29 Yrs Old. 2 Kids Breastfed. 375cc HP ...Under or Over??? - Warrington, GB

After breastfeeding to babies.. my already small...

After breastfeeding to babies.. my already small boobies have really been drained! :( hubby says he loves them as they are but when i mentioned boob job his eyes lit up!! Haha. Ever since i can remember I've wanted an enlargement and now im finally getting the chance to go through with it.
Only thing is i thought i wanted over the muscle but after speaking to the surgeon he advised under the muscle due to me being slimmer. I dont mind the fake look too much in just worried about rippling and long term effects over the muscle might have.
How is the pain with under the muscle?? Does it last alot longer than over? Hope someone can help me make a final decision! ! :)

Not in as much pain as I thought but still struggling to sleep

Hi! :) Well surgery went well. I ended up having to have the 350cc as i chose to go under the muscle and 375cc would fit properly. Anyway i trusted my surgeon and im very happy with my results. I've not been able to give them a proper once of yet but i love what I've seen upto now.
Painwise...when i first work up I was in alot of pain! And felt alot of pressure round my ribs. But i was told to expect that. After many painkillers and morphine i finally started to feel human again. The nurses at the clinic were amazing. Nothing was too much. Someone stayed with me through all of my recovery whilst i was at my worse. I came home tonight feeling fine..even popped into Asda to buy a new bra as the one i bought didnt fit properly.
Ive eaten and had no sickness but now im on the sofa and i am struggling to sleep. Doesn't help i can hear my poorly 1 year old crying and have to wait for hubby to get up for her to stop as i cant help her with picking her up. Think thats the bit im struggling with the most!
Anyway..all in all im so happpyyy with my new boobies. So woth the pain and the small fortune they cost hehe. Will try update some pics tomorrow. Night xx
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