeling really sore today, don't know if I've been doing too much or it's the fact my supporting bandages were changed yesterday for less supporting ones. Also, the nurse appears to have missed a bit when redressing my wounds so I've got some exposed stitches. I hope all you lovely ladies out there are doing OK. Any advice on how I can stop eating (other than sewing my mouth up) would be appreciated. Happy healing x x

Botched up Bodies!

Just watching a documentary called Botched up Bodies. Its all about dodgy cosmetic surgery. Turned over in time for a beast augmentation ....
Timing!! Ha, ha ....... Ummm .... Maybe not a good thing to watch, being post op and all!

What a day!!!

It has been quite a day! Yesterday I was having a really bad stabbing pain in my right eye. I thought I was just tired but when I woke up this morning it felt as if someone was poking it with a hot needle. I wear contact lenses so I thought the best course of action was to make an appointment at the opticians as they usually check my eyes every 6 months anyway. Well it turns out I have a deep scratch right in the middle of my pupil. Owwweeee!!! So I have some drops. Anyone who is a regular at the opticians will be familiar with the yellow dye. Anyway, I've basically been walking round all day with one sqinty eye and one yellow eye. Doh! Also, on the way to the opticians we had a call from the vets to say Zeus's ashes were ready for collection. So after the opticians we went for a very distressing, weepy visit to the vets. I know that the non animal lovers will not understand why I keep going on and on about a silly dog, but some of you will understand how distressing it can be. Nevertheless, I do apologise if I'm going on a bit about this. So I'm now on my way to the hospital with a red nose, one red eye and one yellow eye!!! But no one will notice... Right?
Anyway - The appointment!! Mr Harries was extremely happy with the results so far (as am I). He appears to be a very proud man who takes great pride in his work. I have seen lots of pictures of his work and he does get very good results. Anyway, as some of you ladies know, I have been a little worried about the exercises the hospital gave me as they are instructing me to stretch my arms over my head. Well I spoke to my PS and he's basically told me just to listen to my body and if it feels uncomfortable then don't do it. He say the T-sections can open but as long as I'm careful I should be ok. At the moment my wounds are healing nicely. I have a small scabbed area around my left nipple (which is why the nipple is darker than my right), but he is more than happy with the healing. As far as surgical bras are concerned, he says the soft cup bras I have will give me more than adequate support and, because the material is soft, it won't irritate the wounds. I'm back in on Monday with the breast nurse and back again on Thursday to see him. So, I'm feeling really happy with that. Thank you for all your concerns, and don't worry I haven't been doing these overarm exercises and the only stretching I am doing is to reach my glass of wine, which incidently, I'm only half filling so I don't lift anything too heavy lol. Happy healing ladies x

More pictures

Hope these are OK. Took these ones myself

13 Days post op

Went for another post op check this morning. Was really starting to worry about my nipples, especially the left one, as it is still oozing. The nurse says they are ok and shouldn't worry too much. She says they are just going to take a while to heal. She had covered then both up again and she has put some special silver gauze over the left one which should speed up the healing. I have added some new pictures but, to be honest, I don't think there is much to see. This also means I still can't have a shower which is a bummer!

Attack of the four boobies!

I'm feeling really swollen today which is making my soft cup bra quite tight. There is a definite 4 Bobbie bit going on just above and below my anchor incision and the sides also feel swollen. I'm going to take some ibuprofen once I've eaten. My question is, why are they swelling now? Surely this should have happened last week at the latest??? Should I be worried?

17 days post op

Hi ladies, hope you are all well? Had my 4th post op check yesterday. Everything looks good. My left nipple is still weeping so they have redressed it again. I asked they surgeon about going back to work next week and he has told me categorically NO! He has said it is not a good idea to go back as I will be too tired and I really need to be off for a month. I am now dreading telling my boss. Going to pluck up the courage to ring them in a bit.

Late update - 3 weeks post op

Sorry for the late update. Saw the breast nurse on Monday (see pictures). The hospital have now told me they don't need to see me anymore! They've said if there is anything I'm worried about just call them. I'm assuming this is a good thing?


I've got what feels like a stitch at the T Section under my right breast. What should I do? I've heard some people on here say that they've pulled out rouge stitches but I'm not sure if I should leave it for a bit? Coz I know it's there is like an itch you just want to scratch. I can't seem to leave it alone! Lol. Also, when can I start moisturising. As you can see from the picture, I'm a bit flakey.

Sleeping on my side! Woohoo!!!

Well ladies, I can now sleep on my side! It's still a little uncomfortable at first but then it's almost as if they settle in that position. So ....... Woohoo!!!

Back to work :-(

Well I'm back to work tomorrow and I'm absolutely dreading it! It is sooooo obvious that my boobs have disappeared. I've attached some pictures of me in a couple of old bras. I can't believe how lose they are.

First day back at work!

I wore a blouse that I haven't worn in ages coz it's far to tight and makes my boobs look huge. Today, however, I looked sooooo skinny! I can finally take the safety pins out that usually stop the blouse from gaping. Amazing! Well.... No one did a word! They must have noticed, surely! Anyway, I'm in a phase return so only did 4 hours ( Woohoo!). Although I have to be in for 7am so it's probably a good job really (I have to be up at 5.45am). One thing that surprised me, how painful just walking can be. I don't mean really painful just stinging with the natural bouncing off my breasts. I work in a large-ish company so it takes around 5 minutes to walk from the car park and the toilet and canteen are they other side of the factory. Anyway, one day down.... I wonder if anyone will say anything tomorrow. I'll keep you posted. Happy healing people, especially those who have just had surgery x

Bras - Just a bit of fun!

Thought I'd try on some old bras. Now done of these bras haven't fired me in around 5 years, and even then they never really fitted properly. I know I've got a bit of settling down to do but I thought what the hell.

Paranoia - nearly six weeks post op.

Sorry it's been so long since I've done an update. Time is just going so fast at the minute and I'm just not having the time to keep up with all the wonderful reviews you ladies are putting on, so apologies. Anyway, I've been feeling quite down the last few days, I think this is normal as I recall a lot of people have said the same. I'm also feeling really paranoid, like everyone is talking about me. It didn't help the other day when one of the girls I work with said that one of the production guys made some comment about the how much they had taken off. Since then I've been trying to spot if someone's looking at my boobs as they approach me. One guy at work said he thought I'd lost weight and said I look thinner in the face. This particular guy made a comment a couple of months back when I was issued with some work wear. He said the jacket was never going to fit me in a certain area!!! surely he'd be one of the obvious ones to notice. However, I've got a new puppy and I was showing one of the guys in the office some pictures on my phone and, knowing I've got some BR pictures on there, I was scrolling through the pictures myself, not noticing that one of my other male colleagues was behind me. And he bloody spotted them didn't he. He must have eyes like a hawk as I was scrolling past them so fast! Anyway, he said something like oo-er, who's that? Then asked if he could have a proper look (in a jokey way). I just said ha,ha you wasn't supposed to see them and I just laughed it off. Funny thing is, he gave me absolutely no impression that he thought they were pictures of me! Which was a relief.


Because I've been so depressed I decided to cheer myself up by buying some sexy underwear from Ann Summers. Not sure if you guys in the US are aware of Ann Summers, it's basically a semi naughty shop, it sells anything from sexy underwear to sex toys. It does have some gorgeous bras and Camisoles in there and because their sizes are quite small, I've never been able to buy anything before. I don't feel I'm quite ready to buy a bra yet as I'm still a bit swollen but I fancied buying a little camisole. The lady in the shop said she could measure me up and I could try some bras on too so I though hey why not. They don't actually measure you up though. You just try on a bra and they tell you if it fits! I bit of a waste of time really. After years of bra fittings in Bravissimo (plus size bras for mahoosive boob shop), I know the centre should fit flat against the breast bone and the back just be just right enough to get 2 fingers behind the band etc. It wasn't until after I said, ooh yes please, that I remembered Ann Summers bras are always way smaller than normal shops, so technically I was wasting my time, but hey I'm trying on my first post reduction bra (Woohoo).

I've taken a little picy of what I brought but I'm a little worried about a dog ear that's smack bang in the middle of my cleavage. I've tried to take some pictures so you lovely ladies can advise if you think it will eventually go. At the minute I think it looks unsightly and it's not making me feel confident at all. Let me know what you think. Happy healing ladies x

New Bra, New Bra!!!!

Well nearly 8 weeks post op and all is well. Apart from not having enough time to catch up on all the updates from you lovely ladies. Finally went bra shopping today but I'm still not 100% sure of my proper size. I was a 32GG but in Debenhams I tried on a 32 and 34 and they were way too tight. So I ended up going to Sainsburys, which is a shame as my friend brought me a give card for Debenhams. But anyway, tried on a few sizes and ended up buying a 34D, which I think is probably a little big but I think I may still be a bit swollen. See what you think and let me know :-) x

Where does the time go?

Sorry I haven't updated in ages. I don't know where the time goes and (to be honest), this will only be a quick update. Ok .... Spoke to hospital about the dog ear in my cleavage. They said exactly what I thought they would. There is nothing they can do about it it may smooth out in time. Hay ho. I'm going to see how it goes and if needs be I can always see if it can be sorted privately. At the end of the day, my back and shoulders no longer hurt and I'm no longer the freaky lady with the mahoosive boobs! Anyway, I've managed to get some more pics (see attached) and I've also invested in some cream called Dermefface FX7 which, if you believe everything the internet, is the best thing since supermarkets started to sell cheap wine! It says you should notice an improvement within 2 weeks and, to be honest (for the second time in 5 minutes), I think I am noticing an improvement. So guys, what scar treatment would you recommend and why? Also, is anyone else using our know of anyone who has used Dermefface?
Mr Simon Harries

Absolutely amazing man. Takes pride in what he does and puts you at ease immediately. I feel extremely lucky that he was my surgeon.

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