Tummy Tuck with Coramed Clinic Poland

Hi every one I am at the start of my qest for to...

Hi every one

I am at the start of my qest for to get my body back after having 4 little bundles of joy. I had a really good body before having kids, I am not trying to get my body back.... I just want to improve on what I have.

I am looking to travel to Poland as I have already had surgery there before with Beauty Poland by Dr Jaroslaw. I had liposuction back in 2013. My sister had a Tummy Tuck with the Dr Jaroslaw and he really did an amazing job.

I have contacted the clinic and am waiting for the reply...

I have also contacted a company called Euro Surgery, who have already provided me with a quote and date. What they failed to provide was information on the Dr and some before and after photos. I will request the info again and see if the provide it or not... kep you posted.


Some before photos

Going With Coramed Clinic in Poland

So I got my qoute back from Beauty Poland which was a lot more than I was expecting in fact it was the highest from several different clinics.

So I've decided to go with Coramed Clinic the seem good...but as we know there is only one way to find out.

I will be travelling to Poland on the 22nd November and having surgery on 23rd. My sister will also be having surgery the same surgeon on the 24th.

I will be having TT and liposuction to the stomach, waist and arms.
Dr. Andrzej Meyer

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