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So lipo hurts..I mean hurts...did I tell you lipo...

So lipo hurts..I mean hurts...did I tell you lipo hurts? I was honestly not expecting to be in this much pain. I had 3400 cc removed (about 7.5 lbs I think). My guess is the less you get removed the easier the recovery. I got a lot removed and I am so so very sore. I'm about 6 days post op and I'm still very very sore and swollen. I'm back at work but it ain't easy. Today I had my first synergy massage and it hurt so good. It hurt but it also helped. I just want to feel normal again. I'm not really rethinking my decision because bikini season is upon us and I will look great in one this summer. I haven't worn a bikini in like 15 years but lipo will change that. I work out several times a week and I run but the fat just wasn't moving quick enough for me. I got tired of looking at myself in the mirror and wishing I looked different. Now I just wish the swelling would subside.

Exactly 2 weeks post op

So today marks two weeks exactly from having my surgery. I'm in almost no pain at all I'm so happy about that. I didn't like the idea of tradition pain medication so I took extra strength curamin and it helped a lot with the pain. My results are not where I want them to be yet and I understand that I am still very very early in the healing process. I'm crazy optimistic and I'm expecting awesome results..I just understand that they will come with time. I exercised this morning and my stomach was hard and lumpy. I've heard that sometimes exercise makes results worse but I love to exercise and I wanted to know how my body would react. I walked 20 min on a treadmill at a 3.0 speed and I did resistance band work for about 20 minutes. I felt great but my stomach didn't seem to appreciate it much. I had a synergie massage scheduled for today and I was so grateful when she was done. Synergie does not feel good in the beginning stages. It's like a vacuum sucking whatever those hard spots are to the surface so they can be drained I think. My massage therapist was girl you needed this so bad today...I did I did!! I can almost feel the fluid moving through my body...think drinking water on an empty stomach and seeing how you feel it traveling through your body. I got 8 free massages with my procedure so for that I'm grateful.

Pictures finally

Just adding pics

6.5 weeks post

So I'm about 6.5 weeks post and I'd be lying if I said I was happy with my results. I'm still swollen and very stretchmarky if that's a word lol. I look great in clothes but not so much in the mirror. I'm seriously thinking about a tummy tuck. In still sore and I have hard sore spots. I'm going for my lymphatic massages and I guess they are helping but they still hurt. I'll take any/all advice you got ladies
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