5 weeks Post Op, PS appt today

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First of all.. I'm posting my pics now, will...

First of all.. I'm posting my pics now, will include more details later. But just want to thank you all so much for all of your posts. I've only told 3 Adults of my MM.... so you have been a friend for me virtually.

I'm a 35 Mom of 2. 162 lbs, 5'9 before surgery. I have a history of 4 back surgeries at age 12 and 20 due to scoliosis and a bad car accident that made me redo all the work plus more. Scars are just part of me. I was a 34D/DD in the early 20s.... and knew I'd probably do a BR after kids. The gaining and losing of weight with the surgeries caused a lot of sagging. Plus the weight wasn't great for my back.

After I had the kids, I was a 32H or 34G. Much MORE sagging and belly wasn't looking great either. I decided to ask my OBGYN for some recos. I told my husband that I'd like to the TT as well. He was pretty supportive... we live our life pretty cheap and saved a lot of money for hopefully an earlier retirement. So this wasn't exactly on our path, but he understood.

I went to the 2 PS reco and 2 others I found for consultations. Ironically I ended up going with the 1st PS recoed by my OB. His office is comfortable, people are friendly, I felt at ease with the PS. He's definitely confident which is an asset and a bit of a concern.... he is sure of what he wanted to do. Sometimes you want to have more convo about it - but he kept saying he'll make me look great. I saw his Before/Afters.... overall I felt he will do that. He was 2 of the 4 consults that would do the TT and BR at the same time.

So as for the surgery.... I showed up about 10:30a...

So as for the surgery.... I showed up about 10:30a and the hospital moved me along quickly. My husband came with and he tried to keep me from thinking too much. The PS was a little late due to an emergency consult. I was totally ok with that considering it was someone in need. Unfortunately it just makes you have more time to think. Of all my concerns is that something would happen to me for something not 100% necessary.

The anesthia guys kept coming around also joking around. I was very adamant that they do whatever they can regarding the nausea... I had some pretty bad reactions in the past. They gave me a patch behind my ear. With all the concerns, I had not one episode after so that was a major blessing!

When the PS came in, he marked me up. I hoped back up and they wheeled me in pronto. All I remember was stretching my arms out and then waking up in recovery. It felt like I had been out for 15 min when I fact it had been 5 hours. My husband said was between 3-3.5 hrs. The PS came out and spoke to him and told him all the details and it was great.

By the way.... I was THE happiest patient in recovery. Just gushing over how happy this was over!

The moved me to a room and saw my hubby. Ate a meal... I was hungry! Grilled cheese and a brownie. My throat was a little swollen... But I managed. I had a catheter and so I just drank and drank water, iced green tea, and ginger ale. Both the PS and the hospital were talking up green tea as a good recovery drink, NOT before, but good after.

Hubby left around 9ish and I felt ok with the nurses overnight. I fell in and out of sleep, watched random tv.... But i was pretty out of it. I kept the morphine coming. I was definitely soar and stiff as I tried to wiggle. Oh so that was a reco of the PS... To move and wiggle while you are under heavy pain med. he said it helped later.... So I did!

At around 6ish am, my PS came in. He helped me put on a cotton sports bra they had told me to pack in my bag. I really could not believe what my chest looked like. There was space between my breasts... And they were pointed out, not down! Then he took off the binder and checked the TT.... Removed bandage and put new on. He told me he took out 225 and 275cc out.... And pulled me super tight. There was about a 3inch muscle separation he pulled tight as well. Because of my previous scars, he was a little concerned they wouldn't flow but he said we would fix it later if needed.

My mom showed up to help me. We just chatted and I continued to sleep on/off. At some point the nurses demonstrated the drains..... I had 2 out of my pubic bone. We left a little after lunch. I wore a button down shirt and the stretchy pants I wore coming in. Underwear was too much of an annoyance with the drains. As for the drive home, I did get upset at my mom...she was driving our car and in my opinion going to fast and following too close, She told me to not be a back seat driver,..., not our best moment....

the recovery at home was pretty good. I slept in a recliner we moved in the master with pillows and a blanket, Occasionaly I would text my husband if I needed something, but I was checked on a lot. I was drinking a lot of water, green tea, and sprite zero.... So I was up every hour to the bathroom. Biggest hassle was the drains. Originally I had them pinned to my binder.... Sometimes I had them pined to a laggard around my neck.

My doctor wanted me to take a shower everyday after I got home. This may not have been my brightest moment but i did it by myself the day after I got home. I did tell my mom just in case she heard a thump. My method was to take it in steps. First I took off the binder bed... I used the barrel roll method of lying down. Took big breaths.... Then I did the laggard method with the drains. The I pushed myself up to sitting on bed. Rested.... The got up and started the shower. Finished undressing, looked at myself in shock at the mirror. The scars were a little terrifying. But I was super flat and skinny and those breasts stood up. I do wish I had taken a pic because I haven't looked that small since with the swelling. I did get on the scale and I was the same weight.

Nevertheless, I did get thru the shower pretty quickly and got dressed. Just combed my hair and put some moisturizer on my face, used some large bandages between the binder and the TT scar. Also used 3x9 bandages over the BR scar under the sports bra.

Day by day each day has gotten better. I did have a bm issue. I predicted it because I had the same issue when I had my babies. Day 4 I had been doing colace for days and started eating prunes. Finally the pressure was there and basically felt like I pushed another baby out. Not fun.

I did try to walk every night starting day 3. I'd wait until it was almost dark and take my mom or hubby with me,,... Didn't want the neighbors catching me. I didn't know how to hide the drains... So just wore a big tshirt. Honestly never went into public until the drains were out. Those drains finally came out on day 6. I was draining 17 and 27ml and the patient coordinator said they could come out. I went to the office and a nurse snipped the stiches holding them in, and pulled them at the same time. I didn't watch but my husband said they were about 10inches inside. The nurse pulled them fast with no anticipation.... I hardly felt a thing. No the holes were pretty sensitive.... But she said to put a pad or panty liner over it and should be closed within 24 hrs.

so this may be crazy too, but I started worki g from home on the same post op day 6. I am fortunate that I can do that if needed. I sat in the same recliner with my laptop and made some phone calls. It was my choice but I didn't want to take more time off.

On post op day 10 I went to see the PS. He was pretty happy. My big concern is that my bb is off center and my muscle looked assymetrical. Let me tell you..... I never in my life thought I'd wear a bikini. But now that I have gone this far, I'd like to have the option. He saw what I saw and told me he'd like the swelling to come down. He said he could undo some stitches and "pop" the belly button and restitch it. On the other hand he was really pleased how my old scar was looking with my new curves. So we shall see.... Overall, I know I am not perfect but I look really good with clothes on, all that weight is off my chest and my stomach. My shoulders feel so much better. By the way.... I have settled in with about a 157 weight most days. Lastly, PS said that as the tape comes loose to gently peel it away. Kind of like peeling skin from a sunburn.

Last story for now.... I went back to office on day 13 post op. i felt ok in the morning but my stamina isnt there. I went back day 14 and decided to work at home on 15. Just needed to rest and not move a lot. Went back to the office on day 16..... Felt better. Nice to have the long weekend to just hang out and continue to recover. Oldest starts school this week so we also did the run to target for supplies. Just feel like I am protective of my stomach and I feel my posture getting worse over time as I walk.

Thanks to all of you. Best recovery to you!

Hi everyone - hope you guys are healing well.......

hi everyone - hope you guys are healing well.... and for those about to do it, ITS WORTH IT!!

I'm back to work this week full time and feeling good. Stamina is really good during the day! Definitely still swell hell as the day goes on... but the spanx I'm in everyday is keeping me in pretty well visually. The scars are healing well except for one little puss leaker under one breast. I'm still putting a panty liner under that breast under the bra.... it seems to be the most concealed and doesn't stick to the wound. I saw the PS last Friday and he says it is all normal.

I haven't worked out yet.... just walking at night a little. But I have grande plans for next week to spin or do a strength building class. Missing it and I had such good habits before surgery. Want them back so I can improve more! I didn't have lipo - my PS didn't want to add more on the surgery - so I have some work to do.... but I'm happy to do it frankly.

The best part of all of this is how clothes are fitting. Everything fits so much smoother and I feel the confidence!!! When I sit down, there isn't a big blob at my stomach.... its FLAT!!! so crazy!

So I have gone a little crazy buying some new sports bras, workout clothes, and a few work essentials. There is a dress I found on sale that I would never have done.... it looks super fabulous and impressed the hubby. I also found some old bras I never got rid of pre-baby (6 years later....). They were really cute and a few expensive ones from VS and other. They were 34D/DD and they fit perfect. Likely I'll settle in to a 32D when this swell is all over. Tops are a med-large (used to always be large - xlarge). Also, the pants look like I'm down at least 1 size. Maybe more. What is great is not having the muffin on top of the pants like before. WOWzers.

One thing I think is aggravating me is reaching far above me.... I didn't realize how many things in my house are over my head. UGH -- I think that might be the issue with my breast is my reaching. And then you have my little almost 3 year old crazy boy. He is so used to climbing over and banging his head, etc etc. He has (guilty Mom) gotten in trouble for hurting Mommy when he is too young to really know better.

We had a lil' catastrophe the other day in which he somehow sliced his foot with a staple on the bottom of a chair. All I saw was all the blood and I carried his 37lb self up 2 sets of stairs to the bathroom. My hubby was outside mind you. Once I was upstairs trying to clean the wound and check it out, I see a wide gap that I'm pretty certain will need professional attention. I yell at my oldest to get his Dad NOW.... as I'm feeling a little woozy at my lack of energy and the blood.... nevertheless, husband took him to the urgent care and they glued it up. BUT a reminder that I am still in recovery!!!

Next PS is Sept 17. Will try to upload some pics in the next days...

GOOD HEALING and lots of luck!

Hi all! Glad to report a positive spin class...

Hi all!

Glad to report a positive spin class today! I purposely picked a go at your own pace class. I.e. an instructor that wont be yelling at me to go harder. My heart rate instantly went up so I tried to keep it at a medium pace. As the class almost was over, I let myself try a little harder as I was getting comfortable. Felt great and still do.
The best part? The lack of "blob" on my stomach! And less pull on my shoulders and constant correction of my posture. I was truly amazed and thrilled! Thankful for what I have done!

Still leaking under one breast...... I am not bothered at all except the yuck factor. It's yellow and very gradual.

Happy healing to you all!

Hi all. Have you guys noticed that most people...

Hi all. Have you guys noticed that most people count days to a certain # of weeks and then months.... It is like we are nursing a MM baby!

Confession time... Major MM side effect
So I have a problem.. A major shopping problem. It started with exercise/wireless bras to fit the new breasts. While I'm at it, ordered some new exercise pants in a medium (wow!). Then bought some undies.... Didn't really need them but I did at that moment. While I was on the site I bought a new dress on sale and I look fantastic in it!! Bought some work clothes on sale including new suit,... And I spent tonight out at the mall for the first time. Omg,... Everything seemed to fit beautiful. It lays on the body the way it should! I used to be a 12-14 jacket and found a beautiful tweed jacket that was a 10. Oh the pleasure of easking the lady for a smaller size! Will likely be my go-to jacket for the fall! I need to stopppp this! Oh but it was so fun!
What I know in my head is that I am still swollen. So I'd hate to waste money. It has occurred to me that I have given away many clothes over the years because my button up shirt gapped at the breasts or my rolls showed through.
Alright.... Let me see if I can do a little self-control and no more shopping!

Besides that, stamina is really great. I am feeling a little soreness under my breasts the last 2 days. Overdoing it? Or just part of it. I have one hole under one breast that continues to seep yellow/green. Dr appt on Mon.

Cheers to you all and happy healing!

Fast post but interesting day. I had a PS appt...

Fast post but interesting day. I had a PS appt and all is overall looking good. I have had a few oozing areas under breasts. Well apparently I had some stitches poking out. So a nurse pulled them out. Also she looked at my TT scar and where there was a scab, she scrapped it off and found another one about 1/2 inch long. All very typical. I also have 2 stitches I can see under the skin because there are small indentions. One of them is causing some discomfort when i stand up straight, PS recommended in the shower stretching my back gently everyday (imagine leaning back/arching my back). That will loosen those areas gradually. He said eventually they will dissolve but the higher priority is getting me standing fully upright.

Lastly, he brought up my off center bb. He wants it to heal more and then he will "pop" it out and restitch. All in the office.

Generally I am back to all my activities. Did 3 spinning classes in last 9 days. Stamina feels good. I am having a weird reaction to sugar.... I thought I was on a crazy high after bday cake at work! it's happened a few times like that. Not the worst thing but weird. Youngest child constantly finds ways to kick my stomach or hit my chest (all unintentional by him,.. He does t mean to hurt me), but I am finding I need to make a big effort to stay out those situations.

I took some pics today.... Once on my home laptop will post. Happy healing and good luck to the several embarking this week!
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