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Like many others out there I have done my fair...

Like many others out there I have done my fair share of research and have read several reviews on this site (thank you to all those that have posted personal experiences!) I decided to go ahead and make an appointment for my consultation (on June 8) and booked an appointment (on June 28) to get my upper (and lower abdomen done. I am 5'4'' and 126 pounds. Most of my stubborn fat is around my midsection- mainly the lower belly bulge and right under my breast "the double boob bulge".

Day 1 (Procedure day): My doctor was extremely thorough and went over any questions or concerns I had. She was such a sweetheart and when it was time for the procedure she made sure I felt comfortable for my 3 hour procedure. I had the large applicator used on my lower abdomen and two standard smaller applicators for my left and right upper abdomen.

My doctor started out by marking the areas where I needed treatment and then gave me comfortable sweats to change into. After, she applied the cool gel pad onto my upper right abdomen. (It felt ice cold!) Then she turned on the machine and the process began. I didn't notice any cool feeling and the suctioning and pulling wasn't bad at all. From a scale of 1-10 i'd give it a mere 3. After the hour went by she took off the machine and cleaned off the excess gel residue. Then did the same thing to my left upper abdomen. Time flew by as I listened to music and read magazines and once again after an hour she took off the applicator and then massaged the frozen fat. My skin was immediately bruised and swollen. I was shocked since I barely felt any pain at all. She informed me that some patients would bruise especially if they didn't have much fat in the area.. So I wasn't freaked out (just shocked at how it looked).

She then changed the applicator to the larger one and applied the gel pad onto my skin. I thought there would be no difference but I was wrong. Once the larger applicator was on I felt the coldness right away and the suctioning was extremely intense (but tolerable) it went away after 10 minutes. I have high pain tolerance so maybe my pain experience seems sugar coated. After the time was up she massaged the frozen fat. This time I felt a lot of pain (as f your foot was numb and someone kept kicking it). Once everything was finished and I was cleaned up and changed back into my clothes and rescheduled a follow up appointment.

I was so surprised that I was able to put on my clothes and go on with the rest of my day normally. No problems with sleeping either. But I have heard that most of the pain will come the following days.... I hope I'm ready for it.

Day 4: The swelling and bruising has gone down...

Day 4: The swelling and bruising has gone down since after the procedure. I started feeling the pins and needles feeling today although it comes and goes.. nothing too bad.

Day 5: The pins and needles feeling is occurring more often and the pain has become a little more intense. I had to ice my lower belly. I still have numbness and bruising on my upper abdomen but the swelling has gone down quite a bit.

10 month update: no improvements. Overall, the...

10 month update: no improvements. Overall, the facility was clean and the staff were nothing shy of excellent. Unfortunately, the procedure just didn't work for me- hence the low rating. I am still stuck with the upper and lower abdominal fat I had pre-Coolsculpt. Perhaps a different procedure will work. I am thinking about Slimlipo.
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