38 y/o, No Kids, 4 Years Post-RNY

I have a Lower Body Lift scheduled for December 6,...

I have a Lower Body Lift scheduled for December 6, 2016 and I am mostly excited about it. I went to two consults with PSes and chose to go with the first doctor after weighing my options and doing some research here. After the LBL, I'll go back for a brachioplasty and breast augmentation. My husband is very understanding and supportive while my parents are more concerned than anything else. I've been talking about doing this for years so perhaps it is the sting of reality that "some day" is now well defined and coming up in about 10 weeks.

I had bariatric surgery (RNY) 4 years ago and from my highest weight, have lost 180 lbs. I look forward to having the skin removed so that I can bend more easily, get a bigger lap area, and dress more easily without camouflaging my very pear bottom half.

The procedure is scheduled to last 5.5 hours which scares me a bit. The pain, discomfort and recuperation period also has me concerned but the surgeon will be using Exparel to help with post-op pain. I am also in good health and am fairly active so I think, all in all, I should have a positive outcome if I am a good patient.

I am thinking about renting a lift-chair for home for a month. I have the most beautiful recliner but it is contemporary and lower to the ground. From what I've read, the "lower to the ground" part might suck for a while given the discomfort of the 360 degree incision ad muscle tightening.
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