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I am 53 but look 30's. I had very good, light...

I am 53 but look 30's. I had very good, light skin. Was starting to see a little sagging and wanted to remove fine lines around eyes and on forhead.

I am entering my third day post treatment.  All is going as described by P.A. that administered treatment. She was excellent, by the way.  Skilled, knowledgable and professional.  I felt very safe with her.

Anticipation was the biggest problem for me because I had nice skin going into this and was afraid that the procedure would change my complexion.  Still worried.  I can say that the wrinkles around my eyes are gone.  I had a skin tag on the side of my nose that is gone.  My skin is also tight.

The procedure was much less painful than I imagined.  I was most sensitive around my lips and eyes.  I thought the the worse was the hour after the procedure.  My face was so hot it scared me, but the pain was gone in about an hour.  No pain after that.
I did not require any pain medication except for the gel that they use before the treatment.  They left it on over an hour which probably helped alleviate the pain during the procedure.

I am now around 56 hours post procedure and am still quite red.  The redness has faded quite a bit though.  It first started to fade on my forehead and is working its way down to my neck.

I did have quite a bit of swelling on my cheeks.  That has gone down and I have developed some swelling between my eyes and nose.  Not sure if is due to an infection of the tear ducts or just a standard swelling.  No signs of an infection such as redness or pus.
I did have a lot of oozing of blood and liquid in the first 24 hours but that is all gone.

My provider was smart to put me on an Antiviral drug 4 days before treatment and 3 days post. Even if you do not have cold sores you must take this medication!  This is very important! She also had me on an antihistamine before treatment and then post treatment.  I am still taking 50 mg of Benedryl twice a day.  As soon as swelling goes down, I will stop.

I started to itch last night and it was very uncomfortable.  I decided to soak my face in the vinegar solution and then wash it.  I removed a lot of flaked off skin.  After that, the itching stopped.  The dead skin was causing the itching!

I did get some of those white dots, which look like giant pimples. Mostly on my chin. They tend to wash away.  I don't think that they are infections because they are not painful and there is no redness present.  I think that they are part of the procedure and may have a lot to do with the occlusive ointment.

The most important things that I have learned so far are:
1.Do not panic!
2.Take an antiviral!
3.If you are prone to acne and breakouts, take an antibiotic!
4.Keep you skin moist with the Eucerine for at least 4 days. Plaster it on.  Do not let the skin dry out!
5.Wash your face 3 times a day with the Cetaphil.
6.Buy an antibacterial handsoap and use it often AND ALWAYS before you touch your face during the washing sessions.
7.Definately use the vinegar soaks. Use sterile gauze with the soaks.  The soaks are soothing and will help to keep your skin sterilized.
8. Eat healthy foods to strengthen your immune system and take vitamins such as E and C.  I have been eating lots of green and orange vegetables, plus apples.  Also, protein from Greek yogurt and eggs. A good source of protein is important.
9. Get plenty of rest.
10. Sleep on your back with head elevated above your heart.
11.  Drink plenty of water and start several days before your procedure.  You want your skin hydrated for the procedure and then after procedure. 
12. Buy a wide brimmed hat.  You will need it for your drive home and then post procedure.
13. Have someone drive you home.  You will be too worried to drive.  The pain is manageable but the stress before and after will make driving dangerous.

4 months after Smartxide. The minimal improvement...

4 months after Smartxide. The minimal improvement in my complection is FAR outweighted by the damage.
I have been developing pock marks. They look like tiny acne scars. They are on both cheeks and my chin.
There is absolutely no change in poor size on my face. It removed a few very minor lines around my eyes.
I am developing lines on my upper lip which I did not have prior to the laser treatment. I keep getting this small whiteheads, which are almost impossible to remove. They show up off and on. Never had those before the laser.
I am not sure if the RN did it, because she said that she was on a very light setting. Although my face did puff up the size of a balloon and I had to hide in the house for a week to allow the swelling to go down. I remained red for almost 3 months. I still get red when my skin is exposed to hot water and cold air.
I placed a complaint with the FDA and I hope that all of you that have had these problems to please do the same.
Please do it now so that we can prevent other women from making the same mistake.
I specifically asked the technician to go light just in case. I figured I would do it again, if I liked the results.

Some people have commented that the acne scars are a result of the collagen regrowth. I believe them.


You can have laser in a much milder form and it does not ablate the skin. It may not have the same results, but I still wouldn't do it until the FDA and the industry solves this problem.

I had MUCH BETTER skin BEFORE the laser!

Now, I have to see a Plastic surgeon and a skin doctor to find out how to fix the damage.

There was no after care follow-up or phone/email responses so these are not applicable.

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