Tummy Tuck in Poland

Hi every one I am at the start of my qest for to...

Hi every one

I am at the start of my qest for to get my body back after having 4 little bundles of joy. I had a really good body before having kids, I am not trying to get my body back.... I just want to improve on what I have.

I am looking to travel to Poland as I have already had surgery there before with Beauty Poland by Dr Jaroslaw. I had liposuction back in 2013. My sister had a Tummy Tuck with the Dr Jaroslaw and he really did an amazing job.

I have contacted the clinic and am waiting for the reply...

I have also contacted a company called Euro Surgery, who have already provided me with a quote and date. What they failed to provide was information on the Dr and some before and after photos. I will request the info again and see if the provide it or not... kep you posted.


Some before photos
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